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Good Helpful friendly service - Lifetime Pet Cover
Joanne, 29 September 2015

Chose this company because of good reviews and after previous company excluded all skin and ear conditions even though there had not been any recurrences for 2 years leaving me with little faith that they would pay on any claim for other ailments in the future. Set up the policy on the phone dealing with a real person! not a robot in a call centre! Hope they will be as helpful if I have to make a claim as they were when setting up the policy. My dog is nearly 9 and they assured me that the premiums would not rocket next as they do with so many other companies.

Thanks so much - Vets Medi Cover
Donna King, 29 September 2015

Thank you Patrick for sorting out our claim! We were so worried when there was confusion about what would be included. You are a star.

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Avoid!!! - PDSA
Claire jones, 29 September 2015

Avoid the pdsa at all costs.. I've been with them for 3 years and have never needed to claim. My policy allows me to claim 3000 per injury limit so I wasn't concerned until my dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.. The vet bill for X-rays wasn't bad around 370.Then the problems started.. After receiving a call from my vet weeks later to say they hadn't been paid..The Pdsa said they couldn't pay as they didn't have all my dogs history even though they had my vet details!! I then was left to ring around and email the pdsa while waiting for an answer.. Weeks later they finally paid the 270 left owing my vet which then left just over 2700 for further treatment if needed on her hip. In the meantime my renewal has come and my insurance has doubled!!! Ok I said no problem it's better to pay nearly 300 a year insurance because she's still covered for her hips... I've now received a letter saying they are going to cancel my insurance because they can't find me on the electrol roll!!!!! I havnt moved, I vote, I pay council tax so why now after 3 years can't you find me???? If you cancel my policy my dog will no longer be covered and you win because you won't have to pay for any more treatment.... I'm shocked that an animal charity works like this..

Older dog lifetime cover - Lifetime Pet Cover
Amanda Reid, 28 September 2015

As my previous insurer year on year hiked my premium beyond what I could really afford, I felt it time to act!! A friend recommended Lifetime Pet Insurance Company and I have now managed to insure my 9 year old Labrador for 250 less than my previous company quoted. Obviously I've not claimed yet and hope not to need to but I'm sure the company will fulfill the trust I have placed in them.

It will rise up to extortionate levels - Tesco
Ale, 27 September 2015

My cat is on a premium plan, they have been paying mostly on time, but the rate has been rising to extortion levels. Stay away and avoid like the plague.

Worked for me. - Sainsburys
John, 26 September 2015

Took out dog insurance this year, then read the terrible reviews. I was really sceptical when I had to make a claim. However, no problem whatsoever. Sainsburys kept me in the picture by phone, e-mail and text. Received the cheque very promptly. So my experience is only positive. So much for worrying about negative reviews!

Pre existing condition get out - Animal Friends
Antony Smith, 26 September 2015

had X-rays and treatment for our dog that highlighted severe arthritis in his front legs. The cost was more than the 500 per condition limit so ewe only claimed for 500, which was rejected as being a pre-existing condition. Spent 6 months "debating" this with them then they said that's it we're not discussing anymore. Contacted the financial ombudsman who have contacted red sands insurance, who I assume are the holding company or something. Am waiting for a reply. Anecdotally complaints about rejected insurance claims are up, mainly with pet insurers and mainly around defining claims as being for a pre existing condition. Avoid this lot at all costs.

Thank you Tesco Pet Insurance - Tesco
Derek, 25 September 2015

Dear Tesco pet Insurance. Thank you for raising my Dog's insurance premiums over 100% for no discernible reason other than she is a year older. You have done me a real favour because Petplan have Insured her for 3 times the cover you gave for exactly 2.40 per month less than last years premiums. How about changing your name to Pirate Pet Insurance?

No quibble paying up - Admiral
Robert Purser, 24 September 2015

Used them for a couple of years now and we've claimed a lot, they never quibble over anything and pay promptly.

LV Were excellent - LV
Lauren soar, 24 September 2015

We had our old Tyme bulldog insured with lv and he bless his heart was riddled with problems from an early age I.e skin conditions, ear infections and sadly at 2 he passed suddenly from heat stroke in April! Apparently very common in these breeds. LV paid two sets of vets fees and refunded the purchase price. i was dreading having to deal with the situation if they refused to pay as would make the whole thing ten time worse but within a matter of a couple of weeks it was all sorted. So a very big thank you LV

Very bad company not recomended -
Magic, 21 September 2015

This company is the typical insurance rip off. Start with a competative quote for young healthy dogs then year by year increase the premiums which are 28 day payments not calender monthly. When I needed to make a claim for my 12 year old labrador the excess had been increased from 129 to 244 plus 20% of treatment. Normally high excess means lower premiums this company expects both. Would never use again.

Fab Pet Insurance - Vetsure
Bonkerbird2, 21 September 2015

Our lovely Oli was taken ill very suddenly he needed a operation and other tests beforehand, I have to say we were amazed how effient vet sure were as it was our first claim with them they sorted out the claim very quickly with our vets nothing was left to us to sort out apart from the 15% reduction as our Oli was over 8 years old that's fair enough we knew that. I have made other claims in the past with another dog with another company and they were hard work to be honest. We are very satisfied customers well done pet sure you took away more stress than we needed so happy days :-)


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