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Purely Pets pet insurance

The Connect Centre
Kingston Crescent

phone: 0844 921 0304

Offering 5 levels of cover: accident only, accident & illness only, accident & illness essential, accident & illness plus, accident & illness extra.

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Reviews of Purely Pets pet insurance


Reviewed By: Julie Parton, Recommend:

AVOID This company at all costs. Insured my dog with them for several years. When he reached the age of 15 he started encountering mobility problems with arthritis. I took him to vets who prescribed medication. After a few months my vet told me I should make a claim for the cost of this medication. I made the claim and this company kept fobbing me off with excuses to stretch out the claim. Eventually I lost my pet and therefore rang them to cancel the policy. After six weeks of silence I rang them to find out what was happening with the claim. I was at this point told that the claim was not being paid. Absolutely shocking company. I hope everyone reads these reviews before taking out any policy with this company.

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1/5   7 months since our dog died - claim still unpaid   27 February 2017

Reviewed By: Fellini, Recommend:

Dreadful service. Very slow processing and the company tries every excuse in the book not to pay out. We are taking them to the Ombudsman. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.

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5/5   Do your research   9 January 2017

Reviewed By: M Rydell, Recommend:

I have never had any problems with purely pets or ultimate as a company. All these comments regarding excesses, co-payments of 15% and admin fees for cancellation are no different from ANY insurance company! Purely pets have all their charges and fees stated up front before the policy is bought and if you have a query they are very helpful on the telephone. I don't understand why people are shocked at having to pay the excess etc. - this is the case with all types of insurance.

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 You must work for the company ,everyone seems to have a problem below your statement

comment by: Nield, 14 January 2017
5/5   Excellent   6 January 2017

Reviewed By: Paul, Recommend:

Had my policy with this company for two years and cover is identical to a better known brand but half the price. My claim was dealt with efficiently and without any issues. I often shop around and would be hard pressed to find more competitive prices

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1/5   Avoid   3 January 2017

Reviewed By: Dianne Whitley, Recommend:

After paying premiums for several years and no claims I had to make a claim for a small op on my dog. It took months to actually get anything back with several phone calls to chase the amount by myself and the Vet! They seem to try anything not to pay you. I then got my renewal which had quadrupled this year . So I have cut my losses and finished with them. I am furious as my dog is getting quite old so have paid them for nothing over the years and now difficult to get insurance for her due to her age. Do not insure with them it's a con.

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 I agree , just had my policy renewals , they have doubled ! and I cant now change insurers as pre existing conditions , simply an ear infection . I feel so tricked , avoid at all costs !

comment by: bridget, 28 April 2017
1/5   Avoid like the plague   10 November 2016

Reviewed By: Gerry McNeilly, Recommend:

I have had my policy with this company for 12 years, price rises year on year. I that whole time never made a claim, My Yorkie s now 13 years old and has developed a Heart Murmour and her insurance costs have tripled. 99.00 renewal access every year plus 57 premiunm per month and the still try to wriggle out of paying. I have now cancelled my policy and await their phone call demanding 30 termination fee, if they di I will slap them with a court summons. Very shoddy company, bad service and diabolical use of their terms, which them knowing I was blind did not provide me with terms and conditions under the disabled persons act, which null and voids any terms they may have ie 30 cancelation fee as i was not made aware of it via other means. Clearly broke the law, Again avoid them like the plague, you have been warned.

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 Please can you advise if the company sent you a solicitors letter for the admin fee as I am in a similar position myself and after advise. Thanks.

comment by: Christina, 14 March 2017
1/5   ABSOLUTE RUBBISH - COWBOYS   28 September 2016

Reviewed By: T Disgusted, Recommend:

Cancelled my policy within the cooling off period and was still charged 30 "Admin Fee" (even though I set up the whole policy myself online!!!) Absolute rip-off, don't go near them. What is the point of a cooling off period if you are still going to get charged 30??? COMPLETE JOKE!!

