Dreadful company


I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. I had my vet look at this policy. At time was best. My dog is now 12 years old. Have had to claim 3-4 times over last couple of years. Before I didn’t need to claim at all. Last two years they have increased yearly payments by double. This year they doubled it again. I’m now paying £138. A month !!!! Twice what I payed last year. Excuse is dog is older and I claimed for eye ulcer. Operation. Well excuse me I made the mistake of thinking that was what insurance was for. Owh I may add. I had to pay 18 hundred towards bill of eye. So they didn’t cover all costs. I can insure my house worth 200 .000. For less. So wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. I phoned asked to speak to a manager. As you can understand I wasn’t happy. I told him I would leave reviews to say how bad company was. His response was remember to say how old your dog is. Well that’s definitely customer service for you huh


Shih Tzu


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