Pet insurance is for life, not just a year 1 discount!

Pet insurance is for life, not just a year 1 discount!


We are here to help every pet and horse or pony owner to get the right pet or equine insurance for them. We believe in its value passionately, and know for most of us, insurance is the only way to ensure we can cover the cost of vet care when the unthinkable happens.

Our job is to help you

We want to help make sure no-one ever has to make a choice about a needed medical procedure for their beloved pet or horse based on cost, but sadly, it does happen. Pet and equine health insurance can protect you financially, and your pet medically, but there’s good value insurance and there’s insurance that is only good value on the face of it. 

It occurs to me that lots of insurance in UK works on discounts. We all love a bargain and insurers can ‘buy’ more business in any market by discounting their prices and telling us all what a bargain we are getting. And that is great for many types of insurance, but it is not good when it comes to pet insurance.

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Pet insurance is a once in a lifetime decision

Choosing a pet insurer is a big decision. Most insurers will not cover pre-existing conditions so when you make your choice you need to stick with it for the life of your pet. Once they get an illness or have an injury, if you decide to move to a new insurer that condition or injury will not usually be covered by the new insurer. (There are some insurers who will cover conditions if a pet has been free from treatment or symptoms for a good period of time, but they are not the norm.) 

When you research pet insurance there is a lot to consider. There are different types of cover to fit all budgets and age of pet and it’s important to understand the limitation of any policy that does not offer Lifetime cover. 

All policies have exclusions and conditions and it can take time to fully understand what’s covered and what’s not, but it is worth the effort. It’s also good to check an insurers reviews to see what it’s like to be their customer (bearing in mind quite a lot of negative reviews are because the customer maybe didn’t fully understand the policy).

Then there’s the price…

We all have budgets to consider but the price really shouldn’t be the key deciding factor. You know the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ and never is it more true than about Pet Insurance.

First year or short-term discounts are out there and they can look very attractive but the crucial thing to know is what the price will be once the discount period comes to an end. Reputable insurers will clearly show this information on their quote and if they have short term offers with a few months premium at a bargain rate, then that’s great – but make sure you know what you will be paying once this period is over. 

So often I read reviews where customers are shocked how much their premium has increased in year 2. They may have forgotten they have a 20% or more discount in year 1 and that is why the increase in year 2 is so big and by that time it might be too late to move insurers! 

One other point; watch out for information on how much cover for follow up consultations is on offer. Most insurers have excess payments at the start of a claim and may add co-pay arrangements if your pet is older, but one or two don’t do this but instead only cover a small amount towards each follow up consultation with your vet. They cover treatment and diagnostics but not much towards follow up visits so price comparisons are not fair if what is covered is different.

Take time, research thoroughly and be a savvy buyer!

It’s a bit of a mine field but well worth the effort it takes to find the right policy for you. Don’t be afraid to get multiple quotes and play around with the cover choices so you get the right cover at the right price, long term. You’ll be please you did, and your pets and horses will thank you, when you need to make a claim.

Be safe and savvy, and don’t forget to leave us a review!

Best wishes