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1/5   30 admin fee if cancel/not renew!!!   19 September 2016

Reviewed By: Amanda, Recommend:

Having been with this company for the past 7 years and never made a claim, what started out as a value for money policy has steadily increased year on year. Now our pet is 9yrs of age with all the exclusions attached to the policy have decided to go elsewhere.HOWEVER, an admin fee of 30 is levied when you initially take out the plan and is charged should you wish not to renew!!!

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2/5   Bizarre waiting times   15 September 2016

Reviewed By: Mr Ramm, Recommend:

Yes I've been waiting for a claim submitted in May and it's now mid-Sept! I get occasional emails saying they've had a high demand etc but it's ridiculous. If I hadnt been so busy at work I would be chasing it. That's not to say the won't pay (I claimed a few years ago and after a bit of a fight got a cheque in the post a week later). But I think my dog will be dead by the time they assess her claim. I don't know how things have gone so badly wrong there.

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1/5   Appalling   30 August 2016

Reviewed By: Tori, Recommend:

Claim received by PP on 12 July. Was advised 10 working days to assess. 5 Aug, got email to say high volumes of claims and that they needed 20 more days (just days, not working days). Several phone calls later when i'm reminded of their high volumes of claims and i'm still waiting on a decision on 30 Aug. Latest call handler tells me claims for 12 July being assessed now and she will email to ask them to prioritise mine. Even if they do pay out (which seems unlikely given other reviews) I will not be using them again.

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 After reading these reviews I'm seriously starting to panic as my claim is nearly 21/2 grand !!! So not exactly peanuts! Have tried to phone them just keep getting put on hold not heard by email yet and I borrowed the money to pay the over 3000 vet bill so need the money back. This is first time in 3 years I have made a claim and so worried they going to try and wriggle out of paying or make it so it is after my renewal due on 15th sept. Have you any advice with dealing with them?

comment by: Liz denison, 8 September 2016
 I am going through exactly the same issue. My claim was submitted in May and I am still waiting. Service is shocking and will never be using again! I hope your claim gets resolved.

comment by: Angry Customer, 6 September 2016
1/5   Poor servicemen   28 August 2016

Reviewed By: Alan, Recommend:

Please take this on board I have had pet insurance with this company for two years this is my second claim with them the first was in the first year and my cat took a blood clot and a claimed 230 and it took seven calls to them to get 135 back but it took a long time then this year my cat took I'll again and we were 450 this time we sent the bill into them by e-mail which was opened but they said after 3 weeks they never received it then we e-mailed again after 3 weeks again they sent it back because the date was wrong on the claims form we sent it back again and again they said that they never received it and again we sent it back then 3 weeks later I phoned to see what the hold up was and I was told that the nurse who deals with the claims was running about 5 weeks behind the sad thing was that out cat sadly passed away in the middle of this which is making this very stressful indead so please please think heard before you choose this company hope this helps in your look for insurance

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1/5   AVOID Ultimate Pet Insurance (Kwikfit pet ins)   19 June 2016

Reviewed By: Darcy, Recommend:

I'd advise you NEVER take out pet insurance with this company. My experience was exactly like that of so may others reviewing the service. My policy cost 300 per year and I held this policy for many years. I had occasion to claim in February 2016 when my wee dog suddenly became very poorly. He had to be put to sleep after a curative course of treatment failed. The insurance claim process that followed was awful and really added to our upset. 2 excesses, 15% overage (for dogs 8 years old and over) and they refused to pay for part of treatment which they claimed was a preventative/elective procedure - when it was actually a last ditch attempt to turn things round operation. My vet wrote a supporting letter and had to resend it 3 times! The end result was that they paid less than half of a bill over 1000! They even charged me for a full extra months policy to cover the day he was put down (which took place at 8.00 am). During this process I received a pre-populated claim form containing all the wrong details - for someone else's pet (different age, breed, name and sex!) To top it all today, 4 months after losing my little dog and the policy ending, I've just received a renewal notice for the other dog's policy which is due in August 2016. They state that as I have a direct debit set up it will automatically deduct - unbelievable! I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. I rated as 1 'Worst', only as there is no option for a negative integer!

