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Help keep your dog healthy and happy with a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor worth £39, ONLY with their dog insurance policies, and treat you or your pet to a choice of £30 Voucher when you buy a new pet insurance policy with them. 

Read our customer reviews of Petprotect Pet Insurance and find out why 65% of people who left a review rated them as 'excellent' and gave them 5 stars.

Petprotect are passionate about pets and have specialised in pet insurance for cats and dogs for over 35 years. Their insurance offers flexible and affordable cover when you need it most. When it comes to being a pet parent, they understand that your pets are part of the family and you want to look after their health. To help keep your dog healthy and happy they are the only insurer to offer a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor worth £39 with every dog insurance policy. They also offer a choice of £30 Voucher when you buy a new pet insurance policy to treat you or your cat or dog. T's & C's apply.  


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Pet Protect provide Lifetime Pet Insurance with a choice of 2 annual benefit limits, £4,000 or £6,000 vet fee cover with variable cover for loss, death, travel, Complementary Therapies and prescribed diet food. The cover is replenished each year so on-going conditions continue to be covered. Ongoing treatment is covered as long as your policy is renewed and there is no break in cover. The policy excess and the co-pay percentage you pay will increase each year as your pet gets older.

The Condition Care Pet Insurance is a Maximum Benefit policy covering unrelated conditions up to the vet fee limit of £3,000 for each illness or accident. After the limit is reached for a condition, that condition is no longer covered by the policy.



Excess fees are variable. Co-pay amounts vary as pets age.

Age Limits

Cats covered from 6 weeks of age to 9 years 11 months. Dogs covered from 8 weeks of age to 7 years 11 months and some specified breeds of dog only covered to 5 years 11 months.

Waiting Period

15 days from inception of policy.

Additional Policy Information
Can they pay your vet direct?

Yes, this can be arranged.

Please note

Policies are subject to exclusions and conditions so please always consult the insurer's policy documents before you buy. 

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Company info

Pet Protect Pet Insurance who offer Lifetime cover and Condition Care a policy limited per condition or illness. They offer a choice of cover limits and stress free claims, paying your vet direct where possible. They offer pet care information and quick and easy quotes with live chat and email support. To help keep your dog healthy and happy they are the only insurer who offer a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor worth £39 with every dog insurance policy.  

Petprotect Pet Insurance Reviews

Insurer: Pet Protect
Johanna D'Vonne Ramey
Posted: 14/09/2021

by reviewer


Excellent service , having been with other insurance companies before this one is great.
Never had an issue with claiming for ongoing cancer treatment. Keep you informed of progress , can't fault them.
Have just insured our puppy with them too


Mixed Breed

Insurer: Pet Protect
john burgess
Posted: 02/09/2021

by reviewer


Having only just taken out Molly's policy I don't have much to say but the company have been very helpful. I asked for my policy docs to be sent on paper and received them almost immediately.


Jack Russell Terrier

Insurer: Pet Protect
Posted: 23/06/2021

Disgusting company. Been with them since 2011 and won’t pay out on a small claim. Worst still didnt have the decency to even tell me had to keep chasing them while looking after my sick dog. 
Then have the nerve to send me a patronising letter telling...