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Over 84% of customers rate ManyPets (formerly Bought By Many) as "excellent". ManyPets  has supported pet parents since 2017 and they were named Pet Insurance Provider of the Year at the 2021 and 2022 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards. 

ManyPets offer lifetime cover with up to £15,000 vet fee cover that includes dental, complementary treatments up to a limit, and behavioural treatment with their Complete policy (a Which? Best Buy). They offer peace of mind through free 24/7 vet video calls and discounted flea, worm and tick treatment amongst other offers. They will cover pre-existing conditions that ended at least two years ago. Their Pre-Existing Conditions lifetime cover option covers more recent conditions (but not chronic conditions) up to a limit. 

They offer access to exclusive offers and rewards such as a £30 Amazon voucher if you refer a friend, and multi-pet policy discounts. 

Customers like their customer service team but some have had issues getting claims processed quickly. Overall they are given 4.4 stars out of 5 and are a well-rated pet insurer. 

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Regular Lifetime Cover offers an annual vet fee claim limit of £7,000 which re-sets each year. This policy comes with a Zero Excess option. The policy includes £2million third party liability cover for dogs, complementary treatment cover of £1,000 per year, Dental cover in the event of accidental damage, Farewell cover of £150 and Emergency Boarding cover of £1,000 a year. You can add optional extras such as cover against your pet becoming Lost or Stolen, Travel cover and Passing Away cover (for pets up to age 8). Pre-existing conditions are not covered. 

Complete Lifetime cover offers Lifetime cover with an annual vet fee claim limit of £15,000 which re-sets each year. The policy includes £3million third party liability cover for dogs, complementary treatment cover up to £2,500 and behavioural treatment cover, Dental cover as necessary, worldwide vet fee cover, Farewell cover, Passing Away cover up to £6,000 for pets up to age 8, Emergency Boarding cover of £2,000 per year, Lost or Stolen cover up to £6,000. Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Value Lifetime cover policy offers £3,000 vet fee cover per year. Farewell cover of £150 and Emergency Boarding cover of £100 per year is included, as is treatment for behavioural conditions, and complementary treatments up to £500 per condition. Dental treatment for accidents only and third party liability cover for £1million is included for dogs. Additional cover for Lost or Stolen cover can be added. 

Pre-existing Condition Lifetime Cover offers £7,000 maximum benefit vet fee cover per year with a complementary treatment limit of £1,000. Behavioural treatments are covered for 6 months. Conditions that have received treatment, advice or are diagnosed in the last 3 months before the policy commences are not covered by this policy. The policy provides £500 of cover in total for all pre-existing conditions in the first year of your policy.  If you do not make a claim for any conditions the policy will increase your vet fee limit to £1,000 in the second year and if you still haven’t claimed the policy will up to the limit to £7,000 from year three onwards. The policy includes up to £7,000 for any new conditions you need to claim for. Cover includes £2million for Third Party Liability for dogs, £1,500 cover if your dog is Lost or Stolen, Farewell cover of £150, £1,500 Emergency Boarding cover, £1,000 travel cover. 



Regular Lifetime cover: Choice of Zero Excess or £69 excess for pets up to 9. You can choose to add a 20% co-pay to the excess. For pets 9 and over you pay £69 Excess and a 20% co-pay on every claim.

Complete Lifetime cover: £69 excess for pets up to the age of 9. You can choose to add a 20% co-pay to the excess. For pets 9 and over you pay £69 Excess and a 20% co-pay on every claim. 

Pre-existing Condition Cover: £99 for each claim. For dogs under 9 years you can also pay 20% of each claim if you choose to. For dogs 9 or older you must pay 20% of each claim and can choose to pay 40% of each claim. 


Age Limits

Cover available from 4 weeks of age. No upper age limit.

Waiting Period

Accidents are not covered in first 48 hours of policy start date. Illnesses are not covered in the first 14 days of a policy.

Additional Policy Information
Do you pay vets direct?

Bought By Many have 'Snap Claims' that allows you set up an account, fill in your vet details and upload claim information quickly. They can get information about your claim direct from your vet and pay your vet direct, keeping you up to date with progress reports by text or email.

Bought By Many classify a pre-existing condition as any illness your pet has had treatment or advice for in the last 24 months.

Company info

Bought By Many focus on pets and their health.

Their goal is to help your pet have a long and happy life so they offer more than insurance. Their cover is designed to be used, and includes discounts on preventative medicine. They offer 50% off flea, tick and worming treatments delivered ot your door by VetBox. Their Complete policy covers dental illness as standard. All policies cover conditions that ended more than two years ago. They offer Free TrustedHouseSitters membership worth £99 and offer monthly payments to spread the cost of your insurance at no extra cost, and there is a 15% multi-pet discount for pets on the same policy.   

Bought By Many customers have unlimited FREE video calls with UK-registered vets through the FirstVet app. It's a great way to get expert advice about issues, 24/7, from the comfort of your own home.

Easy to join, and easy to switch - you can claim immediately when you switch. Voted Best Pet Insurance Provider at the 2021 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards and rated 5* by over 18,000 customers (on Trustpilot). Over 400,000 pets covered. 

Choose up to £15,000 lifetime vet fee cover which means your annual vet fee limit for all claims resets when you renew. They offer hassle free claims online and they update you when your claim is settled. Claims are paid directly to you or your vet.


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