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Never claimed. 100% renewal increase! - helpucover
Louise Winchester, 26 July 2016

I insured my French Bulldog puppy with Help U Cover for 22.56 per month. He has been fit and well and absolutely no claims to speak of. My renewal quote is 50.68. What will it be in year 3? Year 4?? I asked to get a quote for a lower level of cover and they quoted me 31.90, so almost a third more for a fraction of the cover. They wouldn't budge. I can understand premiums jumping if a large claim has been made and I fully expect premiums to increase a little bit year on year but that is completely unacceptable. I will be going elsewhere.

Do this - Petplan
Jason, 25 July 2016

I seriously cannot fault Pet plan at all. The Key thing with this pet insurance is that, at the very beginning you pay the premium and get the 'FIT FOR LIFE' cover. This will cover your pet for life long treatment of the same illness/es.

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Made up quotes - PDSA
Eleanor Chmielewski, 25 July 2016

I decided to check out PDSA as the new insurer of my 7 cats. I requested quotes individually for each cat. 3 of my cats are the same age, breed, sex, infact the only difference in the details entered for the quote was the cat's names. I expected to get 3 identical quotes as they got 3 identical sets of info. What I got was 3 different quotes for the same insurance 1. 8.40 2. 15.19 3. 12.11 I am not sure how they come up with these but something is not right.

Number two insured - Vetsure
Loki, 20 July 2016

Our Chocolate Labrador Winston has been with Vetsure for three years and has now been joined by our Pug/Border Terrier Loki. We have been delighted with the levels of customer service offered by the team at Vetsure. My call to them to add Loki was handled excellently by the Vetsure colleague with help, curiosity and efficiency. Well done Vetsure!

Dont touch with barge pole - Paws & Claws
Linda, 19 July 2016

This pet insurance is a complete scam. They take your money and then after months of waiting they turn down your claim. To add insult to injury they are now asking me for 30 admin charge for cancelling the policy. SERIOUSLY DO NOT GO THERE!!!!! I shall be taking legal advice

Slow to pay out - Direct Line
Anne Woodward, 19 July 2016

I have had my 2 cats insured with Direct Line for more than 15 years. I made no claims until last year. Premium started ar 10 per month now 90. Both cats now have renal disease and have to be reviewed every 3 months but each claim takes up to 12 weeks to process so I'm permanently out of pocket. Unfortunately I'm stuck with them due to the pre-existing conditions. Defiately wouldn't recommend.

Argos pet insurance 2016 - Argos
Ingrid Ellis, 18 July 2016

I was insured with Argos for one year only. Unfortunately I had not spotted the fact that with my particular insurance every condition is only insured for the first year, so in protest I left. The last claim I made was for some 600 and they first paid some 300. Upon querying they said they had to check with my vet. The next query was the same. In the end they said my claim extended beyond the end of the insurance. This was not true. So they paid another ca 300 and I am to this day still querying the last ca 25 outstanding. Would never reinsure with them.

Gun dog cover. - Lifetime Pet Cover
Rob, 18 July 2016

Needed cover for our dog,but also need to have him covered as a gun dog too as he accompanies me when I go shooting. Happy with the price and the service.Needed emergency out of hours vet last year and claim was dealt with quickly and easily. Excess comparative with other companies.Premium has increased this year by 5.00 per month,but I still think I'm getting a good price and cover.

Very happy with service - Petprotect
Ness , 14 July 2016

I had to make a claim within a month of taking out my policy so was very worried, especially after reading a few negative reviews. My dog was rushed into emergency surgery with a blockage in his throat, I paid for that upfront, but a couple of days later was used back in with complication and an infection. The bill for the second visit was a lot higher and I couldn't pay that upfront. i was worried this was going to complicate the claim, having to pay some to me, and some direct to the vet. I was also worries pet protect would treat it as 2 separate claims, thus taking 2 lots of excess. 5 weeks later, and they have refunded the moment owed to me for on the first vet visit, and paid the vets direct for the second. They treated it as one claim, minimising the amount i had to pay, and increasing the amount they had to pay, (not something a company would usually do!) No fuss, no need for phonecalls, just one claim form, and 5 weeks later a letter from pet protect saying all the money had been sorted, and they hope my dog has fully recovered. Obviously I expect my excess and monthly payments to increase when I renew next year, but so far I have been very impressed with pet protect.

Rip Off - Tesco
Magic, 14 July 2016

I have been with them for 7 years. No claims and Policy has doubled, When I spoke to customer services they were very keen for me to cancel It seems that they want to off load older dogs which are higher risk. 50 per month is just not acceptable Sue

QUESTION - Lifetime Pet Cover
cassie, 13 July 2016

this company looks too good to be true, is there any-one who can tell me how much the premiums have risen this year. I do think the excess is a bit high though.I can-not submit true rating but based on reviews

Wont pay first claim - Pets at Home
Suzy, 12 July 2016

Had my dogs injection Feb 2014, health check all ok. Had him since 2010 with no issues. Took insurance with Pets at Home Jan 2014 and no issues until June 2015 when my dog couldn't get out of the car. Assumed he had pulled a muscle in his leg. No limping or yelping. Took him to Pets at Home vets who diagnosed Hip Dysplasia. Still not paid the vet 13 months later. Refused to pay suggesting that he didn't have his injection 2013 (as we seem to have missed it) and he therefore has medical history missing. Wont accept his medical history of 2014 gave him a clean bill of health. Still taking my money for premium cover. Every claim from now on will result in the same issue - missing injection, missing history, non payment.


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