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Any excuse not to pay out - Animal Friends
M. Oubhie, 23 July 2014

Cancelled with a reputable company for these people, worst idea I had. They have taken my first direct debit payment and when I tried to claim, they declined saying I was hours short of the 14 day waiting period. They had taken my money though so if I wasnt covered on that date, they should have taken it after the waiting period was over. Then slapped an exclusion on any digestive illness in the future although this was a gastro bug and they DIDNT pay out anyway. Ive now cancelled my policy and will set up my own savings account as you are sure of your OWN money if needed. These are not ANIMAL FRIENDS quite the opposite. They also refuse to give their surname saying that "is their own personal information" which we the customer are not entitled too. Why do they need our full names then?

Defo a Rip Off!!! - John Lewis
Boo, 23 July 2014

As per the posters above: How can one start out with John Lewis at £11 per month with a fit and healthy puppy and then have the premiums doubled within a year? I asked them and was told that the Vet fee's in my area were increasing and taking into account the health problems encountered in my breed, therefore the premiums had to go up. My breed of dog is one of the healthiest breeds around. If one looks on the KC website it is clear. There are no known health issues and after pointing this out to them, they don't want to know. ~SHAME ON YOU JOHN LEWIS!!!!!!!!!

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Fan Bloody Tastic! - Vets Medi Cover
George Ford, 23 July 2014

All was well until last week.... Molly was, well, being a puppy and was jumping around on the sofa when she stepped back, missed her footing and fell of the sofa - something she'd done loads of times before.... only this time, she must have fell awkwardly, she got up and was holding up her hind leg. Long story short, I rushed her to the emergency vet where they said they thought she'd probably just twisted her knee and that hopefully with rest it would ease up, on Monday we took her back to the vet and they carried out X-rays under G/A. I rang VetsMedicover to give them a heads up, within minutes they had contacted my vets, and within 3 days they had rang me and asked for my bank details!!!!!! Impressive huh! The lady I dealt with was amazing, very polite & helpful, I was quite upset when I first rang them as had been told that my pup may have to have a op, but Ann (I think thats her name!) was brilliant. She put me at ease, was very reassuring and comforting and even had me laughing by the end of it!!! I can't recommend this company enough!!!!!!!! Thank you to Vets MediCover!

excessive price increases - Marks & Spencer
oopy noop, 23 July 2014

I have my pet insured with Marks & Spencers, we have made a claim for an ongoing illness, which they have paid up for with no quibble, but because of this the insurance goes up a full 50% each year, it is currently just under £400.00, next year it will be £600.00 + £90.00 excess for each illness, it only covers up to £1000.00 each illness. I cannot take my dog elsewhere as he has an existing condition, they have me over a barrel and they know it, they are a disgrace, keep clear

Avoid - Animal Friends
Mr carter, 22 July 2014

Happy taking money, do not pay out. Read terms & conditions carefully they will try worm out of every claim.

Never Use This company - Petpals Direct
michael galloway, 21 July 2014

My dog had something in her eye in cost me £450.00 l have been told not covered for eyes. do not use this company

Cowboys - Sainsburys
Linda, 19 July 2014

I took out crème de la crème cat insurance (x 5) as I thought,"you get what you pay for". In case of Sainsburys - you get a glorified pile of turd. That's their customer service, with cherry of arrogance on top. Straight forward claim rejected even though they were supplied with cat's "clinical history" at the time of claim, as requested. You see, it wasn't written in a way they want it to be. "Boosters? That's all she's had?" - erm, yes! I can't make up mysterious trips to vets in-between if there weren't any. Appalling attitude, and mindboggling demands all to avoid settlement. I'd hasten to add that in a year I've been with them the amount being claimed has already been paid to them in our combined premiums, money that I now feel has been stolen from me. It's not like I had £5.99 per month payment plan, and two months in made a claim worth a couple of thousand. Oh no! I've 2 x cats at £27+something per month, 2 at £14+something per month, 1 at £16+something (that's without looking at policies for the exact cost, let's say total "pence" add up to another £1 per month). That's roughtly £1,188 they've had in a year I've been with them. In fact, their renewal quotes have just come through (which I've promptly rejected; would like to add that at the time of taking out policies they were supposed to be at a fixed price for 2 years, but - surprise, surprise - premiums have crept up). Their petty behaviour and pathetic attitude is below poor. As someone said here- this is the first time I've been reduced to tears by an insurance company. Shockingly, it's one that I thought had middle class mentality and treated their customers with diligence and respect, not avoid FAIR and HONEST request for vet bill settlement (directly to the vet). I sense that Sainsburys insurance are people with scammer's mentality, therefore conduct themselves worthy of BBC's "Watchdog" villan. Frankly, I expected something like this from someone who deals out of the back of a cab office somewhere in the most obscure corner of East London. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID. Go with Tesco- I've had to deal with them in the past and with a very complex and expensive case there was no hassle. I treated them fairly and got the same in return. Sainsburys got at least five times the amount in premiums but in return treated me like something you'd scrape off the bottom of your shoe. Disgusting creatures.

N.C.L., 18 July 2014

Please DO NOT use this company if you want prompt and efficient service. They only want to insure young and healthy dogs and when your dog becomes ill they move the goalposts, you get a fraction of what you expect to receive and you will wait months to receive any settlement. My vets just couldn't believe how bad they are compared to others.

Prices hikes that mean you cant afford to stay! - Marks & Spencer
Nina, 16 July 2014

By 6yrs old my healthy dogs premiums hit over £100 per month. I moved insurers after that but most wouldnt be so lucky due to existing conditions etc. Steer clear because once they have you the price hikes are just crazy! If I could give them 0 I would!

Good if pets have differing ailments - Tesco
Tracy, 15 July 2014

Be careful as my dog had mast cell tumours which were not covered after one year of treatment. They don't cover you for more than one year of treatment of the same condition. Very good otherwise and i will always recommend Tesco Pet Insurance.

No problems with claim - Animal Friends
Simon Harrison, 12 July 2014

Had no problems with claim and payment received within 2 days. Claims staff were incredibly helpful and understanding. Can't recommend them enough.

Excellent Service - Animal Friends
Dr. Davies, 8 July 2014

Fast and efficient. Made a claim for over £3,000 which was paid almost instantly and without quibble, even inquired about how my pet was doing which was a nice touch. Can't recommend them enough.


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