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excellent service , advice, and rates - Lifetime Pet Cover
Michael McCarthy, 1 July 2015

I have had my dog insured all its life,but as he approaches the 10 year old mark, the insurance is becoming more and more expensive,although I hasten to add I have no complaints, regarding the company. I CAME ACROSS LIFETIME PET COVER, which when I spoke to them Robert and Louise were very friendly and reassuring about what was on offer, at a very good price, although I was insistant that I don't wish to put my dog in any sort of jeopardy by worse cover I would rather pay more if this was to be the case. Robert reassured me this was something I needent worry over any pre existing conditions were cleared after 2 years his lifetime cover gaurenteed, year on year. I felt very trusting toward them, which led me to believe in theyre sincerity. IT was on this I decided to go ahead with them. I HOPE I HAVE DONE THE CORRECT THING. Only time will tell.i hope I never have to make a claim. I just hope that in the future should I have to, I get no problems.

Excellent efficient quick payout but expensive - John Lewis
John Hampson, 1 July 2015

Ihave a black Labrador who has required x rays ct scan and one hour consutation with a specialist over 2000, the vet sorted payment with John Lewis no problems.This is the way pet insurance should work.

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utterly disgusting - Petplan
polly, 30 June 2015

I had a policy for our jack Russell - TOTO since 2009 - 2014, I have just received a letter from the FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN to say they cannot uphold my complaint, which I find utterly disgusting. I took out this policy when Toto was a puppy, he had been seen at the vet for a cut paw and shaking head, he is and has been continued to be healthy in 2010 he developed an ear infection - OTITIS - Petplan paid for his treatment then again and again, in Feb 2014 he was referred to a specialist in St Helens, Petplan refused authorised treatment even though they had paid for treatment previously, they claimed I had not "disclosed" his ear condition when I took the insurance out, - I cannot remember when taking out the policy what I said, neither can they! after this our pet which needed the treatment has not had a recurrence, but I continued to pay the premium (6 months) - the very best policy money could buy. when i complained to the FO Petplan then continued to barricade me with "new agreed policies with "exclusions" for ear infections, and even sent me a copy of an invoice for some 2000 for what? My vet wrote to the FO to say the ear infection he had in 2008 could not be related to the one in 2010, I submitted this to the FO - an "adjudicator" then informed me she could not uphold my complaint even though my evidence was stronger than Petplans, I did not accept her decision which was then referred to the ombudsman, and '18 months' later have just received a letter to inform me they will not uphold my complaint what is the point of the FO? I have read other similar stories on your website - who works for who? this company are stealing money from people, animals are precious, we care they cannot speak and put their trust in us, this company (PETPLAN) is utterly disgusting and need to be taken to task!!!! - something needs to be done they have got away with not paying out time and time again! and I do agree this company PETPLAN is recommended by some vets - I wonder why!!! - and does the FO really care about the consumer?

no complaints - Sainsburys
bixie, 30 June 2015

i must say that we have insured all four of the animals we have owned with sainsburys and i havent had a problem with payouts, one of our cats, tinkerbell passed away from a splenic tumour three weeks ago yesterday and we received the cheque today. i was a little disappointed not to receive the death from illness and cremation fees, but they said because she had passed her eight birthday she wasnt covered for this, just for vets fees. im sure this term has been added recently, and also they charge 10% of the bill plus 75 excess due to her age and yes, the policies do increase hugely year on year, she had never had a claim in her life our dog who has gme now pays 38 pm, and again no claim in three years, obviously stuck as cant change companies as its a pre existing condition the idea of putting the premium away each month is a good idea

Easy to use - Lifetime Pet Cover
Rachel Griffin, 29 June 2015

Easy to install cover.Much cheaper than last insurance company and better cover.Hopefully I won't need to claim anytime soon but hopefully this will be as simple.

