The Best Pet Insurance 2024

The Best Pet Insurance 2024


The Best Pet Insurance on the UK market according to our customers reviews!

We gather reviews for pet insurers big and small, well-known brands and smaller brands you may not have heard of. 

We want to help everyone make an informed choice about pet insurance. We’ve taken a look at what you say about the insurers we feature on site, and taken a look at recent pet insurance industry awards to give you a wider picture of which providers are offering the best pet insurance in 2024. 

Pet insurance provided by both large and small providers is appreciated by you 

Your top-rated UK pet insurer is The Kennel Club Pet Insurance with 76% of reviewers rating their service as “excellent”. Many of the customers who left reviews said their customer service team are great and claims are settled quickly, but some reviewers found their insurance expensive. 

Meanwhile, 82% of Agria Pet Insurance customers rate their service as “excellent”, valuing their customer service and the advice they provide. Agria is rated number 2 pet insurer by you, our reviewers. Recently The Telegraph voted Agria as the Best Pet Insurance Provider 2023. 

At number three is Lifetime Pet Cover a smaller insurer who punches above its weight as 70% of reviewers rated them as “excellent”. As their name suggests, they specialize in Lifetime Pet Cover and many people who left a review mentioned their reasonable prices, helpful customer service team and that they are quick to settle claims. They have been voted Best Pet Insurance Provider for 5 years running from 2019 - 2023 by MoneyNet. 

ManyPets come in at number 4 with 83% of reviewers rating them as “excellent”. They were rated Pet Insurance Provider of the Year in 2021, 2022 and 2024 at the Moneyfacts awards but recent reviews have been less favourable, so it’s worth doing your homework to get the full picture. 

At Number 5 according to our reviewers, is Vetsure. A whopping 88% of customers who left a review rated them as “excellent” with people appreciating how easy it is to use Vetsure’s site, make claims, and the quality of their customer service team. They also think they offer good value for money.  

Our top 10 pet insurance providers 

  1. Kennel Club Pet Insurance (dogs only)
  2. Agria Pet Insurance
  3. Lifetime Pet Cover Pet Insurance
  4. ManyPets (formally Bought By Many)
  5. Vetsure Pet Insurance
  6. Pet Protect Pet Insurance
  7. Tesco Bank Pet Insurance
  8. Animal Friends Pet Insurance
  9. VetsMediCover Pet Insurance
  10. Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance


You can read reviews for each insurer on our site, compare their policy features and get quotes to help you make a decision about health insurance for your furry family members. We’ve recently welcomed a few new pet insurance providers to our site and so it will be interesting to see how their customers affect the rankings this year! 


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