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Lindy - Lifetime Pet Cover
Jenifer, 21 February 2017

I've only just changed to Lifetime Pet Cover as their premium is Ł100 cheaper than my previous provider, and with better cover. It was easy to set up and my rating will reflect far. Obviously the main test will be if (hopefully not) I have to make a claim.

Great service from Tesco Pet insurance - Tesco
Julia Catelain , 20 February 2017

Have been very impressed and happy with the service offered by Tesco.Our cat was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, and treatment to try and save her cost the full insurance value. There was no delay in paying out, a very small increase in the renewal premium, and a very sympathetic letter when we lost her. I would highly recommend them, and will definitely be using them again in the future.

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PetPlan Insurance - Petplan
Saska, 19 February 2017

My oldest cat - 9 years old in May has been insured with PP since he re-homed him. Over close to 9 years,we've paid nearly 2500 in insurance. He recently had to have treatment for Systitis - Vet's bill = 199.24. We made a claim & received 68.19 = 34% of the cost. We know that since our cat is 7 years old now,there was an excess to pay,but we expected the fee minus the excess. If you look at the PP page regarding ''how PP premiums are calculated'',there's no full description at all of how it's calculated.

steer clear of animal friends - Animal Friends
Julie, 18 February 2017

insured my puppy the day after his previous puppy insurance expired and was told there was a 14 day waiting period which I understand. However on the 15th day ( out of the 14 day waiting period) he was playfighting with other dog and was diagnosed with cherry eye a couple of days after this again through playing his other eye want i paid for the surgery however they refused to pay saying it was on the 14th day when it was not and gave now excluded his eyes and sight from any other claims. really not happy with this cancelled both policies i had with them for both my dogs and have now complained.

smiler, 15 February 2017

I have had dog insurance with Argos for 7 years. For the first 5 years the premium was "ok". When my dog became 6 years old my insurance premiums sky rocketed by 24 a month rise. They went from 34 a month to 55 a month (21 a month increase). I have just received my renewal for this year and my dog is now 7 years old (my dog is extremely healthy and I have not claimed for her) and my new premium is 83 a month. That's an increase of 28 per month for a healthy dog I have never claimed for. In two years my monthly premiums have increased by 52 per month from 34 per month to 83 per month for a cross breed healthy dog. It is an absolute rip off. They want to insure your dog when its young but when it becomes "middle aged" they hike your insurance up so much you cant actually afford to pay it so they then don't have "hassle" of insuring a older dog along with the risk of the problems that come with older dogs. My advice is STAY WELL AWAY FROM THIS INSURANCE COMPANY and go to an insurance company that does not completely rip you off.

85% increase in premium on healthy 5 year old dog - John Lewis
Tan W, 13 February 2017

After taking out a lifetime policy on a young dog and having one claim for an isolated incident of five hundred pounds they have trebled my monthly premium, an increase of 85% on a dog with no health issues. Absolutely disgusting! Our previous dog that died last year was also insured with John Lewis who repeatedly lost claim forms and took up to 7 weeks to pay after quibbling over every detail.

Complete Reassurance - Vetsure
Marshall, 9 February 2017

As a Veterinary Nurse, I had total peace of mind with Vetsure! Amazing cover at such a reasonable price. So good that I could also tailor my cats policy to suit our needs. I will definitely be recommending Vetsure to all!

Not bad regardless of the bad reviews -
Mr Millward, 9 February 2017

Hi all, cut a long story short our american bulldog puppy ate something she really shouldn't of a piece of rubber toy. It got lodged and needed 2000 surgery immediately. Filled the forms out with the vets did the surgery and after care then the vets sent the forms away for us to claim for the money. Payment was accepted promptly and i was informed via email, however i did get an email very quickly after it was paid out to say they wouldn't cover this again and have altered the policy (i thought lifetime cover was lifetime cover). The only niggle i had, they even rang me up and explained i was paying for some benefits i didn't need and it could bring my premiums down.

Made great savings - Lifetime Pet Cover
Martin Burns, 8 February 2017

Was with Sainsbury pet insurance for 10yrs, premiums was getting ridiculous. Never once claimed and was recieving less insurance, So now with lifetime pet cover , very happy with the cost of my dogs policy, just hope they appreciate my custom.

Claims - LV
Raffait, 8 February 2017

Beware Liverpool Victoria Pet Insurance. If you have ever taken your dog abroad in the EC on a Pet Passport, they will invalidate any claim you make on your policy unless you can provide evidence in the form of a report from the EC Vet you used to get your dog's Tapeworm Treatment tablet, which you have to do under DEFRA conditions before you can take your dog back home to the UK. The Vet's stamp in your Pet Passport is not sufficient evidence, so you have to get a written, stamped and certified statement from the EC Vet you used of the treatment they gave and the health assessment they made of your dog, otherwise Liverpool Victoria will reject your claim. I have used 7 French Vets over the past 7 years, and as they were unable to supply LV with such a report, my claim was rejected. This has happened to me on the only claim I have made on my policy in 7 years, and I have had to lodge an official complaint with the Financial Services Ombudsman.

Save your money..... - Animal Friends
Neil Evans, 4 February 2017

In November 2016 my Bichon got poked in the eye with something that caused a small ulcer in the centre of his LEFT eye. He had some treatment. A week later he was taken back to the Vet who said it was well on the mend with no problems and no further treatment needed. The bill came to just under 200. A 99 excess would give us back around 100. In mid January, my insurers Animal Friends , informed me that on the basis that over a year previously, he suffered mild conjunctivitis in his RIGHT eye, they did not cover pre existing conditions and would not pay out and would also now add exclusion to the policy for any subsequent eye or sight conditions. They also took the opportunity to inform me that they had noticed that in 2015 the vet had noted a very small heart murmur, ( requiring no cause for concern or treatment), and they would therefore apply an exclusion for any future heart conditions. I telephoned them and explained that the conjunctivitis in his right eye in 2015 and the ulcer in his left eye in 2016 were not connected in any way. They said that if the vet would contact them, they would review the decision. I spoke to the vet who kindly contacted them confirming the 2 conditions were not connected. In February 2017 I telephoned them to get an update and they said that the decision had been reviewed and overturned and they would be paying out, but only around 23 as during this time, the policy had automatically renewed and a further 99 excess would be applied. My advice to anybody considering pet insurance....dont bother, you would be far better off getting an interest free period credit card kept solely for the dogs possible medical needs. Insurance companies will only increase premiums every year, gradually exclude conditions as it gets older and continue to word their policies so tightly with conditions, that you have more chance of being made the next Pope than being paid out fully on a claim. Save your money.

French bulldog - Marks & Spencer
Aisling Bryan, 4 February 2017

My query with you has been going on since 11/10/2016, my dog was castrated, the vet did an x Ray of his mouth we didn't know about, when we collected him, the receptionist explained how we could claim on our insurance and their wouldn't be a problem their end at the vets, sent claim in M&S said they didn't receive it back to the vets another claim sent in, letter received today saying he has an oral condition, no he has not and the vet will tell you so, if you bothered to listen To what I am saying which you don't, worse customer service ever will I insure again.... NO chance......don't ever insure with them folks quick to take your money, but absolutely don't listen


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