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Do not insurance with them! - Marks & Spencer
Mandy, 20 December 2014

I have thought long and hard about writing a review as it isn't my style, but I don't want the same thing to happen to anyone else. My premium for first two years was fine with small increases and then I made a claim for an injury to my dog's tail. This year my premium soared by an EXTRA 160. Taking into account the two excesses I was told I had to pay due to the date of my renewal, it would have been cheaper to pay the bill myself and not claim. I went with the name I knew and trusted and the middle road in terms of cost when I first took out insurance and so wish I hadn't as now cannot move insurance as my dog now won't be covered for the one ear infection he had which I didn't even claim for as the cost was less than excess on policy. I am shocked that such a well known company should put their name to such a product and questions my faith in marks and Spencer's as a company as well. Please avoid at all costs, unless you've won the lottery.

Prompt service - Petplan
Yassies Mum, 19 December 2014

Two days after our cat needed emergency care the vet filed application for cover. Claim was processed and paid within days. We were very happy with the service and liked how we were kept updated by email.

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company is full of sharks avoid avoid avoid - Purely Pets
john, 19 December 2014

Avoid like the plague. This company are sharks. From 45 a month to 160 a month for renewal cause my dog is 6 disgusting

Rip off - Paws & Claws
M. D., 18 December 2014

After being insured with them for a year and not making a single claim, they increased our premium by 74% - yes, you read it correctly 74%. Having noticed the increased direct debit after they renewed our policy I cancelled it straight away just after the payment went in. I was very surprised to see a bill from them for admin charges for cancellation of the policy.

Renewal rip-off but do pay out - Direct Line
Jess and Tilly, 17 December 2014

Our renewal was over 12 a month more than a new policy, we like that they have paid out for a recent thorn in the eye claim but think customers should be offered a fair renewal

My claim - Aviva
SPeter, 15 December 2014

Claim was settled promptly. Only quibble was that the forms had to be sent twice. Not sure if I messed up or the company did. Otherwise, I can recommend this company to others with pets.

Pretend to not have information, Very poor payers - Sainsburys
Mrs J Wilmott, 15 December 2014

Claim submitted 26/8/14 recorded delivery.28/8/14 form signed for. 15/9/14 added to their system, closure estimated 29/9/14. 25/9/14 this is a split claim because we have changed our insurers.7/10/14 Email sent requesting progress.10/10/10 telephoned claims team who say they are awaiting Axa.10/10/14 Axa say they have not received claim, Sainsbury's say they will send today, allow 10 days. 27/10/14 rang claims, what progress? 28/10/14 THEY RANG ME! Paperwork will be sent to Axa today. 10/11/14 Email sent "what's happening" 19/11/14 claim agreed. On the 17th of November our pet had to be put to sleep. I wrote to the CEO of Sainsbury's but no answer (too busy losing things?). on the 27th of November we submitted our final claim. We rang on the 13th of December for a progress report. They cannot find the claim! Deal with this company at your peril.

peace of mind - Petplan
happyJill, 12 December 2014

Claims are handled quickly by a helpful staff. We even used hydro therapy for our pup and that was paid for. We recommend petplan to everyone.

Combined policy - Tesco
AN, 12 December 2014

I have two dogs that have been constantly insured by tesco on separate policy numbers. When my oldest dogs renewal came around i decided to combine the two policies and was issued a different policy number. There has been no break in insurance cover just a change in policy numbers to bring the two dogs under one number. i had to make a claim for my oldest dog and tesco will not pay out stating this was a pre existing condition before the policy started. She had no pre existing condition and has not had one day where she has not been insured. currently taking this up with the finanacial ombudsman as if i has left stella on her old policy number there would not have been a problem.

Excellent - Tesco
Anne Lovelock, 9 December 2014

Tesco paid out promptly without quibble for my 7 yr old dog's torn cruciate knee ligament surgery which cost 2000, unfortunately I don't have continuing cover - which was more expensive so fingers crossed the operation has been successful. Very impressed with Tesco's customer service and concern for my precious pet

recent claims - Tesco
Vanessa Thorne, 7 December 2014

I have had to make 4 claims on my insurance this year, but they have always paid out promptly, one of the conditions is on-going whereby I have to buy medication every so often, they sent me a continuous claim which I do not the vet to sign. My policy is up for renewal I know it will go up but am expecting this due to the claims I have made.

Make sure you read the exclusions - LV
Meg, 7 December 2014

Very sadly my dog had to be put to sleep following a haemorrhage - sudden and not expected. LV dont cover the cost of euthanasia or cremation amongst many other exclusions. I do not rate this company at all. I have had much better and more compehensive pet insurance from other companies. They also try to wriggle out of making any payment, citing fictitious pre existing conditions.


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