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Shocking - Legal & General
Emma, 26 February 2015

Called to ask why the direct debit had gone up, been automatically renewed. Claim to have emailed me which I did not receive, they claim I did and they would know if I didn't. Rubbish I run two business's and read my emails. To cancel now a 30 fee. So I asked to have written notification before the next renewal, well of course but any letters will cost me 10. 10 for a letter I ask you. Shocking company that I will never use again. I dread to think how unhelpful they would be if I actually needed to claim.

avoid avoid avoid - Sainsburys
Rebecca home , 25 February 2015

Phoned to say received my claim form, then denied all knowledge. Have phoned every day for two weeks and they never call back and I'm still waiting, despite them saying most claims settled within 5 days. Very very rude staff

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No quibble but not lifetime! - ASDA
Pat, 25 February 2015

I thought that I had bought lifetime cover and it ran out once we reached the maximum per condition.

Very Disappointed - Animal Friends
Victoria, 25 February 2015

I changed all my pet's insurance over to animal friends as I thought there was good ethics behind the company. I was wrong. I have had my 9 year old bitch insured all her life and never claimed a thing. She recently had mastitus and it cost me 500 in antibiotics so I contacted Animal Friends to claim against policy. Had a long letter back saying she is not covered as it's a pre existing condition??!! She has never had anything before! It works out that because I mentioned to the vets a couple of times in the past when she has been in for her annual booster, how funny my dog is when she has had a false pregnancy they wont cover her! Ridiculus. I called them and after talking to them I dont actually think they would cover her for anything - ever.

What we needed - Vets Medi Cover
Hugh Farley, 24 February 2015

I had previously taken cover with other insurance providers, and although we had never claimed the premiums rose year on year. We changed to Vetsmedicover last year after a friend mentioned that she had taken out cover with them. Last month our dog underwent surgery for a cruciate ligament injury, without the high level of cover we would never have been able to pay for the treatment ourselves, which is actually quite worrying. Vetsmedicover paid our vets directly, and we covered the excess... such a relief! Our renewal has just arrived, and although the premium has risen, which I would have expected due to the claim, it is still cheaper than a new policy with some other companies. As our policy will continue to cover for any other treatment with regards to this injury, we are very happy to stay with Vetsmedicover.

tescos ripoff insurance customers - Tesco
jon harry, 23 February 2015

I have a 12 year old dog and been with this company for the same time he was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago and needs on going treatment my insurance has gone up from 55 per month to 95 per month almost the same amount that we claimed we have no chance of taking out an alternative cover and feel completely ripped off and exploited is this legal seems like fraud to me AVOID TESCOS AT ALL COSTS IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR PET

Really helpful company - Petplan
Sarah Keeley, 23 February 2015

I have 3 horses and 1 dog insured with petplan. As long as vets record injuries in detail I have had no problem whatsoever in making 4 big claims over the past 8 years. Two claims were even on the same leg of the same horse, but different problems. I would definitely recommend this company.

Awful service - Tesco
Glenn Jones, 23 February 2015

Useless. Dog has been diagnosed with Epilepsy so thats him going to be on medication for life, wont be able to change insurers as it will be an ongoing condition they wont cover. They are very very slow in any contact e mails we send normally getting on for 3 weeks for crying out loud just phoned again and they claim they cant read invoices do you think it might be an idea to contact us to resubmit the scanned images. This is our 2nd year on policy and would expect it to rise with a claim but its probably gonna go through the roof now 6 horses 3 cats 2 dogs nothing will be insured with Tesco again. Useless

Want to make profit on everyone - Petplan
Nathan, 20 February 2015

My dog has a skin condition and in the fist year the amount I was claiming each month was more than my premium, so I was chuffed. Next year my premiums have double and I might as well be paying for the treatment myself. Will be cancelling at the end of my policy year!!

Claim and your premiums can increase hugely - Animal Friends
June D., 20 February 2015

After 6 years my renewal is up to 172.79 per month from 44.88 a huge hike in one go. Reason I had too many claims apparently last year and they draw my attention to Section 12 General conditions and claims. 12.1.13 When inviting renewal of this policy we may, at our sole discretion, and for any reason we deem appropriate, taking into consideration, (but not limited too) your pets age, medical and/or claims history, change cover, benefits, premium, terms and/or conditions. At age 8 I will have to pay as well as excess 35% of total too, reason for this allows them to provide cover for the older pet whilst maintaining a cost effective policy as they enter old age. Yes you do expect increases but not so you are priced out and will go away when you cost too much, or if you stay have such high premiums you will paying for your pets vet bills yourself. Don't worry though, you will be fine as long as your pet isn't ill, has an accident or anything else that will need a claim. I took out their best policy with the highest rate of cover believing I had peace of mind.

Impressive - Vets Medi Cover
Andrew Hill, 19 February 2015

I am most impressed with VetsMediCover - recently my Scottish Terrier was extremely poorly and we went through weeks of worry about her - fortunately thanks to VetsMediCover - relevent tests and operations were able to be carried out to get her on the road to recovery. VetsMediCover have been fantastic all through the process from my initial phone call to an extremely helpful claims department to all the claims paid promptly and direct to vet (who has also been very impressed) I would not hesitate recommend to anyone wanting pet cover. Big big thank you and well done VetsMediCover.

Not fit for purpose - Sainsburys
Elisabeth kennedy, 19 February 2015

At present I'm 'dealing ' with claims for my dog Blue who was sadly put to sleep at the end of November. Four claims were submitted, the first in September, the last in December. I feel as if I am fighting a losing battle, with every excuse being fired at me with each phone call I make. Since early November it's been me contacting 'them', hardly ever a promised return call! The middle two claims have been settled, so why the very prolonged delay over the other two? As a pensioner and with the stress over losing my dog I think they expect me to give up! Unbelievable!!


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