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Insurance cost - Sainsburys
Margaret, 21 May 2016

We have two dogs a whippet and a little mix breed ,we are pensioners and our pets are our life ,we took out pet insurance with sainsburys 3years ago ,stating at £14 pounds each we had our renewel this May it is now just under£22 a month each dog ,we are finding it hard on a pension to pay this ,I think it is disgusting they can put it up this much ,no wonder people abandon their pets

Excellent service. - Lifetime Pet Cover
Robert Lord, 21 May 2016

I purchased insurance in January. Unfortunately I have recently had a large claim on my policy. I did pay the claim fees at my vets, which meant that they would deal with all the claim forms and such. This was the first time that I have claimed on pet insurance, so was a little unsure of the process. About a week later I received a cheque for my local vets, and approximately a week after that I received a letter from a specialist vets informing me that they had been paid directly. I am extremely happy with the service, and will be using again in the future.

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Poor service, will do anything not to pay out - Petplan
Denise, 19 May 2016


Pre existing cover - Lifetime Pet Cover
Nikki, 16 May 2016

Only found two pet insurers that would cover a pre existing condition after 24 months and this one was considerably cheaper. Very helpful on phone, even called me back to confirm a query.

Equine and livestock are a disgusting company - E & L
Mike Tomlin, 13 May 2016

This is an awful company. As soon as my dog hit a certain age they put his premium up to £244!! Plus I had to pay 20% on top of that. Also you can only claim for up to a year for the ongoing Then you pay the excess again. Ask any vet about this company and they will all tell you their polices are not worth the paper they are written on. This company profits out of suffering animals knowing that there polices are shit. Never ever use this company and name and shame them at every opportunity so stop people using them.

Cant fault them - Argos
Mrs A Stewart, 12 May 2016

I have had argos pet insurance for my two dogs for over 2 years now, i have claimed mabe 5 times now( dogs run about the woods every day and one of them had skin allergy) and i have to say they have paid out every time no problem at all and my premium has stayed the same(so far). Would highly recommend them to date.


IF I COULD CHOOSE ZERO STARS I WOULD I have today received another renewal letter. I have a healthy 4 year old dog whose only claim in four years has been for an ear infection which needed treatment under anaesthetic - not a huge cost and of course I paid an excess. I complained last year when my premium went up to £68 and was told my claim had affected it - now JOHN LEWIS have pushed it up again to £79.89 in an uneventful year. Its ridiculous - JOHN LEWIS want more to insure my dog than I pay Bupa to insure my kids - and there is no comparison as to the benefits of both policies. I am outraged yet again and feel they are just putting these rates up @18% for the sake of it - how on earth can you justify that hike? I'm cross because I have had to pay £68 all last year for continued cover even after I complained and I'm even more angry that they have rewarded me now with this ridiculous price hike. I thought John Lewis could be trusted - obviously as a long term insurer they cannot be trusted. JOHN LEWIS have made my insurance contract untenable. I want JOHN LEWIS to explain to me how they justify this on my policy when I could probably start a new one for half the price? I stayed with you on a promise that this would not happen every year if I made no claims. Because of this I have paid overpaid all last year in the belief that I could continue cover for the life of my pet. JOHN LEWIS advertise 'lifetime cover' but actually they push the prices up so much you have to stop before your pet becomes old. Its a rip off! I will not be renewing as I no longer have trust in JOHN LEWIS as insurers: If they were to carry on at this rate within two years JOHN LEWIS would be requesting £1500 a year to insure a crossbreed with no heath issues - goodness knows what JL ask for owners of pedigree dogs. FINALLY - WHY, I WONDER IS IT SO HARD TO ADD A REVIEW? AND WHY IS IT YOU ONLY PUT GOOD REVIEWS ON YOUR WEB SITE? APPARENTLY EVERYONE IS OVER THE MOON WITH YOUR SERVICE WHICH IS THE OPPOSITE TO ALL THE COMMENTS BELOW.

Fantastic Pet Insurance - Tesco
Rachel B, 11 May 2016

I have had Tesco pet insurance for several years now and have always received fantastic customer service. All my claims have been paid without any hassle so I have recommended Tesco pet insurance to a number of friends and family. My annual premium doubled for my dog this year but he is almost 10 years and Tesco cannot be blamed for the extremely high cost of veterinary fees.

Dont touch - Argos
W7 Dave, 10 May 2016

Don't touch them. My dog's premium was increased from £30 per month to £53 per month. On top of this they told me they would no longer settle any claims for my dog's existing condition and then they would not settle my march claim saying it was outside the time limit although it wasn't. I wrote them a letter about a month ago but never had a reply,I have phoned them on two occasions and find them very rude and the message comes across TOUGH. Once again keep away.

Good price - Lifetime Pet Cover
Tom French , 9 May 2016

I took out the 10k lifetime cover for my GSP. it was considerably cheaper than the other companies offering around 10k of cover. Registering and taking out the insurance was very easy. Hopefully il never need to make a claim!

UNBELIEVEABLE premium hikes!! - Tesco
L T, 9 May 2016

I have just received my renewal for my 5kg crossbreed dog with Tesco. This would be my 5th year insuring my dog with them. In the first year the policy was £80ish per year. Second year it rose to £180. Third year £220ish. Fourth year £243. And this year they want £437!!!! They have almost DOUBLED it in the last year - with no claims made since the first year of the policy!! Luckily I have found an insurance company who will cover my dog - even with his pre-existing condition (in this case a back injury) for HALF of what Tesco want to charge. Not happy and would never recommend.

Avoid- premiums rocket on older pets. - Sainsburys
D Lyons., 7 May 2016

Do not get sucked in by initial low policy costs. I do unfortunately have 3 pets still insured with Sainsburys, all having pre-existing conditions so I cannot afford to switch insurers and have pre-existing conditions excluded. My almost 14yr old Greyhound's renewal has just arrived (it is his premium increases that are my issues with Sainsburys) and it has increased from £220 to £300 a month - YES a month - not a year!! Originally his premiums started at £16 a month when I got him in 2005. Sainsbury's have paid out on most claims without too much hassle although a couple of times they have tried to say that it was part of the same condition and so they had already paid the max £7,500 out. Once specialists are involved it doesn't take long to reach bills that run into thousands. In December we had a cat cost almost £4,000 in specialist and normal vets bills (the first ever claim for her) they did payout without any issues, her renewal is due in July - it will be interesting to see what that will be. Although all the cat's premiums have doubled since I first insured them in 2006. My 4 other animals are insured with PetPlan whom I haven't had much experience of claims or the subsequent premium increases, but I have friends who have and they say their premiums have never increased as dramatically as mine have with Sainsburys. I like to insure my animals to have peace of mind but it doesn't help when insurance companies take the pi$$ and increase the premiums to ridiculous amounts but until you make a few claims you never actually know how good insurance companies are and by then its too late if you've chosen a cr@p one!


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