The Best Pet Insurance 2019

The Best Pet Insurance 2019


The Best Pet Insurance for you might be from an insurer you’ve never heard of!

Here at Pet Insurance Review we gather reviews for pet insurers big and small. We want to help everyone make an informed choice about pet insurance so we’ve reviewed industry awards alongside pet insurance customer reviews from our site and found some brands worth a second look! 

The smaller pet insurance provider works hard to keep customers happy!  

The top rated insurer in UK according to our users is The Kennel Club Pet Insurance with 76% of our reviewers rating their service as “excellent”. Reviewers like Deborah comment on how kind they are to work with as well as offering great service and cover!  

Despite the amount of tests and medications my dog has had to have, The Kennel Club insurance has supported us all the way. Kind, compassionate and extremely helpful. They have given me the opportunity to give my loyal companion a quality of life now and in the future.

Four of the top ten ranked insurers according to our site reviews are three smaller insurers; Lifetime Pet Cover ranked number 2, Agria Pet Insurance ranked number 3, Vetsure ranked number 4 and VetsMediCover ranked number 7. You may not have heard of these insurers, but they might be worth a second look. 

Tony is one of many happy customers of Lifetime Pet Cover calling them “polite, helpful and efficient” and he gave their customer service and claims process 5 paws out of 5 as well as an overall rating of 5 paws! 

At all times I have found Lifetime to be knowledgeable, helpful and extremely polite. I have only had to make two claims, both relating to the same injury, one from local Vet and one from referral Vet. In both cases the claims were handled sympathetically and expeditiously.

They were voted Insurance Choice/Smart Money People Best Pet Insurance Provider in 2017 and 2018 too. 

Denise was grateful Agria Pet Insurance covered her rescue Cocker Spaniel’s surgery and rehabilitation: 

I had only had my rescue dog and the insurance for a few months when she needed spinal surgery. Agria Pet Insurance dealt with my claim quickly with no hassle. She was an inpatient for 10 days then after 3 weeks cage rest she couldn't use her back legs. Now after 2 months physio and hydrotherapy she is walking. I suppose she is 90% there now so the work continues.

Vetsure Pet Insurance, ranked number 2 by our reviewers also has a defaqto rating of 5 stars for their Premier and Premier Plus Lifetime cover. They are a smaller insurer with a product designed by a vet, with a growing network of vets you can use which helps keep costs down.     

Sara rated them 5 paws out of 5 overall and for their claims process and customer service. She loved her “hassle free claim” and said:

Hassle free, fast & very quick payment to my vets. All done through emails, which made everything seem much faster. Great service & would definitely recommend to anyone.

VetsMediCover, another smaller insurer has a fan in Sharon, who says they offer “good value for money” and:

They are very nice on the phone and whenever anyone asks me about pet insurance I always tell them who I'm with, and say they are very good.

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