Check Small Print, be careful what you say


I have just been left with a £1,400 vet bill so far. I changed to Paws and Claws in April of this year as they were cheaper than Direct Line. I wish I hadn't now. My vet transposed what I said to them, and put the start of a problem around when I joined Paws and Claws. I had actually been insured for nearly a month when our dog started with an eye problem. I hasten to add we have never claimed before for the dog, and she is 8 now. The point blank rejected the claim, and basically called me a liar. I attempted a review, but my vet couldn't remember the initial consultation discussions, so between them left me high and dry. Needless to say I cancelled the policy, and went back to Direct Line, and changed vets. Paws and Claws are still chasing the cancellation fee which I am not paying yet due to the inept and diabolical service.


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