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Buyer Beware - John Lewis
Malcolm, 21 May 2015

I have just spent an hour typing out a review outlining why you should think twice about taking out a policy with this company then lost the lot when trying to post. I am so angry with them I have typed this again. They increased my dogs insurance by 102% to over a thousand pounds. These people are despicable and will load your policy should you have the timerity to claim. I fully expected an increase as I claimed twice in one year but my dog is fit and healthy and has no lasting impact from his two episodes of I'll health. This increase was just ridiculous. I am aware that the John Lewis pet insurance scheme is underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance who have had some difficulties over the past few years however have recently returned to profitability. Wonder why!!!!!

First Year Reasonable, 2nd Year quote 58% increase - MORE TH>N
Colin, 20 May 2015

Just had the renewal through for my two dogs,both healthy, 6 & 4 respectively. What a nice surprise a 58% increase with no claims made. The whole industry with pet insurance seems to realise that most of us dont insure ourselves for healthcare, but want to do it for our dogs, which are family to us.The way it is going, to insure our pets will be beyond us all in terms of rip off prices asked for. Will also cancel my other insurance with More Than as a thankyou to them.

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Alan, 20 May 2015

We changed to E&L from Tesco Insurance and our dog became ill at 3am when the cover had come into force at 12 Midnight. She needed an operation and bill came to almost 900 and E&L refused to pay out, claiming there had been clinical symptoms 2 days before. This was based on a statement from our vet as the dog had been sick 2 days before. This was not at all related to the illness, she is sick all the time as eats vast amounts of grass and it sticks in her throat. I complained and they still refused to pay out, however I kept escalating the issue, knowing the ombudsman wouldn't touch it until I'd exhausted E&L's complaints procedure. This became the big sticking point as it got so far then an e-mail debate started with the same person who refused to escalate it further. I finally told them I wanted a final refusal so I could escalate to the ombudsman and 2 days later got a very apologetic phone call agreeing to settle in full. We kept our insurance for 2 dogs and a cat with E&L for a further 3 years but made no further claims so this was my one and only experience with them. Don't think I'd use them again - I fully expected the refusal given the timing of the illness and was prepared to fight it all the way and can only advise those in a similar position to do the same.

Cover for pre-existing! - Vets Medi Cover
Rhys Bambury, 19 May 2015

Finally a company that will cover Ruby. She had a skin condition as a puppy that has cleared up now and we haven't been able to get cover for her. Now we can!

Cat Insurance - Tesco
Mrs Edwards, 18 May 2015

I am an OAP not good with computers first ever review hope turns out ok.I feel very disappointed with Tesco Pet Insurance. I made my first claim for my cat which was less than 50 and from the time i took the form to my vet until received my money was 10 weeks although Tesco claimed they didnt get until 8 weeks ago,i have rang three times wondering why it should take so long and 5 weeks ago Tesco told me should be settled by the end of that week,then received a letter from claims director saying they need more info from my vet.I feel im being fobbed off all the time.If i hadnt of made the phone calls i wonder how long it would of taken.I wish i read the reviews first.Needless to say i have cancelled

great customer service - Lifetime Pet Cover
ken bell, 14 May 2015

Quote for my 9yr old yorkie cheaper than my last insurer and double the cover.

Great Service - Vets Medi Cover
Sarah Page, 13 May 2015

This is a very good organisation. Let's face it, pet insurance isn't cheap but when it comes to our furry friends, we willingly spend the money. That said, insirance companies are always the most positive experiences, however, I've had cause to claim a couple of times. One was when doggy ate large dose of chocolate and more recently a major operation (fully recovered). Both claims were deal with efficiently (payment does take a little while but it does come in full) and without any resistance. Staff there are really friendly and helpful. I highly recommend vetsmedicover. Fair on price. No quibbling over payments. Claimed are straight forward.

