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Great service - LV
Sian, 23 June 2016

My dog was bitten by an adder. She ended up with severe complications, and needed a blood transfusion and 2 days in hospital. It was a hefty bill. LV have just settled it with no hassle or quibbles. Communication was great. Would definitely recommend this company.

Excellent customer relations - Vetsure
Jack, 22 June 2016

“I have been pleased with the level of customer service since Day One. The staff are friendly and very helpful. In the case of my pet, he was brought home as a puppy and unfortunately had to have a lot of treatment – quite unexpectedly. Claims were very forthcoming and I was never made to feel uneasy about making them. This was particularly helpful as life was stressful enough as it was. Thankfully, my puppy was responsive to treatment. The administration – dealing with paperwork – is better than with previous insurers for previous pets. Sometimes payment is a little slow in getting to my bank, but I can understand that some times the workload they have must be greater than at other times.” – Jack’s Owner

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Trauma injury called Pre-Existing. - Animal Friends
Neil, 22 June 2016

Here is a warning for anyone for anyone who insures their dog (or any animal) with “ANIMAL FRIENDS” insurance. Brady (our Irish Water Spaniel) recently suffered a trauma injury to the end of his tail, it became infected so we ended up with a reasonably high veterinary bill. So we claimed on our insurance. This morning we received a letter from them saying that as this was a pre-easting condition they were not going to pay the claim. I have just come off the phone with them where I asked them to explain how a trauma injury could be called as pre-exiting. Their perfectly pleasant representative told me that Brady had also injured his tail in 2014 so according to their policies this new injury is pre-existing. I asked her to tell me if “according to their policy” a dog was treated after a road traffic accident in 2014 and then had another accident with a different car in 2016 would they consider that a pre-existing condition? She refused to answer. Be aware this insurance company are more than happy to take your premiums but will then try to find any excuse, regardless of how ridiculous or tenuous to avoid paying out. The only aspect of there company that I can score them 10 out of 10 for is the sublime oxymoron of their company name!

5/5 Fantastic - MORE TH>N
A Clark, 21 June 2016

My saint bernard was unfortunetly diagnosed with severe epilespy from the age of 1. He suffered really bad seizures and was on 30+ tablets on a bad day. This was extremly stressful and upsetting for us and More Than took some of that stress away with their understanding and efficient manner. Saint only lived until he was 2 and half as his body couldnt cope with all the medication. Sadly the vet decided we had to put him down, which More than paid for and also sent us a cheque for what we paid for Saint. We did have the premium cover which was £74 per month, however the medication was way more than £74 per month along with blood test, scans etc. Couldnt recommend them enough.

Caught out by small print - Marks & Spencer
Jane, 21 June 2016

Just had an almighty shock and a salutary lesson in reading the small print. VERY expensive M & S insurance for our dog (£403 per year which is more than our house and car insurance together) will only pay out £1000 per illness up to 4 illnesses a year. Now I know I should have seen this but WHAT a poor deal!! Our dog has had a gastric problem for the last 5 weeks which has now been diagnosed as Indolent Lymphoma which has cost several thousand pounds. She won't get any more form the insurance now until septembers renewal date. READ THE SMALL PRINT but its still a VERY POOR DEAL and costs a lot. Sainsburys is so much better and thank heavens the cat is insured with them. LESSON LEARNED AVOID M & S pet insurance.

Feeling Ripped Off - John Lewis
Unhappy dog owner, 20 June 2016

Like everyone else we have had huge premium increases, I am unable to change insurers as our dog is 10 years old and has existing/ongoing health problems. However my grumble is about the length of time it takes to process my claim. I have to make a repeat claim every couple of months and this takes 3 -5 weeks to then be paid. And that is only then as a result of me phoning to chase the progress of the claim, I never phone until they have had the claim 3/4 weeks and am then usually told 'it has been processed and the payment is waiting approval' - I do wonder how long it would take if I didn't phone to chase them (but can't afford not to phone them and just leave it to find out how long it would take) We have made a couple of large claims 18 months ago for his condition when he was initially diagnosed and now have ongoing smaller claims every couple of months for maintenance treatment, medication and prescription food. Therefore i don't feel I can argue the fact that the insurance premium is now very high (£85 per month), I am roughly claiming back each month the amount equal to my premium, so at the minute I am not out of pocket but am dreading the next renewal date.

