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Great Product - Vetsure
marshalsea17, 3 February 2016

This was easy to set up and recommended by my vet. It is comforting to know that they will pay the vet directly and that there will be no delay in treatment while the vet and insurance company haggle over what is needed and what they are willing to pay for.

Wow, talk about a captive audience - Tesco
Jan, 3 February 2016

Like many here, my premium has nearly doubled from 47 to 86 and from 13 in 2012 per month (the last year I have a record for). We've had a couple of claims over the past 10 yrs (which I must say, have been settled very quickly and without fuss) but having read others on this forum, it's no good complaining and you can't move easily because of all the exclusions you'd end up with so we're stuck with Tesco until, unfortunately, our dog dies (he's coming up to 11)

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Recommended - Lifetime Pet Cover
Phill Jones, 2 February 2016

Simple and quick online service.Really easy application and 10 cheaper than my previous insurance.So far so good!

Do you like to subsidise new policies? - Sainsburys
Mike Price, 29 January 2016

Yet again, Sainsburys have increased our premium in the region of 20%, no reason given. So I called them and 'suggested' that they may wish to reconsider, that I have been with them for 5 years but their prices were getting ridiculous. They pointed out that they could improve the costs but only if I was a 'new customer', not existing. Oh fine, so you want me to subsidise people who have not been paying you for years like I have! Told them to get stuffed and went to another insurer, at less than half the cost. Ludicrous.

Not great when you need to claim. - Animal Friends
Louise Ryan, 28 January 2016

Recently had a claim and was told that in the small print I had to pay 35% - hidden in absolute streams of paperwork!

Honest, Reliable and Great Customer Service - NFU Mutual
Alison, 28 January 2016

NFU Mutual is pricey but worth it. I have made several claims with them, they do not question it or hesitate, they have paid out every time. Of course my excess went up after a hefty bill one year, which i completely understand, but they are the easiest insurance company i have ever dealt with

On going battle - MORE TH>N
Ann A, 27 January 2016

I am currently having my own battle with More Than as a recent claim for my dogs treatment resulted in a less than satisfactory settlement. I expected to pay the first 70 and 10% of the remaining vet's bill but found that I had been charged 2 x 70 plus 10%. I have lifetime cover for my girl and charges are automatically deducted so there were no missed payments. Many long and tedious calls over several months to More Than resulted in apologies and confirmation that 'the matter would be resolved' hasn't. I have now spoken to over seven different operatives some of who began to say that the charges are right and I have been charged 70 twice because treatment given spanned my 1 st October policy repayment date (treatment lasted from end of Sept to early October....10 days in all) yet my policy document confirms that I have 12 months cover per illness. I have now passed my complaint onto the Ombudsman who seems to think that I am right to take it further. I will try to report back when/ if things get sorted.

I would recommend Petpals insurance - Petpals Direct
Annette Coombs, 25 January 2016

Our Dalmatian dog has cut his paw several times and we've never had any problems claiming for the vet bills this incurred. Petpals were very efficient and I would highly recommend them.

So Far So Good - Argos
Nathan, 19 January 2016

Took out pet insurance after shopping around in October last year. By the beginning of December our little puppy needed an operation to remove a histiocytoma next to his eye, we paid upfront and sent the form off Via the vets. Slowest thing about this was the receptionist losing the original claim form. A few days later I receive a text to confirm that my form had been received and that advisors were looking at this, a couple of days later the payment was in my bank which I thought was an incredibly good turn around. Alot of people will only write reviews when it's to complain and I was a little worried when i started reading reviews after purchasing the insurance however I don't really know what I was worried about. I suppose you only know just how good your insurance is when you have to claim and in this case they were very good. I did also speak to them about the whole procedure over the phone and they answered immediately to what sounded like a British call centre, who were all really helpful. I'll just keep an eye out for the renewal price as I see a lot of people have complained about that. But for now Argos have impressed.

DOG INSURANCE - Lifetime Pet Cover


complete rip off merchants - MORE TH>N
andy ross, 18 January 2016

premium nearly doubled to 975 p/yr redicclous amount and a complete rip off,all they want is ALL the money back that has been claimed for.I WILL NEVER use them again.the excuse= oh well she is a yr older now.

Thank you - Vets Medi Cover
Hilary Michael, 15 January 2016

I was so upset when we had to take Duke to the vets for his persistent vomitting. He had been really quiet for a few hours, couldn't hold any water and then kept being sick. Turns out he had eaten my son's toy and it had got lodged in his tummy. VetsMediCover were brilliant at handling the claim, they even cover silly gorgeous dogs! Great, thanks so much.


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