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excellent - Tesco
diane, 1 October 2014

i had my cat insured with tesco for five years, when my cat became ill, tesco paid the 1500 vets bill, very quickly. They were helpful and understanding. I would recommend tesco as one of the best pet insurers. I would not hesitate to insure any other pet with them.

Any excuse not to pay out - Animal Friends
Janet Whitfield, 1 October 2014

Having claimed for over 300 of vets bills in August for my dog, for 2 different conditions, I have received a pay out of 36.76. 2 lots of excess have been charged for one of the conditions because the two treatments ran over the yearly renewal date, 35% deduction for the age of the dog and I have had to pay the vet for the forms signing- this cannot be reclaimed. I'm quite shocked as I have had life cover for my dog for 11 years and expected better. I'm particularly shocked by 2 lots of excess being charged for one illness. Avoid.

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Appalling Insurer - Petpals Direct
Lawyer, 30 September 2014

They exclude everything, take forever to pay the pittance they agree and are almost uncontactable.

Sneaky - Petplan
Dogs , 30 September 2014

Took out highest insurance policy with pet plan for my 3 month german shepherd. They asked me what her skin was like. I told them fine just pink in colour. They immediately put an exclusion on all skin conditions unless I can provide a copy of pets health history. Provided pets health history with no mention of pre existing skin conditions. They decided to continue the exclusion and add an extra exclusion of any gastro related conditions as on the notes the vet said dog had one episode of loose stool as result of change in diet! So I would be paying over 100 a month for insurance that excludes 2 common conditions which effect all dogs ! I cancelled my policy immediately and raised an official complaint . The customer service team were indifferent to my concerns . Terrible customer service. Furthermore my sister moved to Southern Ireland after contacting pet plan to make sure they covered that area . They confirmed they did. When she moved and sought assistance for her cat they refused her claim despite them acknowledging the recorded phone conversation which wrongly said they would cover that area ! Be careful as they are very sneaky with their approach of getting out of paying out.

Check small print - Paws & Claws
J range, 24 September 2014

Find Any loop hole possible not to pay out, then charge a years worth off cover for administration fees, document changes, pro rata cover so far if you want to cancel to go to a more reputable company! Leaving me with two options, both suiting them ! Stay and pay more, but worry in case anything happens Or keep paying and then have to get insured with a more reputable company who might pay out if you tried to claim.

Worst Ever - avoid at all costs - Animal Friends
Alex in Berkshire, 23 September 2014

Not good at all and not helped by appalling vets (local branch of vets4Pets)Had my irish wolfhound covered with them - the first time we ever had to make a claim (at 3 years old) for a hip problem - arthritis - they wormed out of paying by dragging up an incident she had as a 6 month old puppy - she ran through house and slipped on hard floor into door frame and had to go on Metacam for bruising - 5 days later she was fine and running about again ........but they decided that if we'd had her xrayed then they might have found the problem with her hip earlier??????? Needless to say an irish wolfhound doesn't finish growing in terms of height till age 1.5 years and then spends another 6 months 'filling out' and are finally fully grown at 2years old ..... I fail to see how at 6 months old we could have discovered arthritis ???? Anything excuse not to pay out!!!!!!

Easy claim process - Aviva
Maxine Smith, 20 September 2014

We have had our 4 year old miniature schnauzer insured with Aviva since September 2012. In March this year he became seriously ill with multiple problems. Aviva Pet Insurance have been outstanding - they have paid claims totaling around 5000 quickly and without question. You can choose how you have your claims paid - either to yourself or directly to your vet and during the claim process they keep in touch by text and email - they notify you when they receive the claim form, when it has been passed for assessment and again when your claim has been approved. We have just received our renewal and we were anticipating a whopping rise in premiums, however, this was not the case the premium had only increased by 3 a month. Would definitely recommend Aviva - they have been faultless with our insurance.

really nice company to deal with - MORE TH>N
Kathryn perry, 16 September 2014

My Flatcoated retriever had a wart removed from her elbow by our vet - 10 days later while travelling to Wales for a holiday the wound opened up and needed restitching. This meant a claim involving the Welsh vet as well as my own. Payment took a couple of weeks and I did phone to check what was happening. Customer service was excellent and a few days later I was paid in full - only 1 excess payment was taken! Well done More than!

The worst insurance experience ever! - Animal Friends
Littlewolf75, 15 September 2014

Hi, we are with Animal Friends (or were until today when we cancelled all of our policies) for our 5 pets. Recently our beautiful Persian girl got ill and subsequently died. The vets bill was for over 630. After 2 months of toing and froing with Animal Friends we were given a final settlement of less than 25. They have managed this by breaking the illness down and settling each "problem" separately, with a 99 excess for each problem. Horrified by how appalling the insurance cover has proved to be I asked to cancel all of our policies, so that we can insure our precious pets with a "proper" insurance company. It then became clear that the cat who had died was still insured with "animal Friends" who were also still collecting money, by Direct Debit from our bank, for a cat that has been dead for 2 months! Is there any point of insuring a pet when this is the level of cover that will be provided? If their prices look too good to be true there is a good reason for that.

Fantastic company! Excellent value, kind &helpful! - Vets Medi Cover
Tanya Sanders, 15 September 2014

I am really pleased with the service that VetsMediCover provide for my dog. I have got my Labrador Mia insured with them and I first took her policy out when she was a puppy. I chose the higher level of cover (vet's fees for up to 10,000) because I know how expensive vet bills can be due to my old dog having hip dysplasia. It is always best to plan for unexpected illness and so I would recommend that people take out the higher cover. Anyway when she was about 11 months old she became poorly and my vet decided that we needed to test her for allergies. The costs for these tests are very expensive but VetsMediCover covered all of the costs (minus the excess) without any hassle at all. I was so pleased and it was so reassuring to know that I have got my dog insured with such a good company. It has turned out that she has indeed got allergies and without VetsMediCover we wouldn't have known this because I would have struggled financially to pay for the tests myself. Also the customer service team are always friendly and helpful and there were no questions asked when I rang up for a claim form. All in all I rate this company 10/10 and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for pet insurance.

Buy the lifetime cover - E & L
WaterLover, 14 September 2014

We had previous cover with another insurance provider and had terrible experiences with them. Since switching to E&L everything is much better. Our Collie had cruciate surgery and the lifetime cover saved us. I don't know how we would have paid for the treatment without this policy.

CAT, 14 September 2014

Absolutely appalling company. Wriggled out of paying out on my claim as treated each problem separately and applied excess to each problem when my poor dog had a major op for several conditions. Exactly the sort of company that give insurance companies such a bad reputation. They even had the gall to charge me a cancellation fee when I left them - unbelievable!! DO NOT even contemplate using them; save your premiums each month instead towards any future vet bills.


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