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satisfied customer - Petprotect
Deborah , 28 July 2015

I have had insurance with pet protect for many years yes there are cheaper companies but I have made many claims and have never had a problem, they will even pay direct to my vet if asked, I can only judge on my personal experience and I would definitely use this company in future.

Kind and sympathetic - Tesco
Kath Wilkinson, 26 July 2015

I amended my Cat Insurance when my beautiful boy died after being hit by a car. The girl I spoke to was very kind and sympathetic on the phone and I was was so touched when I received a 'With Sympathy' card from her a couple of days later. Thank you Ashleigh for your brilliant Customer Service! xx

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NCI is a rip off - AXA
elena, 22 July 2015

We have been with AXA for years to insure both our pets. The policy for the cat was about 350 a year, we have made 1 small claim for tooth removal when the cat was a kitten and have never claimed again over the 13 years! AXA sold their per insurance business to NCI and these people have just quoted me 974 to insure a cat who has had no claims over years. We are lucky that she does not have any health issues, so I can cancel but I feel for those poor people who have pets with existing health problems as I no other insurance would cover existing conditions if they were to change the provider. This is disgusting way of treating customers, to say the least.

Excellent - Tesco
Karen W, 21 July 2015

I've been using Tesco Pet Insurance since 1998. I have greyhounds and lurchers and at one time I had six dogs. Never in all the years I've been with Tesco, have I had a claim refused. And gosh, haven't I put in loads of claims amounting to thousands of pounds. . Tesco have always paid out promptly and when I've sadly had to have a dog put to sleep, Tesco have always been very kind and sympathetic. To date, I cannot fault them.

Great cover for older pets - Lifetime Pet Cover
Kerry Bygrave, 20 July 2015

I was struggling to find insurance for my older dog and then came across this. Very reasonable for top level cover :)

Massive Premium Hike - John Lewis
Adrian Chapman, 17 July 2015

The insurance premium for our three year old golden retriever bitch has just gone up by 50%. We made one claim last year for x-rays for what turned out to be OCD in her left hock. While this may need treatment in the future, at the moment she is fine so I fail to see why John Lewis need to increase the premium by so much. We could change insurer of course but then the OCD would be excluded, so we either stick with JL n and get ripped off or run the risk of big vet bills in the future. I may just "punish" John Lewis by moving my house and contents insurance elsewhere, but I doubt they would notice.

Very slow to pay claims - MORE TH>N
Andrew Warden, 16 July 2015

Very slow to pay claims - takes over a month and they do everything they can to drag the process out. I won't be renewing with them after the poor customer service they are offering. NOT RECOMMENDED

Beware of the excess - E & L
Ben, 16 July 2015

With an 85 + 35% of the remaining bill excess on their policy's it meant that my claim for 818 only reimbursed me 432. ( They disallowed an x-ray interpretation free) my 10/04/2015 claim has on only just been paid on 15/07 !!! I have tried on several occasions to telephone the claims dept, only to get an automated message to email them! I am looking now to change to a different company.

Disgusting Customer Service - Purely Pets
J Jones, 15 July 2015

My dog was suffering with a lame front leg, after exploratory X-rays and various pain relief the bill totalled over 500, before I could make a claim the vet diagnosed him with cancer and was put to sleep. I made a claim for the previous tests and cancelled my policy as I longer had my dog. Purely pets paid my claim minus 99 excess and 15% of claim due to the dog bring over 8 and subsequently took the remaining 280 owed to me and offset it against the remaining 9 months premiums!!!!!!!!! And have written to me to say that I still owe them 90. I complained as had my dog convienently died near the policy renewal date I would have had all the money paid back to me, I also said that of course people would claim potentially before their pet died for the cost of treatment, isn't that the whole point of insurance? And was told that I shouldn't have claimed. No empathy as not only have a lost my pet, I am also severely out of pocket after trying to do the best for my dog. Disgusting

Price just keeps on increasing - Marks & Spencer
Jane L, 15 July 2015

Have had Charlie insured since a puppy with M&S (2008) - yes the price keeps going up but felt ok with it until the renewal following a cruciate ligament op in 2013 - went up by 13 per month to just under 30. Fair enough they paid up quickly but the condition was limited to 1k (basically we had to pay the other 1K). The other cruciate ligament went in March this year at another 2k - again paid up the 1k max per condition without any problem. Renewal - well, has just gone to 44 per month! Am needing to get my other dog insured - just searching web and can get them both insured for less. I know where I am now heading! 1k does not cover much at all in the vet world!! I think the vets have a lot to answer for too with increasing costs??

Super customer service - fair policy - Lifetime Pet Cover
R Downs, 15 July 2015

Having to look for new insurance due to AXA bowing out and new company doubling premiums. Reassuring to know that if no claims for a condition for two years it would cease to be pre existing - how refreshing to find a company that endeavours to be fair. Rang to check a couple of things - super customer service. A new insurance company but definitely one to plump for on my experience of them so far.

price hike for older dog. - Animal Friends
linda brown, 14 July 2015

Unfortunately I have been unable to renew the cover for my older dog as after having been with them for many years, the new premium is unaffordable. It's the same old story...older dog...high premium even though there's an excess to pay and 35% of the cost of the treatment. Never had a problem with them apart from this.( I have never claimed any excessive amounts )


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