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Read customer reviews for Animal Friends Pet Insurance, who are proud to say that they were founded to be able to help animal charities around the world while providing pet insurance policies to pet owners nationwide. They have been able to do this for the last 25 years and so far, they have donated over  £7 million to over 650 charities home and away. 

They’ve helped all sorts of animals from donkeys in Africa, whales and dolphins around the world and cats and dogs in rehoming centres here in the UK. This is all thanks to their policyholders who choose to protect their pets with an Animal Friends policy.

They offer a variety of different policies, from Accident Only to Lifetime, with other cover types in-between and they’ll help you find the right one for you and your pet. They say that you’ll receive award-winning service with your Animal Friends policy, and can pay your vet directly when it comes to claiming. They claim you can protect your pet and your pocket while helping improve animal welfare home and abroad. 


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Dogs and Cats: The Animal Friends Accident Only policy offers £2,500 vet fee cover per accident with a total lifetime vet fee cover of £15,000. 

The Time Limited Policy covers accidents and illnesses for 12 months for each condition or until the chosen policy total pay-out limit for vet fees is reached, whichever is sooner. You can choose between £1,000 in the Basic Plus policy, £2,000 in the Prime policy and £4,000 per condition in the Prime Plus policy. 

The Maximum Benefit Policy options offer lifetime pay-out limits per condition of either £1,000 per condition in the Max Value cover; £2,000 per condition in the Max Plus cover and £4,000 per condition in the Max Extra cover policy.  Each policy covers accidents and illnesses up to the cover limit selected per condition. Once the cover per condition is used up that condition is no longer covered.

The Lifetime policy offers continuous cover for accidents and illnesses while the policy is active. The policy options are Super cover with a maximum pay-out limit of £1,000 per condition, per year; Superior cover with a maximum payout limit of £2,000 per condition, per year; Superior Plus cover with a maximum pay out limit of £4,000 per condition, per year; Prestige cover with a maximum pay out limit of £6,000 per condition, per year; Assure cover with a maximum pay-out limit of £3,000 per year, and Assure Plus cover with a maximum pay-out limit of £5,000 per year. Cover for each condition is continuous up to the policy limits each year, if the policy is renewed each year with no break in cover.  

Additional payout limits apply on claims per condition for each policy type. 

Horse and Rider Policies: Animal Friends provide a range of horse insurance policies with 'bolt-on' additional cover options for you to choose from. The Standard Horse insurance policy offers a vet fees condition limit of £2,000 to £6,000 per condition for a year from the first occurrence. They offer Mature Horse policies for horses over 20 years covering accidental injuries up to £2,000 per injury for 12 months from on-set.

Rider-only insurance is also available for those who ride for other owners and covers personal injury and dental, Third Party Liability, emergency vet care in the case of an accident when you are riding, with variable limits available.

All policies offer a Third Party Liability pay-out limit of £2 million, with death cover for the Young Rider policy of up to £5,000. The Standard Rider policy offers £10,000 in the event of the riders death. The Young Rider policy and the Standard Rider policy have a dental treatment limit of £1,000. All policies offer £1,000 emergency vet cover, with the adult policies offering £2,000 custodial Liability cover.


Dogs and Cats: Vet fee excess of £99 per condition in each policy year on all policies other than Assure and Assure Plus, where there is only one vet fee excess of £99 in each policy year. 

Horse and Rider policies: Standard Horse insurance Excess options of £250 or £500. Rider only excess charges vary between £50 and £250 dependent on cover.

Age Limits

Dogs and Cats: From 4 weeks of age with no upper age limits.

Horses and Riders: Standard Horse Insurance covers horses from 30 days old to 20 years. Mature Horse insurance covers horses who are 20 or older. Rider-only cover for children and adults. Upper age limit for Young Rider is 18 years old, for Standard Rider the upper age limit is 75 years.

Waiting Period

Dog and cat policies: 2 days for accidents or injuries, 14 days for illnesses or cruciate ligament injuries.

Horse policies: 2 days for accidents and 14 days for illness.

Additional Policy Information
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Company info

Since 1998, Animal Friends Pet Insurance has been protecting the nation’s pets while helping improve animal welfare around the world. That’s over 25 years of donating to animal charities by providing pet insurance policies to the dogs, cats and horses in the UK. 

So far, they've donated over £7 million to more than 650 charities, helping all sorts of animals across all seven continents all thanks to our fantastic customers. 

What do they say you get from an Animal Friends policy? 
Animal welfare is important to them and is at the heart of what they do, so they've teamed up with Joii Pet Care. This allows all Animal Friends cat and dog policyholders to access free expert advice whenever and wherever you need it. This means you’ll receive free face-to-face calls with a qualified Joii vet if you’re ever concerned about your pet. 

They offer a variety of different policies to suit your needs and budget, from Accident Only to Lifetime, with other cover types in-between so they can help you find the right cover for your pet.

When it comes to making a claim, your vet can submit one on your behalf by using their online claims system, Pawtal. This means they’ll even pay your vet direct, so you don’t have to. 

Why do they think you should choose Animal Friends Pet Insurance? 
•    Over 25 years’ experience in protecting the nation’s pets 
•    Every policy you buy helps them support animal charities 
•    Free vet consultations, 24/7, 365 days a year for cats and dogs
•    Your vet can claim from them on your behalf

Animal Friends Pet Insurance Reviews

Insurer: Animal Friends
Collette Swift
Posted: 27/11/2023

I sadly lost my beautiful boy unexpectedly. I called Animal Friends to request a bereavement claims form. After it failed to arrive, I made contact a second time, this lady had no compassion at my loss and informed me they had failed to send the claims...


English Bull Terrier

Insurer: Animal Friends
Posted: 23/11/2023

Pet Insurance
Having been very good reviews online for Animal Friends I took out a policy for my dog. All was well for a few months. However, unfortunately, she was hospitalized with a very serious, life threatening gastric issue. After 4 nights in...



Insurer: Animal Friends
Lisa Bell
Posted: 21/11/2023

by reviewer


When Alex was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy, Animal Friends dealt directly with my vets, saving me the worry. As my boy was 14, I was responsible for 20% of costs, but at the renewal time, they started the yearly entitlement back to...


Mixed Breed

Insurer: Animal Friends
John England
Posted: 02/11/2023

If you are looking for pet insurance don’t use Animal Friends. They may be cheaper than some other companies but their customer service is appalling. Don’t expect making a claim to be easy. It isn’t and you will not receive fair treatment. Trust your pet...


Mixed Breed