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Efficient pay-out but poor at renwal - Tesco
L Mills, 23 October 2014

Both cats had bites that got infected and required emergency treatment, and repeat treatment, all covered by Tesco, no quibbles. Paperwork sent directly to them from the vet. However it became very expensive on renewal despite having other products with Tesco bank, so am moving to a different company.

A lovely touch - Animal Friends
Cathryn Donoghue, 22 October 2014

I had my dog Barney i sured with animal friends and only had to make one claim which was dealt with quickly. Barney passed away recently and i got a hand signed letter from there MD Elaine offering her condolences. Its clear they are a company that cares about animals and there welfare. I will get another dog soon and there's only one place I'll be going. :)

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Useless - Petplan
Caz, 22 October 2014

I insured my cat with Petplan. They will fight tooth and nail to not pay you. They will even have the nerve to then re-send your insurance documents with additional costs they add onto your policy for their inconvenience. They will also add onto the 'Life Policy' a disclaimer which will avoid you being covered for anything to do with the illness you tried to claim for originally. I would avoid completely. When i rang up to complain and cancel, she told me to 'take care' 5 times when saying goodbye. 100% awful.

Don - Animal Friends
K Robinson, 22 October 2014

Great initial price, but when they wriggle out of paying a claim that leaves you not only 200+ out of pocket plus without future cover for a congenital condition that wasn't even linked to the claim, the price doesn't seem too cheap!

Daylight robbery - E & L
Lisa, 21 October 2014

Very slow to pay out that's if you are lucky enough to get one. They try every trick in the book to get out of paying out . They have upped the payment for my policy without telling me and have taken it out of my bank. Please stay well away from this company they cause you hassle and stress and lots of it!!

Great Service - Direct Line
Sally T, 21 October 2014

We have had Direct Line for several years for our two collies. We have had to file a few claims over the years and have never had a problem. Relief that they pay the vet directly, so only need to pay the excess at the office. Staff is very helpful also. We highly recommned this company.

ongoing delay tactics - Sainsburys
Mary and Mike, 21 October 2014

SAINSBURYS will do anything to avoid paying a claim. 'Your dog's complaint relates to a condition encountered before purchasing the policy. 'Lies of course. The latest tactic? 'Your claim (sent weeks ago) may be in the post room and we are not allowed to access it. How about "I'm passing onto a colleague in case I give you incorrect information...and then...we have not received your claim it must be lost in the post'....Avoid this company (Allianz) at all costs..they are the worst bunch of sharks we have ever had professional dealings with....

Wouldn''t use -
Laura, 21 October 2014

Despite a further in depth explanation from my vet as to why the condition was not pre-existing, E&L, trading as have declined to pay out because they have now put a back dated exclusion on the policy, explaining that as they have done this, they don't need to pay. I'm off to the ombudsman!

Speedy Service - Healthy Pets Insurance
CJ, 20 October 2014

We have used Healthy Pets for almost five years. Vet gets paid directly, so less fuss for us. Customer service is very helpful. We have lifetime, so not the cheapest policy, but well worth it.

Awful company - Animal Friends
Trish, 20 October 2014

I have paid into this insurance for over 11 years with no claims. My cat now has a respiratory problem and I thought she would be covered for as long as the condition was there but they have said it will end in a couple of months. So what was the point of having insurance. I ended up paying a fortune on treatment and got peanuts back.

Wouldn't use - E & L
Mrs A Summer, 20 October 2014

I had to take e & l to the ombudsman before they paid out. By that time, my much loved cat had passed away & I was trying to come to terms with the loss whilst fighting with e & l for owed money. You have been warned!

Cancelling the policy - Tesco
Claire Boon, 18 October 2014

Rang Tesco on Tuesday to advise them that our 17 year old cat had had to be put to sleep, told them I needed to cancel the policy,the idiot on the other end of the phone then wished me in a very cheery voice to have a lovely evening, which I feed was very insensitive considering! Then yesterday the renewal policy arrived instead of cancellation documents. I wond be going back to Tesco again !


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