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Very good service - Lifetime Pet Cover
Pauline, 21 April 2016

The renewal came through for my dog this year and had increase by over 30% even though I have never made a claim. Went to this website which was very easy to use and got cover for same amount and almost half the premium.

Ok insurer -
Luke , 20 April 2016

They have been good for the last 5 years that I have made claims and keep my price at a reasonable price. but when they paid out for a claim and they should bonus but when I claim for a similar instance they refuse and left me with out cover. So now moving to a new provider as this wasn't helpful at all. Customer service is good and paying out claims either directly to the vet or to my self which helps massively.

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Horrific - E & L
J Cockroft, 20 April 2016

We have a lifetime policy for our Westie, who was diagnosed with Westie Lung Disease last year. Not only do they deduct 20% off every claim - each month for tablets etc, but they also charge me 170.00 annually due to this diagnosis!. What is the point of having a lifetime policy when you are penalised for having a lifetime illness. They are shocking!. I have been waiting since the 3rd March for a payment and I'm still waiting on the 20th April Stay Away from these, they are daylight robbery

Going back to previous insurer - John Lewis
Bilbo Baggins, 19 April 2016

Have been with John Lewis for cat insurance for 3 years - have made no claims but our cats are now 7 and 9 so insurance has gone up. In three years the cost has gone up from 186 yr 1 to 444.50 in yr 3 for Plus policy. Just got quote from previous insurer (Direct Line) for increased cover up to 8k per condition no time limit at 265 for the two of them with a choice of excess (70 or 140) - I chose the lower. Previous experience with DL was a payout for an injury to a pet that happened inside start date of cover but hadn't paid anything towards cover - positive good customer service.

Fast and helpful - Tesco
Liz Clarke, 18 April 2016

I have had to make 2 claims in 6 years I'm very happy with tesco both claims were quick and easy the forms are easy to follow I have had my mind put at ease twice pets are family and tesco helped ensure the best care

Claim covered but now premium is up 55% - Paws & Claws
Shaw, 18 April 2016

I had both cat & dog insurance with Paws & Claws, recently made a claim for a bacterial skin infection that my dog had (300), they have paid up less the excess without any trouble but just received my new premium costs and they have gone up 55%, when I questioned it they told me that the government have increased the tax on pet insurance hence why my premium had gone up and that I had made a claim!! My cat insurance has also gone up 38% and I haven't even made a claim. I'll certainly be looking elsewhere but will struggle to get my dog covered for any skin problems if I move!!

Take to long to settle claims, Two excesses taken - Marks & Spencer
Mr Sainsbury, 16 April 2016

Not happy here with M&S Dog insurance took over 28 days deducted 2 excesses as the X-Rays were carried out on the renewal date, no treatment required after this date. Poor service did not follow there own letter information.

Lisa, 16 April 2016

we took out a premium dental insurance for my Maltese. They refused to pay out the claim we had for his teeth extraction claiming it was a pre existing condition. I fail to understand how it could be a pre existing condition as you can't extract the same teeth twice. I even called ahead of the treatment being performed to confirm that this was covered. Whilst they couldn't absolutely confirm, they did indicate that this should be covered. After chasing them for weeks for my claim, I received a letter in the post saying they couldn't pay it out because it was pre existing. I am done with them. I cancelled the insurance immediately after 2 years.

Excellent - UIS Pet
Janet Fisher, 15 April 2016

Alfie my dog became diabetic a year ago and being insured with UIS covered the expense of the medication and consultations. Each claim was met promptly with emails to let me know my claim had been received and then followed by the payment. I can't fault the service I received. Thank you.

Half price - Lifetime Pet Cover
Janet, 12 April 2016

Had insured Pepper with same people for 12 years and only made 2 claims for teeth removal which after excess and 20% taken off didn't cost them much! When quote for this year was nearly 1000 decided to switch and got same level of cover for less than half. Dog insurance was costing more than house and car together!!

14 day exclusion period - Animal Friends
Simon Reed, 12 April 2016

When I finally found an insurance company after a few months of searching, (didnt have the internet) I got the 2nd highest policy as it covered a good amount of money per condition. My dog showed 'no signs' of HD since the day I got her and at 53 weeks old became lame. As this happened within the 14 days exclusion period, and had been diagnosed too, they decided that (as it may cost them a lot of money) it was a pre-existing condition. I wrote them a 17 paragraph complaint and got fobbed off, took them to the ombudsman and lost. Now I have a petition to get the FCA to amend the absolutely bliddy ridiculous 14 exclusion period. How do owners know their dog is going to become ill in 14 days time, AF gladly take our money before the start, but fail to cover anything in this period. I am beyond angry at AF, after the 4 years of paying and only using them once, I feel disgusted at the way I have been treated by them regarding my dogs 2 bad hips.

Brilliant company - helpucover
S, 11 April 2016

Caring and compassionate company. Processed and paid my claim within 3 days. Great communication, very reliable. 10/10 would recommend


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