Very Good...with important proviso - Animal Friends
STEVE (London), 27 June 2015

Kali. Pedigree Tonkinese Cat. AF have been excellent to me. Policy with them all her life and my premium input over 10 years has been TOTAL 494. Yes, that's cheap. They have paid out 1,709 in that period. Quids in...absolutely! However..and this is important, approaching 9 years old ( I think it was 9 at the time) I was going to move to avoid the ridiculously painful 35% additional excess..but sods law, she got ill and needed immediate treatment. This added yet another condition to her list of about 4 other illnesses...which of course all go down as 'pre-existing' with other insurers.From 2012 the premiums have gone from 8.58, to 11.24, 11.68 and now new renewal due in Aug of 15.09. I consider these increases reasonable taking into account the claims paid for. Also, and I asked them to consider this 2 years ago, they now offer the option to lower the 35% to 20% by paying a small premium..3.50 a month to me...and the 35% has now been increased to over 10 years old..both good moves. I would consider moving as the renewal is 15.09 for LIFETIME 2k per condition per year with 35% contribution(on top of my 99 excess)..or 18.57 for 20% contribution...Purely Pets offer this for 14.38 a month with only 15% contribution..but for my circumstance with Kali, this is a gamble. She has 5 different previous, including one for a sore throat, which was innocent and lasted 2 days...but my vet informs me this is enough to rule out all sorts of things under 'pre-exisiting'. So looks like I'm stuck with AF. I have to say, even at 18.57, 2k per condition/per year/with 20% can be beaten but it's not extortionate. My best advice to you...make this decision as early as you can in your pets life, with LIFE COVER policies...and stick with it. All in all tho, I've never had a claim queried and all have been paid, direct to my vet no problem. They always answer the phone, even offering free call back when busy and always been well informed and friendly on the phone. I would ignore their charitable awards myself, it's just marketing...they're a business, just like the rest. For what it's worth, speaking to PetPlan and VetsMedicover both say they will consider ignoring SOME pre-existing conditions if no re-occurence in last 2 you could speak to them also. VetsMedicover openly advertise this fact, but only takes cats younger than 8...I think. Hope this helps some of you. : )

Excellent customer service - LV
JBF, 24 June 2015

We had many questions after buying our new puppy and Ann from customer service answered all of our questions and helped us greatly. No claims filed yet, will update at that time.

4/5 Helpful and happy to take older dogs. - Lifetime Pet Cover
Kathy H, 24 June 2015

My previous insurer's pulled out of pet market and handed over to a new provider who's almost doubled the premiums for my 2 dogs. Lifetime is only company out of 11 I tried willing to provide lifetime cover not just for the 7 year old but also for my 11 year old Jack Russell who had a mast cell tumour removed 18 months ago. Once he gets to 24 months clear under their policy it will not count as a pre condition and it will be covered- no-one else would do that. Quotes for both dogs very reasonable indeed. Very helpful on phone. Hoping will be OK if need to claim in future but happy to give a go.

Still waiting for payment - Tesco
M Barber , 24 June 2015

My cat was diagnosed with lymphoma 6 weeks ago a claim form was sent immediately, he passed about 2 weeks ago and stil they have not settled. I have rung and been told it's waiting to be looked at, one lady denied ever receiving my forms only 5 mins later saying oh yes actually we do have them. She said they will text you later this week to confirm settlement. I retrieved a text got excited but no it wasn't to confirm settling it simply says "we have received your form and will assess you claim in 5-10 days. Brilliant that's what I thought you were doing 6 week ago. Brilliant.

Avoid Them - Animal Friends
A Number, 21 June 2015

I have just had to have my little Pug put to sleep after a short illness, she was insured with them for 10 years. I have a vet bill for 2000 ANIMAL FRIENDS will not pay out, they dont care, they dont listen, they should not be trading. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM

Mark, 20 June 2015

This company are awful. Huge delays on claims and fail to acknowledge correspondence. Their staff are far from helpful and I was left waiting almost 2 months for the vet to be paid due to sheer incompetence. I have now had to make further claims and despite complaining last time, they haven't learned a thing and back to square 1!. All sounds good with them on the surface, but when you need them, you certainly do not mean more! All I can say is that I will never be insuring anything with MoreThan or any other RSA company if I can avoid them.

AMY JONES, 17 June 2015



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