Price increase at renewal


I have 5 cats and all are insured through Petprotect. I have been with the company for 13 years with very little claims (thankfully) I remember when the company was called Animal care and they did care. The premiums were low and any claims were handled sensitively and quickly.
I am used to the usual premium increase every year but unfortunately in the last 3 or more years Petprotect have put up my premiums excessively. The usual excuses of increasing vet fees and aging animals are given. But as well they also increase the vet fees contribution and excess which you have to pay in the event of a claim. When I raised this I was met with unhelpful staff that don’t really care about my repeat business. Consequently the excess and vet fees increase mean that when you make an average claim for let’s say a bite to the tail by the time you have paid the excess an contribution to vet fees you are talking about a claim back of under £10 So the insurance policy is only worth having for big claims.
I recently received my renewal policy documents for one of my oldest cats (9 years old) and to my surprise found a significant increase from £48 last year to £56 this year, per month. I haven’t made any claims for 3 years and could not understand why. I also noticed the paperwork sent made no mention of the usual loyalty and multi pet discounts which are usually applied. My phone call was handled in the usual unhelpful way. In fact I wondered if she was listening to me at all. She eventually said when I told her I was cancelling and leaving, that she would do the same!
I received an insulting refund of £1.70 back for 3 days cover when I was expecting a whole month less 3 days. So again I made another disgruntled call to have one final word about the refund. Being told it was something to do with when a direct debit payment is taken. An excuse! But also this time I was told that the loyalty and multi pet discounts had been removed without telling me because of a computer migration. They are apparently thinking about maybe reinstating it next year. I laughed because this sounds like a really big way of covering up a price increase. Why should a new computer system be the reason to cancel a discount for customer loyalty?
My final words don’t bother with this company they don’t care a bit about customer relations and retention and make up the rules as they go along...




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