What’s amazing about owning a dog?

What’s amazing about owning a dog?


Digby, our Tibetan Terrier, is now 7 months old and we all love him to bits! I’ve learnt so many things about myself, him and the joy a dog can bring. If you’re a dog owner I hope your experiences are as good!

Nothing could prepare me for the impact of our new furry friend!

When we decided to get a dog the decision really had to be mine. I knew that I would be his main owner, responsible for his care and training, so I needed to know what I was letting myself in for. 

I did my research. We decided on a breed, decided on a boy, I read a puppy training book cover to cover, I made notes, set about finding the right breeder, bought equipment, found a puppy class, and asked friends about their experiences of dog ownership. In short, I did all the preparation I could think of but still I was unprepared for the impact of our new furry friend.

All my preparation was an academic exercise, which was the right thing to do, but didn’t prepare me for just how much our little dog means to me. I am bowled over by the love this little guy gives us and the fun and love he has added to our family!

He really is smashing and has taught me so much.

What I’ve learnt so far…

  • I can now vault a baby gate carrying 2 cups of tea and not spill a drop!
  • I can juggle poo bag and treat bag while stopping small over-friendly dog from jumping all over the stranger I’m saying hello to.  
  • Dog owners are a friendly bunch! I can’t count how many new conversations I’ve had with complete strangers who want to know what type of dog Digby is. 
  • Tibetan Terriers aren’t well known. Most people guess he’s a Wheaten Terrier. Only one lady has correctly guessed his breed so far.
  • Digby can ask me questions without saying a word. He asks to go out, he can ask which direction we’re going in when we get to a fork in the path on a walk, he can ask for his food, ask me to play with him, and ask for attention because he’s bored, and ask me to repeat my request when he didn’t quite get my meaning, all without moving his lips!
  • I can read him better every week. I know when he’s happy, unsure, full of mischief, bored, hungry, not paying attention, tired, needs a wee, wants attention or is just wondering what we’re doing next.
  • He can read me. He knows if I’m happy, sad or cross and it matters to him. 
  • He can manipulate me! He understands lots of word commands, how to get another treat out of me and just how to tease me! In fact, sometimes I under just who is training who!

Digby the Tibetan Terrier

Most surprising of all…  

His direct eye contact and expressive face is a revelation to me. He seems to see and understand everything and manages to tell me he’s with me no matter what.

If you are having a bad day or dealing with something awful, he is the most amazing friend to have around.  He sits by you, rests his head on your knee or your feet and looks up at you with his sweet little chocolate button eyes and somehow everything is a little better. He makes everyday an adventure and is the most remarkable companion. 

Safe to say, I’m smitten in a way I never imagined!