Happy Christmas from everyone at Pet Insurance Review!

Happy Christmas from everyone at Pet Insurance Review!


It’s been the strangest of years, but our pets have never been more important to us.

2020 will go down in all our memories as one of the most challenging years we’ve ever had. I think our pets would have different view of the year if asked. For them, as Sara Cox of Radio 2 said, this will be a golden year in their memories. They’ve never had so many walks, outings or so much attention! They have hardly been left alone, have been needed to distract and amuse us more than ever, have had to star in millions of Facebook and Instagram pictures and enjoyed time with us like never before. As their human parents I’m sure we all appreciate our pets more than ever, truly understanding just how important they are to our mental well-being and just how much they give us.

Many of us have taken the plunge and bought new pets. Some might be struggling to cope with managing dog training alone, and being able to socialise puppies in lockdown, but with so many other dogs being walked in the park it’s not too hard to find new friends for your loveable pup. Socialisation is so important for young dogs, and my dog and I have learned together which dogs are ok to approach and which it’s better to leave alone!

Wherever you live, having a dog forces you to find local green spaces and to get out of the house at least once a day, which is necessary for the dog and great for your own fitness and mental well-being. We all need fresh air and green spaces, especially now it’s winter and we’re spending so long indoors, possibly on our own, so get out there, no matter the weather and enjoy the benefits of having a dog.

Dog at the Christmas Table


This Christmas will be quieter than normal for many of us but that is probably not a bad thing for our pets. Remember they may not enjoy rich food treats as much as you, and still want their walks!

So have a wonderful Christmas with who you can and spare a little extra love and time for your pets, after all, they have given us so much this year!