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 Hello Darcy I agree with you completely this company are a waste of time. I have had to constantly phone this company but got no where until I sent an email threatening to go to media. They phoned back next day my claim was 674 and they will pay out 234 after all their deductions terrible company I can only think of one worse Animal Friends when if your pet is over 8 years old they make a 33% deduction

comment by: Tena Ross, 26 August 2016
1/5   Problamatic payers   3 June 2016

Reviewed By: Tasha, Recommend:

After a wait of 7 weeks for a 700 vets bill to be settled, Purely Pets sent me 2 e-mails, one to say they would not be paying anything towards this bill and another one 5 minutes later to say the settlement was 69. After contacting our vet, he sent a letter to the insurance giving more details about the operation and then it took a further 5 weeks for them to tell us we were going to receive a further 379 towards the cost. The excess on the policy was 99 but they took 2 times excess due to the nature of the operation and then charged us a further 15% of the bill due to the dogs age. Prior to the claim being started Purely Pets doubled our monthly premiums due to the dogs age. We have been responsible dog owners for 25 years and always insured our dogs with various other insurers and have never been treated like this.We have since cancelled our policy and will now take our chances. Steve C, 3 June 2016

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 I agree...please avoid this 2 bob outfit, customer service is poor, take weeks to pay out, that is if they don't try to weltch out of the claim.

comment by: Mark Turner, 17 June 2016
 Avoid this company they are terrible then add 15% cause dogs age then you got to pay 15% on top of the bill plus excess! Con

comment by: Karen , 14 June 2016
5/5   So far so good   25 May 2016

Reviewed By: Debbie, Recommend:

Well, I am probably going to jinx it but so far I have found Purely Pets to be fine and have just taken out my 4th policy with them. Yes, payment can sometimes be slow and they need a bit of prodding but isn't this the case with a lot of insurance claims? Yes, there is a 99 excees and extra 15% for over 8 years and cancellation fees but these are all stated in the policy documents. There is also a 10% multi pet discount. My advice would be phone them and ask questions before you take out the policy I have always found them very helpful.

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1/5   Distressed Policy Holder   8 January 2016

Reviewed By: Charlie, Recommend:

I have been a customer for 5 years I made no claims I contacted regarding the policy 2 days ago advising that my dog had sadly passed away and seeking support I received no reply however I did receive an email advising I had cancelled my direct debit and advising that if I did not pay an outstanding balance 12 then further action will be taken. I am very distressed at the content of the email but more the fact they have not responded to my correspondence how insensitive at what is a distressing time.

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  27/03/2016 ....The same thing has JUST happened to me, less than 2 weeks since my boy died , all payments previously paid by direct debit for years ( on 2 pets ) they never said i had to pay the final balance of 15 manually, then they tell me i've 10 days to pay before it's put into a debt collectors hands.

comment by: Lynda , 27 March 2016
1/5   Avoid this company at all costs.   26 November 2015

Reviewed By: John Barnes, Recommend:

Please read the negative comments on this company, from my own experience, they are true. I have also been hit with this rip off 30 cancellation fee and would not recommend this company to anyone.

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 I was with more than pet insurance who paid out twice, no queries and very quickly, however as my premium went up I moved to a new insurance.. Legal and general.they are underwritten by ultimate pet partners or insurers, and it's been nothing but a nightmare! Awful trouble, will not pay out on anything, they find the tiniest excuse going to refuse claims. I'm still battling with them now! Complete rip off

comment by: Laura , 14 March 2016
1/5   AVOID!!!!!!!   11 November 2015

Reviewed By: L Hitchen, Recommend:

