Really disappointed - badly run company


We insured our cat with Petpals for about 10 years. In a way we were lucky to have only claimed on 2 occasions. BUT when our cat became poorly in September and had to be put to sleep (she was almost 17) the amount we received back on the claim was a waste of time. The claim took about 3 weeks to even get looked at, when I telephoned it took ages and cost £8 for 4 calls!!!! To top it all, I had a cover that included death of pet - OH no it wasn't! Despite the figure being on the top list on the policy, as she was over 10 years it turns out she was not covered. WHY put it on the policy with no stars or notes attached if she wasn't covered. As she was almost a house cat I wish we hadn't bothered with her insurance for the past 5 years. They still haven't replied to my email questioning the policy and that has been 2 weeks. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone as there are plenty more companies out there.




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