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Policy price increases - Sainsburys
Helen Roy, 25 November 2015

Really unhappy, Sainsburys provided good cover for our labrador retriever for 3yrs. This year the policy has increased yet again!After discussing this with them they refuse to budge. We have made no claims apart from year 1 when she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. I can reduce to standard cover to 12 months which will cover her ongoing condition if needed ( she is very fit at the moment), but not the following year, not covered.This means I have 2 options, pay the increase price or go to another insurance provider but her ongoing condition will not be covered. Told them they have my back up against the wall with this policy, what to do!!!!

Raised the price a lot and took out info on cat - MORE TH>N
Teresa, 25 November 2015

We had our cat insured with them, but for only a year. We decided to change for a few reasons: - They would have renewed the insurance if we didn't notify them, which I don't like. Had I forgotten, I'd have had to stick with them. - They raised the premium a lot the second year - we didn't make a single claim. - When we got the letter saying that we needed to notify them if we didn't want to renew, we realised that they had changed a couple of details; we specified that she's been spayed and has a chip, but on their renewal letter they had her down as not chipped and not spayed. Clearly this would affect the price, so we weren't pleased. You might consider them for the first year if you're tight on money, but keep an eye on how much you're going to pay the following year. As they did with us, you might find that they'll try to barter when you call them to cancel, but I find that irritating too, so I changed to Petplan which offered us more features and for a lower price.

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Hassle Free Insurance - Vetsure
A.Lawson, 24 November 2015

My girl was rescued from a breeding farm and I wanted to ensure that from this on point she got the best possible care I could provide for her. I also wanted an insurance without lots of hassle, which is why I went to Vetsure. I like that they pay the vet directly so all I have to do is fill in the claim form and pay the excess. Vetsure and the vets take care of the rest. I have used them twice now, and both claims were settled quickly. It is quite costly but given all the stories of owners finding out during stressful times that there insurance wont pay Vetsure is reassuring

Rejected parts of claim for vets treatment - Animal Friends
Rita Turrell, 23 November 2015

My Labrabor aged 9 1/2 was taken to the vet to investigate a breathing problem, she had several scans, biopsies,an x-ray,blood test all revealing nothing wrong, the vet decided to do an outside test again on Lung worm, and in the meantime give her Lungworm medicine 66.00 the test came back clear. However a few weeks later she collapse up the garden, I called the vet who came with a nurse who carried her to my boot to take to the vets for obs. There was no way I could have carried Becky down the garden, she weighed 44 kg and I am over 70. They have rejected these off the claim.So along with the 99.excess and almost a thousand pounds I have paid already, I wonder why pet insurance is worth it.

Ok but depends on your policy - Animal Friends
Clare, 18 November 2015

Some cover is fabulous but they have a few policies that will catch out people who don't read the small print with large annual claim limits but very small i.e. 500 condition limit per year. Also You cannot email completed claim forms to them which is utterly rubbish as we have had several that have been 'lost in the post'

Great People - Vets Medi Cover
Steven Alderton, 17 November 2015

It's a shame that these days good service feels unexpected. Dealing with actual people not robots, who answer the phone and talk to you honestly is really refreshing. VetsMediCover have been friendly and supportive every step of the way. Their prices are reasonable considering all the treatment Rolo has had.

Terrible - Healthy Pets Insurance
Alice, 17 November 2015

The hoops these people expect you to jump through are ridiculous. I had pet posters made up for a missing pet. So nothing relating to a medical condition. They expected a full 12 medical history for the pet and a form stamped and signed by the vets practice. This I did. I then got a letter back saying that an actual Veternary Surgeon needed to sign the form as it had been signed by a royal veternary nurse. Bearing in mind that this was not a medical claim I called Heatlhy Pets to query this. The person I spoke to went to check with his manager and admitted that it was their error, that I did not need to get a surgeon to sign the form and he would see that the claim was processed. A month later I call them back as I still haven't received any funds. I speak to someone different who says that I do need to get the form signed by the vets surgeon after all. It has been two months since I first submitted the claim and I am still no closer to seeing my money. I will now need to go back to the vets to get the form signed for a second time. I am sure that they will go on to find another reason for not approving my claim. All this for some missing pet posters. I am furious and will be switching insurers as soon as possible.

Excellent claims service - Lifetime Pet Cover
Bev Downie, 17 November 2015

I went for Lifetime Pet Cover having had nearly a 50% jump in premiums from my previous company. I read all the good reviews about the premiums but I guess you never know how good a company really is until you come to claim. I have recently had to claim for my Labrador who has been sick and the claims procedure has been simple and fast. Thank you!

Very Satisfied - Tesco
Wioletta, 17 November 2015

I have very good experience with Tesco insurance. So far I used it twice, once when my 9 year old cat was sick and the second time when he was lost. They covered all expenses, I didn't have to worry about anything.

Older Cat Insurance Cover - Lifetime Pet Cover
John Bell, 16 November 2015

Like many, I am the owner of a healthy but older Maler Short Hair Tabby and being a Pensioner, I need to be confident that I can cover for a reasonable and affordable insurance. I recently had a notice from my current insurer advising that the premium would increase by 50% when my policy becomes due. Fortunately I was able to find "Lifetime" Pet Cover at a similar cost that I am paying at present with excellent cover in fact far more cover than I am currently getting.

67% increase for no reason whatsoever!! - Argos
Julie Moore, 15 November 2015

have had insurance with Argos Pet Insurance for the last 3 years - have not claimed once during this time - my pet is 6 years old - when the renewal came through the premium had gone up by 67%!! when I questioned them they managed to reduce it by 150 on the phone straightaway but at this point I had totally lost faith in them so have moved elsewhere - would not recommend them at all

disgraceful - Petpals Direct
laura , 14 November 2015

I have just received a letter to say they will not pay out from any of the investigation or treatment relating to my dog who has now been diagnosed with addisons disease, in the past they have always paid no problem, this is some kind of joke surely. My dog is a 4 year old weimaraner now I am left with 1000s to pay my vet policy cancellation for all my pets will be happening. Do not use this company


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