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Unfortunately in the last year I have been forced to make several claims as my dog has lymphoma. After being with pet protect for over 17 years im appalled at the treatment that I am now receiving. On every claim form that comes back from them it says vet fees applicable per condition , but when I phoned they deny this though it's on the form quite clearly .my latest claim has just come back and this time they are taking £232.52 vets fees contribution .it's a joke and I'm tempted to get advice from a lawyer .I'm sure after seeing this they will change their wording but I have all the recent claims forms to prove that they have written applicable per condition .I dread to think how much they have taken illegally not just from me but other pet owners .my dog is unfortunately too old to change insurers but I will never Insure with these parasites again .and I hope this warns others too .


Border Terrier


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