Who are Pet Insurance Review?

PetInsuranceReview.co.uk is here to help pets and their owners

We are completely independent. Our mission is to give pet and horse insurance customers a voice, and help owners enjoy long and happy relationships with their animal friends. 

As well as helping to make sure pets always receive the best possible vet care by helping owners to find the right pet or horse insurance policy, we are committed to building a library of useful information to support you with everything from selecting the right pet for your family, to understanding common pet and horse ailments, how to spot them and what to do. 

We also want to help pets and horse and ponies that are suffering. When you visit an insurer site through our link buttons the insurer pays us a small amount for your visit. That revenue allows us to bring you this site and service to you free of charge and donate a percentage of our income to our chosen UK animal charities. Find out more about our charity partners work.

We have already helped thousands of owners find the best pet health insurance policy for their pets

We want to help you make informed choices about pet health and equine insurance. We work hard to provide the latest policy information from a range of insurance providers, helpful articles about insurance and how it works, and thousands of independent pet and horse insurance reviews to help owners like you make the right choice.

Leave a review and read thousands of reviews from other pet owners like you 

We collect thousands of reviews about our featured pet insurance companies from pet and horse owners, so you can be informed when it comes to choosing the right policy for you. Please help other owners like you by leaving a review once you buy, so you know you are helping other people make informed choices too!  

We want to give owners a voice; a place to share their experiences, read about other people’s experiences, and maybe learn a little too!

Louise, PetinsuranceReview Owner

Understand insurance and your insurer

As well as the customer reviews, we’ve compiled information on how pet health insurance and horse insurance works, the benefits and drawbacks, and answered lots of Frequently Asked Questions to help you decide if insurance is for you. We’ve also compiled information on the range of policy options available from the most popular UK pet health and equine insurers, the cover they offer and any exclusions so you can compare the benefits.  

Pet health insurance and Equine Insurance in the UK is mind-boggling; there are so many options! It’s our job to help all dog, cat, horse, pony and donkey owners make informed choices so that no-one ever has to struggle to provide the vet care their best friends need when the unthinkable happens.

Louise, PetinsuranceReview Owner

Help pets, horses and ponies in need 

Once you’ve compared the options and made a short list of the best dog insurance, cat insurance or horse insurer providers for you, click through the links from our site to get personalised quotes so you can make your final decision. 

Insurers reward us for your interest in them, and we donate 5% of our revenues to UK animal charities, so we all get to help UK pets, horses, ponies and donkeys in need as well as find the best policy for our pets and horses. 

Consult our breed guides and explore our pet care articles

If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend, or a pony or horse to your family, we want to help you make the right choice for you. We’ve compiled cat, dog and horse breed guides to give you all the important facts about the UK’s most popular breeds, so the new member of your family will fit in perfectly from the start. 

Our pet and equine care articles are designed to help you care for your pets and understand their needs. We explain common health complaints and important facts about nutrition, and we’ll be adding to these articles regularly. 

Please join our community of animal lovers and help us to help all pets in the UK. We hope you find all we have to offer useful! 

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