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Read customer reviews for Petplan Pet Insurance offering Lifetime cover and 12 month cover products designed to provide cover for as many conditions as possible. Petplan claim to pay out on 97% of all claims and that 90% of their policy holder renew each year. They can pay vets direct and claim to settle 90% of claims in 5 working days. Petplan support 1,000 animal welfare charities in the UK and have the Petplan Charitable Trust.


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Choose between Petplan's Covered for Life (lifetime Cover) policies and their Essential 12 month (Time Limited) cover policy. The Covered for Life policies cover any illness or condition for life, as long as your policy is renewed without a break in cover, and within your policy limits (Pay out limit options available of £12,000, £7,000 or £4,000 for Vet Fees. Other limits apply). The policies also cover for congenital, hereditary and behavioural conditions.

The Essential policy covers any illness or injury for a 12 month period or £3,000, whichever is reached first. After this time, the condition will no longer be covered.


Variable fixed excess for Lifetime cover plus a 20% co-pay introduced at a dog's 7th, or 10th birthday (breed dependent) and all cat's 10th birthday. Variable fixed excess for the Essential 12 month cover policy and 20% co-pay is introduced at the dog's 5th or 8th birthday (breed dependent) or a cat's 8th Birthday.

Age Limits

From 6 weeks old or 8 weeks old if sold by a licenced breeder.

Waiting Period

Injuries are covered immediately, Illness cover starts 14 days after policy inception. 

Additional Policy Information
Can they pay your vet direct?


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Policies are subject to exclusions and conditions so please always consult the insurer's policy documents before you buy. 

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Company info

Petplan is the UK's No 1 pet insurer. They offer 3 levels of Covered for Life policy with varying Vet Fee limits and an Essential 12 month policy. They pay 97% of all claims and 90% of claims are paid within 5 working days. Petplan work closly with the veterinary profession and can pay your vet direct.

Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews

Insurer: Petplan
Neil Cooper
Posted: 29/05/2022

by reviewer


We bought the policy that gives whole of life cover for out 2 English Setters. Both developed different. but long term health issues that required regular medication and ongoing blood and urine testing. Fortunately the Pet Plan cover meant that we didn’t...


English Setter

Insurer: Petplan
Tyler George
Posted: 15/11/2021

Our 2 month old puppy was sick, and ended up on a drip overnight. This was sudden and completely non-related to any pre existing condition. There is a 14 day period, aka you are not covered for the first 14 days of your policy start date. Not only is this...


Golden Retriever