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Posted: 27th November 2020

Was recommended this policy but they have failed to deliver. Refused a claim for teeth removal despite it being caused by a gum condition which should be covered as stated in their policy. To top it off they have just increased our monthly payments by 50%...

Insurer: Petplan
Marisa Weekes
Posted: 26th November 2020

I'm so Annoyed!! So when my foot was broke in two places, I wasn't able to look after my dogs. So they went into kennels, on my insurance papers it said how much it would be covered whilst dogs are in the kennels which took a weight off of my mind.. I was...


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Insurer: Pet Protect
Mike Russell
Posted: 25th November 2020

The insurance policy was great value and had no issue I. Getting from the quote to setting it up for my 11 week old puppy. After losing a puppy to Parvovirus in summer having insurance is a must and having it made easy helps to make us feel calmer is a...

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