Be aware of admiral pet insurance


In purchasing what I thought was a high cover pet insurance, I assumed it would cover the bulk of any potential claims, less any excess, however this wasn’t the case when our much loved 7yr old beagle was diagnosed with cancer and sadly lost his life, The Veterinary costs amounted to over £4k, however the settlement figure from Admiral was nearly 40% less. We accept there is always an excess to suffer as with most insurance policies, however what is not made as clear as it could be is the 20% co-payments which we suffered, I’m sure this could be explained in better detail, surely the whole point of insurance is to cover the bulk of any claim, we can all accept a small percentage in excess .
Furthermore it has taken Admiral over 3months to settle our claim, totally unacceptable, particularly at a time when we were grieving the loss of our family dog. Admiral need to understand these things, as a result I will never purchase any Admiral insurance products ever again, so that’s my car and motorcycle policies lost to them.
I’m sure they really don’t care, because individually we are only small policy holders.




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