We had taken our pet to the vets as what looked like skin tags had appeared on his chest and one on his paw. The vet explained that these are probably nothing, but the one on his paw will be irritating him so it would be best to have it removed. We decided to have them both removed at the same time so our pet didn't have to go through any more than he had to. A claim form was sent to us, we paid the vets the 99 excess, had the skin tags removed, the vets completed the form and sent back to Purely Pets. However, Purely Pets decided that as there were 2 skin tags they had to be under separate claims, even though there was only one operation! I received 2 emails from Purely Pets, one re: the paw and one re: the chest - both emails stated the same amount claimed (the cost of the operation divided by 2) plus an extra 11.63 each for the interpretation of the skin tags. I emailed them to request an explanation re cost, they never got back to me. I ended up telephoning them and asking for further information. They didn't explain anything apart from what is within the 2 emails is correct. I was told that if I needed the claims looking into, future instructions had to come from the vet and not me, even though I'm the customer who pays the premium! In all, we almost paid for 50% of the operation ourselves I wish I had checked out the reviews before taking this policy out. I will not be renewing the policy and I do not recommend Purely Pets to anyone!

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1/5   doubled my premium without even notifying me   2 November 2015

Reviewed By: Kay, Recommend:

Avoid this company like the plague! The e mail addresses they give are undeliverable, they entice you in with a low premium and then automatically insure you the following year without notifying/e mailing or phone call and double the premium. Impossible to contact, cancelled my policy and starting again! Owned I think by Ultimate Pet Partners so beware!!

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3/5   Very Very Slow in payouts   23 October 2015

Reviewed By: Simon B , Recommend:

Its taken over a month to get a payout (Still not got the funds yet)for a relatively small amount, I worry what situation I would be left in for larger emergencies.

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1/5   DO NOT USE!   13 October 2015

Reviewed By: C Bell, Recommend:

Insured for a few years, never claimed on my policy. I unfortunately had to have my beautiful dog put to sleep. I couldn't claim on the policy for this as he was too old, therefore cancelled my policy. Was sent an e mail advising I was owed premium and it would be credited to my bank account. Then a couple of days later sent a further email advising I owed them money for an "administration charge" for cancelling my policy. No explanation or apology that they initially got this wrong saying I was owed money. Called and was told that as it was in my policy wording I had to pay. Complained as thought this was disgusting as they were an online provider so why were they charging an administration fee? I was told I had to pay regardless or would be sent to a debt collection company. I had just lost my best friend and there was no sympathy or remorse that they had made an error at a very distressing time and had caused me further distress! AVIOD AT ALL COSTS!!!!

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5/5   Excellent   14 August 2015

Reviewed By: Jill Squire, Recommend:

Highly recommend Purely Pets. Changed from our previous insurers because premiums had risen to over 70 per month. Purely pets was 13 for the same level of cover, even though our dog was 10 years old at the time. When she was 11 she developed pyometra and needed emergency surgery to save her life. Our 500 plus claim was dealt with promptly and efficiently and was paid in little over a week. Have just received renewal documents and cover is still less than 20 for our now 13 year old dog.

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 I have 3 cats and my premium is more than 160 per year! All 3 are younger, 12. 10 and 6yrs - work that one out

comment by: Janet Watson, 26 October 2015
1/5   Disgusting Customer Service   15 July 2015

Reviewed By: J Jones, Recommend:

My dog was suffering with a lame front leg, after exploratory X-rays and various pain relief the bill totalled over 500, before I could make a claim the vet diagnosed him with cancer and was put to sleep. I made a claim for the previous tests and cancelled my policy as I longer had my dog. Purely pets paid my claim minus 99 excess and 15% of claim due to the dog bring over 8 and subsequently took the remaining 280 owed to me and offset it against the remaining 9 months premiums!!!!!!!!! And have written to me to say that I still owe them 90. I complained as had my dog convienently died near the policy renewal date I would have had all the money paid back to me, I also said that of course people would claim potentially before their pet died for the cost of treatment, isn't that the whole point of insurance? And was told that I shouldn't have claimed. No empathy as not only have a lost my pet, I am also severely out of pocket after trying to do the best for my dog. Disgusting