Pet Plan "RIPOFF" - Petplan
Joh-anus Horobilis, 18 June 2016

My 1st dog now 6 yrs old. When I 1st took out Petplan I was amazed how much the insurance was, as a pup i got petplan cover from the breeder, he had earmights petplan covered this treatment, then when I continued the insurance with petplan after the breeder cover they considered it a new claim & not a continuation!! 1st RIPOFF. Well 6 years on & all little illnesses never come out over my excess amount of £75 so pay out of my own pocket, into the hundreds (most cured with chicken & rice diet!! Vet RIPOFF'S). Now my renewal figure is £65!!! a month for £4,000 vet bill cover, £1 million liability cover, SO THAT'S £780 A YEAR, MY X5 CAR COVERS £50,000 & £10 MILLION LIABILITY FOR ONLY £440 PER YEAR!! PEOPLE WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF, VETS PROMOTE THEM AS THEY PAY THEM QUICKLY, WHEREAS FOR A VET TO GET THERE MONEY OUT OF THE LIKES OF TESCOS INSURANCE IS A PAIN, OH DEAR WHAT A SHAME. Well i've voted with my feet, & cancelled my insurance, i'll put the money as that's £4,680 i'm saving over the next 6 years into premium bonds or something & heck earn a bit of interest on it also. & yep when asked: well it's the breed of dog Sir, it's where you live Sir utter nonsense (his a pedigree Weimaraner) People vote with your feet!!!!

Daylight robbery - Sainsburys - Sainsburys
Rob Newman, 17 June 2016

Just want to share this with anyone thinking about taking out a pet policy with Sainsburys. I was looking for pet insurance for my dog. He had previously eaten a sock and had to be operated on. I specifically called Sainsburys to discuss this prior to taking out their insurance. I was told on the phone that there would be an exception policy. I argued that I would agree if it was restricted to just socks, as what's the point in getting insurance if the pet isn't insured for anything it may ingest? Sure enough the little rascal ate part of a towel and I called Sainsburys at the time to make them aware. They then said that this would be an issue due to an exception on the policy. I made clear to them the above. They then said they had no record of my call and to cut a long story short, rejected my claim. Company morals are minimal, the guy on the end of the phone had the compassion of a postage stamp. If you do take insurance with them get everything in writing and don't trust them as far as you can throw them. Due to my experience many friends of mine and family members will not be renewing with Sainsburys. I strongly urge you to do the same.

Renewal price against new customer - Tesco
Julie Talbot, 14 June 2016

I did not receive my renewal so went online for a quotation it was £336 per year. I called and asked for a copy of the renewal invtatation which had been renewed. When received it was £416 for the same cover, also a £30 free gift card. This is my 7th year as a customer with no claim. I was advised it was a new customer incentive. I checked apart from going through cooling off it had no affect on cover. I asked regarding FCA treating customer principals and received a hollow response. I am going to change the cover over after a month as I do not wish to have a gap in cover. Wished I had realised earlier I ahd not received the renewal. Am not impressed what happened to customer loyalty or even a no claims discount?? Service is not good but hopefully the insurance will be if needed.

Excellent .Thank You again Kennel Club - The Kennel Club
SS, 13 June 2016

Update:Just received confirmation letter Kennel Club have paid my vet direct minus £85 excess and the 10 percent I agreed to at the time of taking the policy out in return for lower premium.Excellent fast service and caring staff.Can't thank them enough I would not have been able to afford the expertise and wonderful care from the vets for my 11 month golden retriever who has Steroid Responsive Meningitis without them.He still needs on going treatment at present but is responding well.I RECOMMEND THE KENNEL CLUB LIFELONG POLICY to all pet owners.Trust me IT COULD SAVE YOUR PETS LIFE.

Woof! Thank you - Vets Medi Cover
Camilla Jackson, 10 June 2016

Thanks very much for your help, great service throughout. Would defiantly recommend VetsMedi Cover. Thanks again... woof

Sainsburys pet insurance by Allianz - Sainsburys
Adrian from Newbury, 10 June 2016

I had a premium cover paying over £40 month for 2 years. I made my first claim and it was refused. My dog is ten and what was not clear on the application form is that they expect a full medical 10 year history and expect you to do there work for them and have the knowledge of a vet. On my application form I put the major conditions I could remember. Otherwise at the point of the claim they will add 10 years worth of exclusions on the policy as they did with me, not at the point of the contract as you might expect. They only contact your vet for your pets history on application of a claim not at the time of the contract. I am not a vet and most conditions with my dog I would not recall or even understand. Only a vet can give such a detailed history. This insurance cover is not worth the paper it is written on and dull's Sainsbury's reputation with me. I cancelled my policy immediately.


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