Admiral Claim Process - Must Read!


I do not recommend Admiral Pet Insurance. My Dog needs and Xray. I called Admiral to get Authorisation for the actual Xray and to see if the my policy claim will be DENIED. Admirals wants you as an pet owner to PAY THE BILL OUT OF YOUR POCKET, THEN SUBMIT A CLAIM"!! What is the point of having pet insurance when you have to pay the bill then wait to hear if the the claim is going to be paid!! How it should work, Admiral should request a statement of work to be done by the vet, request past pet history, and then decide if the claim is approved or denied. I would not recommend this policy to anyone and I will definately not be renewing my policy with Admiral Pet Insurance int he future. This is crazy!! Who in their right mind will pay then wait to hear if the claim will go through. Typical insurance company, will always try to find a loophole on how not to pay. But very quick to my funds, never ever put a claim in .. this will be the first. Consultant ont he other end of the phone ... very matter of factly stated .. this is how we work. Well ... just that .. alone speaks volumns on what the company actually stands for.


Jack Russell Terrier


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