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1/5   Appalling company DON'T USE   21 April 2015

Reviewed By: dawn, Recommend:

We had 2 dogs insured with them costing us 80 a month and have never claimed before. One of our dogs had to have an operation because of ingrowing eye lashes. We put in our claim form and it was refused their reason being we had taken her to the vets 13 months previously and she had been treated for conjunctivitis, our vet even wrote us a supportive letter but it made no difference. We have now cancelled both policies they will be getting no more money from us and I shall be warning all my family and friends about this shoddy company.

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1/5   avoid   17 March 2015

Reviewed By: a pollock, Recommend:

I took out a lifetime policy and now the dog is over 8 years old they have doubled the policy from 300 to 600 pounds despite me paying 99 pounds ecess plus 15 percent on top of any claim they know if you go elsewhere you will not be covered for pre existing conditions so they can charge any figure whish I had never heard of this company.

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 You are not alone! M&S insurance are doing the same thing! They all do, from what I understand...

comment by: NATASHA, 27 April 2015
1/5   cancelled policy without telling me   17 February 2015

Reviewed By: vb, Recommend:

Disgusting! Was never told that policy was cancelled! 780 later after my baby being pts,they are now telling me my policy was cancelled! I was sent claim forms and everything!

Comment on this Review | Was this review helpful to you?      
 VB, I'd be interested to know why they cancelled your policy? I'm in 'conversation' with the compancy about a lapsed policy & I'm waiting on some actual evidence from them that they contaced me to advise me. We pay our insurance yearly.

comment by: ST, 11 April 2017
1/5   Shark warning   16 February 2015

Reviewed By: Dermot, Recommend:

Not really surprised so many bad reviews about shoddy practices. Charged for a delayed direct payment, fair enough. But then charged 30 because we wanted the policy to lapse after a hike in the premium. How do they get away with it. I'm getting onto the FCA to see how they do. I won't hold my breath

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5/5   Excellent Company   11 February 2015

Reviewed By: Christine, Recommend: Y

I have a very old Jack Russell with many different ailments, Purely Pets are always prompt and professional with our claims. I would highly recommend them

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5/5   Excellent ,prompt payouts   9 January 2015

Reviewed By: Jane , Recommend: Y

I have 2 dogs insured through Purely pets . Each dog required expensive vet treatment in past 3 tears and each time I received prompt payment within 10 days .My third dog is with Sainsburys and I found them terrible to deal with .My premiums at Purely Pets have not shot up by huge amount and I would recommend .Customer service was great and told me the name of the assessor dealing with the claim so any further queries were made easy .Unlike Sainsburys , if they required further documents ,they would email and let me know and they also would not use delay tactic such as 'we haven't received the documents '.

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1/5   Heed the Warnings   7 January 2015

Reviewed By: Joe, Recommend: N

They will entice you in with competitive premium then they will automatically renew the policy at a hugely inflated premium and charge youn an 'administration fee' of 30 if you ask to cancel the policy! Utterly dreadful.

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1/5   company is full of sharks avoid avoid avoid   19 December 2014

Reviewed By: john, Recommend: N

Avoid like the plague. This company are sharks. From 45 a month to 160 a month for renewal cause my dog is 6 disgusting

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1/5   Appalling - a disgrace   6 December 2014

Reviewed By: P Rodgers, Recommend: N

Premiums shoot up after they have ensnared you. They automatically renew by way of a dodgy email and when , too late, you realise what they have done - they charge you 30 for the priviledge of cancelling the policy plus pro rata fees from the date of renewal. Sharks. Believe me, you would regret using them.

Comment on this Review | Was this review helpful to you?      
 Would be very interested in more info on the dodgy e-mail? My husband & I are having some problems with the company about e-mails & phone calls they've apparently made to me.

comment by: ST, 11 April 2017
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