Tour around the new site

Tour around the new site


We’re here for you, sharing experience, caring for pets

Here’s a quick guide to why we need you to leave your reviews more than ever, and what you’ll find on the new look Pet Insurance Review site!

Your views are important to other owners, and your insurers! 

Pet insurance isn’t like buying car insurance (although some people may love their cars more than their pets!) or even our own health insurance, which is a luxury only some can afford. There is no NHS for our pets and we know when we add a furry family member, we’ll have to pay for their routine health care, but what if something serious happens to them? We all ask ourselves if we’ll be able to cope financially. 

No-one wants to be in the position that they can’t afford tests and treatment for their sick pet so that’s why Pet Insurance is a different decision: it’s not about the lowest cost, it’s about the best cover. 

You can help other pet owners to make informed choices based on your experiences. Your reviews of your pet insurance provider help other pet owners make their mind up about what is important to them and their animals, and leaving a review can help you too! The insurance companies need to know what they are doing right, and wrong, to improve their services. Leaving your review on our dedicated pet insurance review site means your voice will be heard! 

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We’ve added more for you…

We’ve invested in improving our site to provide you with more information about how pet and horse insurance works, what to watch out for, what all the terms in your policy mean and what to consider when deciding on the right policy for you. It’s not easy to navigate your way through the options so we hope our articles help and we will continue to add more as time goes by.

We’ve included a whole new section with advice for cat, dog and horse owners. We’ll cover common complaints, the causes, and what to do. We’ll provide information on good pet care and nutrition, and an ever-increasing breed guide for all three species so you have a handy source of information before you add any new furry family members!

We’ve also committed to help animal charities that care for unwanted pets and equines in the UK. Once we’ve decided who we’ll support, we’ll let you know, and tell you more about the good using our site will be doing. 

We’ll blog as regularly as we can providing you with our thoughts on Pet Insurance and pet care and sharing interesting facts and information. 

If you have any suggestions for topics we could add, please let us know, and we hope you enjoy exploring the new site. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes