Not at the Moment!


I took one of my cats to the vets around March this year. My first claim went off and was waiting for a cheque. Rang my bank and had been paid in there. I thought great until they told me how much they'd paid me. Vet bill came t5o £209 less the £99 excess and I ended up with £52.38!! Sky has an overactive thyroid so is on going condition. I
can't recall being told about a 35% co payment!! I got a quote online and then I spoke to them on the phone to make sure that Sky was covered for this. The vets have sent my 2nd claim for payment and I can't work out if I have to pay this 35% on each claim. I have sent them 2 emails and had no reply to either. I also have my other cat with them and I've been looking on the compare sites and its doing my head in! Indy is well and I want to cancel his policy with AF incase he should ever fall ill. Whats the point of having pet insurance if you can't claim the whole amount of the vet bills. Its all bloody money to them. I'm sure they aren't the only ones.


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