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Fantastic policy - Vets Medi Cover
Michael, 14 April 2014

I really like everything I've seen so far. Lovely on the phone, good policy and covered her back legs again.

Claim - Animal Friends
celia Peters, 14 April 2014

Unhelpfull and make claim almost impossible

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Beware of the age trap! - Tesco
L Fox, 13 April 2014

We have two dogs insured with Tesco. Our 9 year old retriever now has thyroid tablets which cost 12.50 per month. I claim this back from Tesco because her premium went from 52 a month prior to the thyroid problem, and it is now 78 a month, so I think the 12.50 after many years is not such a huge payout for Tesco. The take advantage of the dogs age, why don't insurance companies level the costs out over the average? Even without a claim, our retrievers costs soared from 16 a month, she was 5 years old when we moved from M & S to Tesco, but now we are trapped. Our other dog is 13 years old and is now 68 a month. Its the price of a small mortgage. Why don't vets set up a monthly payment system? After all, if they don't take of their clients, they won't have any in the end as people are dumping their dogs on the rescue centres.

Awful service after puppy passed away - Homebase
Megan, 3 April 2014

We insured our puppy with Homebase and when he sadly passed away at 9 months they paid us the insurance and everything was fine, we cancelled the insurance and received a letter offering their condolences. We thought that would be the end of that but we are still receiving letters about our monthly direct debits not being paid, we rang them and explained again. Today we received a letter asking us to renew Barneys insurance and what deals they could offer us, naturally this was upsetting, we rang them again and they said it was a computer glitch even though they told us last time that we had been taken off the system. They offered no apology and almost blamed us for their mistake. Awful service and we will never insure a pet with them again.

Prompt, no hassle payment - Sainsburys
Nicola, 3 April 2014

I used Sainsburys to ensure my Miniature Bull Terrier who unfortunately had a serious injury at less than 1 year old that resulted in surgery, ongoing therapy & medication. Sainsburys paid out very quickly & without any problems. The premium did increase year on year as you would expect given the number of claims. I was very pleased with the service provided & feel that I "got what I paid for".

Deductions from claim are described well - Petwise
Eric, 31 March 2014

The main weakness of this policy is the way the vendors expect to be paid for answering the phone (0844 number). Fortunately, you can get a claim form by emailing and the alternative phone number 0800 032 2297 works well without racking up big bills. My claim was paid very promptly, and though the deductions were more than I'd expected, each one was clearly described, and accorded exactly with the policy details. Even special diet was included for the first month of the claim period. I renewed the policy happily.

Would not recommend - Petplan
Sue, 27 March 2014

Since inception one year ago, I have received no policy document, despite having requested it on several occasions and they have yet to provide any kind of renewal quote despite being only 5 days from the renewal date. I have emailed to request a renewal quote but so far had no reply. We paid the annual premium in full so there's no reason for them not to respond. Really disappointed in their service.

No claims forms sent after two separate requests - Petwise
Paul haynes, 25 March 2014

Rubbish service and no obvious way of solving problem with only a machine to talk at

Excellent Company - Argos
Jane Gastre, 25 March 2014

I took my policy out nearly five years ago and had the ultimate package (Platinum) and my dog had terrible health conditions, which were all paid promptly by Argos. She died just before her 5th birthday and Argos paid a compensatory payment towards her purchase price. This did not bring her back, but helped me purchase another pet. I wanted to renew with Argos, but could not afford them this time. They were excellent in every way and I could not fault them in the slightest.

Terrible company - Animal Friends
R valentine, 24 March 2014

Read the small print,they change their policy wording to get out of paying.Anyone who says they are happy with the service Must not be aware that this company would have gone through every detail to find a get out clause.Do not be fooled this is not an animal friendly company I like most have made a complaint to the financial ombudsmen and am waiting for a reply.Just heard this is the most complained about company

appalling - E & L
Tracey reilly, 23 March 2014

took out a policy when i got my labby 6 years ago and never made a claim. policy was renewed in september she started to limp in november and need an op but they said we failed to advise them of the limp on christmas day when they did an annual review!! when i renewed policy for a year in september there were no probs making a claim in march whats the problem it is within the insurance year!! absolute robdogs! do not use you are wasting your money they never pay out! not worth the paper its printed on!

Rip off - Animal Friends
Jayne Birkett , 22 March 2014

My dog was on his lead walking with my son who is almost 20 and he unfortunately pulled my son and was hit by an on coming car, my son pulled him back and the car hit his leg. My bill at the moment is over 2700 and Animal Friends have refused to pay stating that a clause in my policy saying that if he off his lead, not controlled or if he escapes then they won't pay. None of this applies so I have emailed my appeal. I am not impressed with this company.


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