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Quick - Virgin Money
Heather88, 23 August 2014

Our mixed breed pup hurt his paw and Virgin was very quick in processing the payment. We are happy with this insurance.

Bad - Tesco
Sue james, 22 August 2014

Would not recommend tesco at all,my dog suffers with anal absesses and they are not going to pay out for her op as she had one two years ago so that is when the condition started but would anyone put their pet through an operation which they might not need so they can claim on their insurance,all the money I have paid to them could of paid for her operation now What a joke!!!!!!!!

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Great Service - MORE TH>N
Monty, 22 August 2014

Our puppy swallowed a ball and ended up needing expensive treatment at the vet. We had never filed a claim before, so was not sure how the process would work. However, the claim was dealt with quickly and More Than sent the cheque promptly. So the service was great. Just hope it doesn't cause next years rates to go up.

terrible service - Paws & Claws
david m, 21 August 2014

never sent any documents or direct debit then got an email saying direct debit sent back to them and they would charge me an admin fee for their mistake , when i rang them i had to leave a message which promised a call back that never came ( 3 times ) when i did finally talk to them after ringing their number for quotes i was greeted by rude and arrogant staff , avoid like the plague very poor service , god knows what would happen if i had to make a claim

very happy - Vet Sure
Linda C, 20 August 2014

Vetsure was very quick to cover our Yorkie for almost 1700 total for two claims. Highly recommend to other Yorkie owners.

Simone, 20 August 2014

I had been paying insurance to More Than for 14 years for my cat with no claims. In the last 4 years however my cat has developed athritis which has required monthly visits to the vet costing 40 per month. My renewals have gradually increased as i would expect due to his age. So imagine my total disgust when my latest renewal arrives and my insurance has gone up from 40 per month to 104. thats 1250 per year. Obviously i cannot afford to pay this. Why is it that i am now in a position where i have to disregard any major treatment that my 18 year old cat may require ??? I feel like ive been treated apallingly. REMEMBER i paid this for years without using it!!! So this leaves me not being able to take insurance with anyone else due to Gizmo's age. Thanks MORE THAN for absolutely being terrible!!

No problems - Petplan
M.M, 19 August 2014

Excess a bit expensive, but excellent cover. One claim without any upset.

Very Good - Animal Friends
JeselynT, 18 August 2014

Paid quickly after they received the vet records. Great customer service. No quibbles, I would recommend to others.

Switched from larger, more reputable insurer -
Mel Jones, 18 August 2014

I made the mistake of switching from Directline but you obviously get what you pay for! I made 1 small claim and weeks later they emailed me stating they had excluded this from my policy from inception so they didn't have to pay out DO NOT USE THEM!!! They don't answer the phone or respond

Premium increases by 4 gbp at the 1st renewal - MORE TH>N
Ragdoll, 17 August 2014

More Than has one of the most comprehensive lifetime covers. I took out the most expensive policy for my non-pedigree kitten and she has just turned 1 in May with no claims or pre-existing conditions. The renewal policy I received was a surprise because it has gone up from 9.61 to over 13 pounds. the customer service lady was embarrassed herself and suggested I cancel and retake a new More Than policy. However, it will always go up and every year, makes me nervous to think what would happen if I actually had to make a claim, or when she gets older. At this rate I am better off having a fixed savings account set aside for my cat.

always been fair - The Kennel Club
karen, 16 August 2014

i have had two English bull terriers covered with the kennel club and i can honestly say they have always been very fair and have made payments straight to my vets and so we have never had to pay up front,the staff have always been very friendly and most helpful.

refusing to pay for treatment previously covered - Petplan
mrs pauline anne ward, 16 August 2014

I have had our parsons jack russell insured with them for 7 years, he was treated by my vet on two occasions with an ear infection which did not re-accur for two years,in February this year we took him to our vet who recommended he see specialist dermatologist vet at another practice, petlan refused to cover the cost of the referral and any other associated treatment,claiming he had had Otitis throughout his life (untrue my vet verified this), even though they had previously paid out, my premium costs a whopping 46 per month and is the best policy money could buy, so much for a 'lifetime cover'dealing with issue has been a nightmare, pushed from one operator to another, and their smarmy attitude appalls me, my dog has not been to the vet for anything other than boosters in his life. They are now sending out revised agreed policies although I have never agreed to any changes and exclusions. Avoid Petplan at all costs, other insurers cover the same for half the cost.


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