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Read customer reviews for Admiral Pet Insurance. Choose from two levels of Time Limited cover policies that will cover your pets accidents or illnesses up to the value of your vet fee cover or 12 months from the first treatment, whichever occurs first.

Alternatively choose from four Lifetime Cover policies offering from £2,000 up to £10,000 vet and accidental dentistry fee cover options. Payout limits and plan mechanisms vary policy type, by policy type. Cover for emergency cattery fees, complementary treatments, loss or theft of your pet, death of your pet and holiday cancellation is also available with lower payout limits. Admiral can also put you in touch with a vet near you and offer multi-pet discounts. Customers can speak to a vet 24/7 for advice and treatment options using their PawSquad service.

Customers are disappointed Admiral don't pay vets direct and by the size of the co-pay excess penalties, but are pleased with their customer service and quick payouts.  


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Admiral Insurance offer a range of cat and dog Pet Insurance policies: Their Accident Only cover provides cover for accidents and injuries up to £3,5000 for each accident. Illnesses are not covered.

Admiral 12 Month Time Limited Cover policy provides £2,000 vet fee cover per condition for 12 months from the first occurrence of each illness or injury. Once this time period is up that condition is no longer covered and becomes a pre-existing condition if the policy is renewed.

The Admiral Standard Maximum Benefit Cover policy provides £2,500 for vet fees per condition. The cover is not time limited up to the policy limit for that condition at which point that condition is no longer covered.

There are 3 levels of Lifetime Cover offered covering accidents and illness: Classic Lifetime cover of £2,500 per year for vet fees; Premier Lifetime cover of £5,000 per year for vet fees; Premier Plus cover of £10,000 per year for vet fees The chosen policy limit resets at renewal, meaning on-going conditions are covered if there is no break in cover.


£85 for each illness or accidental injury. For pets over 6 an additional 10% is deducted from the cover which you have to pay for certain items including vet fees. £250 excess for third party liability cover for dogs.

Age Limits

8 weeks with no upper age limit but 10% co-pay applied for pets over 6 years.

Waiting Period

14 days for illness, 24 hours for accidents from policy inception.

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Admiral Pet Insurance is administered by Ultimate Pet Partners Ltd. Choose from several levels of cover from Accident Only to Premier Plus Lifetime Cover offering up to £10,000 vet and dentistry fees cover. Limits and plan mechanisms vary policy type by policy type. Cover for emergency cattery fees, loss or theft of your pet and holiday cancellation is also available. Admiral can also put you in touch with a vet near you.

Admiral Pet Insurance Reviews

Posted: 18/03/2024

2 months since Admiral received the claim, we are still waiting for £160. 
Really poor customer service, they treat you like a criminal. It is our first claim in 2.5 years with no ongoing conditions identified. Only need to get £160 back, and sounds like...


Mixed Breed

I wagstaff
Posted: 30/11/2023

In purchasing what I thought was a high cover pet insurance, I assumed it would cover the bulk of any potential claims, less any excess, however this wasn’t the case when our much loved 7yr old beagle was diagnosed with cancer and sadly lost his life, The...



Posted: 23/11/2023

I do not recommend Admiral Pet Insurance. My Dog needs and Xray. I called Admiral to get Authorisation for the actual Xray and to see if the my policy claim will be DENIED. Admirals wants you as an pet owner to PAY THE BILL OUT OF YOUR POCKET, THEN...


Jack Russell Terrier