Thank you more than - MORE TH>N
Mrs Christine Relph, 12 May 2015

A massive massive Thank you to morethan dog insurer. My 8month old german shepherd needed a hip replacement. More than were fantastic. I rang and told then junior had been referred to a specialist, more than spoke to the vets directly and took all the stress and worry away regarding money side of things which left me free to worry about my poory pal, i really do recommed these people. They are so understanding and efficient. Thanks again more than from Gremlin Junior & mum

Poor Company - E & L
Adrian Williams, 12 May 2015

I have insured a Jack Russell Terrier with E & L for the last five years, paying in excess of 300 per year. I have made two claims in that time, in respect of two minor procedures. The first was part-honoured (I received less than 40% of the total claim made), the second was completely refused. I was quoted various small-print sections as to why. Following the first claim the cause of the successful part was listed as an exclusion in subsequent policies to ensure that this company didn't have to similarly pay out again! Clearly, they don't like it. Overall, my experience of E & L Insurance has been poor. It would be a darned sight more helpful if they invested time in telling a punter what actually is insured as opposed to what is not, because I'm still none the wiser. It would also save them a lot of time, effort and ink! In my experience, E & L is not a good company to insure a pet with. I will be cancelling my policy immediately and asking for a refund in respect of the seven months still to run. Why do I think it will not be as easy as that?

Less money for a better insurance cover! - Lifetime Pet Cover
D. Reynolds, 11 May 2015

I recently had the renewal for my Rottie and the monthly payments had risen by 40.00 per month to 93.64. I have to have insurance for my own peace of mind but panicked because I knew I just couldn't afford this every month. I came across Lifetime Pet Cover and got a quotation online for 70.59 for a superior cover. I rang Lifetime Pet Cover for more info and they were very very helpful and friendly and understood my worries of insuring with a new company. I feel happy and confident that choosing Lifetime Pet Cover was the right choice for me and my boy. Thank you to Louise for your help and putting my mind at rest :)

no claim but premium goes up! - Petprotect
Neil Vittles , 10 May 2015

I cannot say whether you get good service from pet protect as we have not claimed. After being tied in to one insurer for our previous Labrador because of an existing claim not being supported by a new insurer. We decided to shop around when insuring our new labrador pup. We went with Petprotect as they offered a good level of cover with no vet fee contribution. One year on, the renewal comes in and the premium as jumped from 201.49 to 234.72 but that's not all. They excess has risen from 50 per incident to 75 & they have now introduced 15% vet fee contribution. As if that's not enough they have this year introduced a 5% charge for paying in monthly instalments. So if I am lucky & don't have to claim again this year it will cost me 23% more than last year for peace of mind. If the worst happens, despite paying nearly 250 for insurance I might still find myself unable to afford treatment for my puppy!! Thank god I haven't had to claim & can shop around but I pity those that can't!

Wont use them again - helpucover
Doug Gordon, 5 May 2015

I took out a lifetime cover for both our dogs. They weren't the cheapest, but their list of items covered seemed extensive, so decided to go with them. We were asked to give permission for them to contact our vets to view the dogs medical history. We did this and soon after we received our cover note for the dogs. I became annoyed when I noticed all the exclusions listed at the bottom of the page. Including, fore leg conditions, which I found out is because I had mentioned to the vet on a visit, that I thought our 6 month old puppy had clicky joins and was sensitive around the leg area when sometimes playing. I called the insurance company and said that the vet had looked over our pup and nothing was wrong. They asked for the vet to contact them and talk to them regards this. Our vet kindly wrote a letter, stating that he had examined the pup and found all was fine. They came back to me saying they wouldn't take his word for this!!! They then wanted proof that no treatment had been given, so again our vet send in up to date med records. Their excuse this time was that they were no different to the ones received a few weeks earlier so again the foreleg conditions exclusion would remain. The other exclusion was because of tests that were carried out on the same puppy after it was thought she was drinking far to much water and as a result peeing a lot. After several tests, there was nothing found. But again Help You Cover refused to remove the exclusions, after this was pointed out to them.... It just seems to me that they will use any comment made or examination done, regardless of the fact nothing was found wrong after examination, to exclude huge parts of your cover ( and I might add, they don't reduce the premium because of it...) I certainly wouldn't recommend them to any one and we certainly won't ever use them again


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