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Cover My Pet insurance believe that pets deserve the best care and treatment should the unexpected happen. Their Pet Insurance policies and UK based customer service have been designed to make pet insurance for cats and dogs straightforward. 

Having a pet become unwell or injured is stressful enough, so they’ve developed a claims process that won’t have you chasing your tail. They strive to make things as simple as possible at a stressful time. Their team are experts in pet insurance and can help make the process of buying pet insurance or making claims straight forward.

They have three types of Pet Insurance policy; Lifetime pet Insurance, Maximum Benefit and Time Limited pet insurance with various levels of cover and benefits at an affordable price. Choose Lifetime cover policy option with vet fees cover up to £10,000 offered with lower per condition cover. The Lifetime policies offer cover for theft or straying, death and dental treatment need as a result of an accident. Excess fees are applicable for each claim and co-pay fees are applicable for dogs over 5 and cats over 8 years of age.

They offer 24hr access to a vet via video, and you can pay monthly with no interest. They can also pay your vet directly.  

Customers appreciate their efficient customer service team. 

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Cover My Pet offer Lifetime, Time Limited and Maximum Benefit Insurance policies. There are three levels of Lifetime cover policy to choose from. Their policies cover theft and straying, vet fees, third party liability, complementary treatments, death from accident or illness and holiday cancellations with different pay out limits dependent on the cover you buy. There are also lower limits for CT and MRI diagnostics and cruciate ligament treatment pay out.  Full details can be found on the CoverMy Pet website.
Lifetime Insurance is the most comprehensive level of pet insurance available from CoverMy Pet. It will provide cover for accidents and illnesses including ongoing conditions for the duration of the pet's life as long as the policy is renewed and there is no break in cover. You can choose between three levels of vet fee cover; £2,000, £5,000 and £10,000 per year. The annual vet fee limit is refreshed when you renew the policy. 

Their Time Limited policy has a time limit on the cover available for any particular condition, accident or illness. Each condition is covered for a maximum of 365 days from the date of the first claim for that particular condition or until the cover limit of £3,000 is reached. Cover for a particular condition could extend over two policy years until 365 days from the first claim for the condition is reached or the cover of £3,000 is exhausted. 

CoverMyPet Maximum Benefit Insurance provides a financial limit on the cover for a particular illness, condition or accident, but not a time limit, while the policy is active. So claims for the same condition can continue until the limit of your policy is reached. They offer £4,000 of cover per condition, no matter how long your claims go on for, until the limit is reached. 


Choose Excess level of £50 or £100 and in most cases you have the option to add a further 15% of the vet fees to your Excess. For dogs over the age of 5 and cats over the age of 8 a co-pay fee (additional excess) is compulsory. This co-pay amount can vary. Please check your quotation carefully to check how much you will be expected to pay.  

Age Limits

Cover available from 8 weeks of age. 

Waiting Period

Claims will not be paid for 5 days from the start date of the policy for accidents and 14 days for all other types of claim. 

Additional Policy Information
Can they pay your vet direct?

This can be arranged subject to agreement with your vet. 

Company info

CoverMy Pet offer three types of cover with several levels of vet fee cover offered, so there is something to suit every pet owner. For pet owners peace of mind all policies include 24/7/365 access to vet video calls through FirstVet should you need urgent advice. You can pay for your policy monthly, without any additional interest and their friendly call centre is UK based and ready to help you.   

Policies are underwritten by [Building Block Insurance PCC Ltd] Registered office: [Kempton House, Kempton Way, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 0EA] . Firm reference number [302801]. Company number: [4328466]. Registered in England & Wales.

Cover My Pet - Pet Insurance Reviews

Insurer: Cover My Pet
Posted: 23/04/2024

Don't be as stupid as I was and stay away, get a proper pet insurer. They have clauses to exclude everything so I can assure you that when it gets to putting a claim, whatever you are claiming for won't be covered or just a minimum part!


Mixed Breed

Insurer: Cover My Pet
N Bannister
Posted: 07/05/2023

by reviewer


My puppy was 7 month and ate some medication that I was unaware was in the room. He needed immediate vet care and was admitted to the nearest pet hospital for 2 days. The treatment was very expensive and without the insurance I took out would have been...