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Ring up and complain! - MORE TH>N
Angela, 26 August 2015

I have no complaints on the payout side as I have, to date, had no claims on the More Than policy for my 13 year old cat but I have just received the renewal notice. The monthly premium had increased from 22.86 to 28.81, +26%! I rang them to query this and, would you believe, they found they could drop this amount to 24.64 per month - an increase of just 7.8%. The reason was that I had had, as stated above, no claims on this policy and therefore qualified for a lower premium. So why wasn't I quoted this lower premium in the first place? The person to whom I spoke could not answer this but did have the decency to sound embarrassed. So my advice is, if you feel that a premium increase is excessive, ring up and complain! On the plus side, for my other cat, who died several years ago, More Than did pay out as I hoped they would and in a timely fashion.

Helpful - Lifetime Pet Cover
Mrs Donovan, 26 August 2015

A new dog owner and decided to take on pet insurance with Lifetime Pet Cover after reading good reviews. It seems they pay attention to my query efficiently and very helpful. I just hope that they won't become on of those horrible insurance companies you read on online reviews... I'm starting a saving pot just in case so that I don't have to rely on Pet Insurance in future.

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Dreadful Service - Tesco
Jane Yeatman, 26 August 2015

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Have always been with PetPlan. Thought I would insure my dog with Tesco as it was a lot cheaper. Have learned my lesson the hard way. I will be going back to PetPlan next year. My vet said they only accept PetPlan and now I know why. Waited a month for any contact and after phoning several times they got back to me and literally interrogated me. Made me feel like a criminal even though I paid for the year's insurance in one payment and my dog genuinely had an operation. At the end of the day, my dog is well again and enjoying life. That is all I care about. They are obviously in it for the money and not for the care of animals or the goodwill to people who genuinely love their pets and want the best for them.

Tesco pet insurance claim - Tesco
Maisey, 25 August 2015

Had to use our insurance for my little cat and must say they were very good ,helpful efficiant and all settled within 10 days brilliant service

35% for EACH claim - Animal Friends
Margaret, 24 August 2015

My 10year old cat has been ill with a form of 'Gastritis' The first bill was for over 500 as she was an emergency over last Bank Holiday. There after further amounts which totalled nearly 900 were made by myself for the on going treatment( which we thought was settling down) I claimed on 3 occasions. On each claim I have been deducted 35%- Tell me who can easily fork out on credit card(s) for months if you try to reduce the amount of claim forms?

Great for Older Dogs - Lifetime Pet Cover
Mandy Bagwell, 24 August 2015

Having been let down by AXA and priced out by the company they handed over to, I was delighted to find Lifetime pet Cover to provide insurance for my 9yr old Pointer at a very reasonable price, with the added bonus of reinstating pre existing conditions that have shown no symptoms or needed treatment in the last 24mths.

Good cover at a good price! - Lifetime Pet Cover
Liz, 21 August 2015

I have had no complaints about my old insurance policy, except for the price which has crept up over the years and now my Labrador has reached the age of 10 years, it nearly doubled from last year. I was forced to look for a cheaper quote and I found it with Lifetime Pet Cover, which seems like a good cover at a fair rate. I hope I never have to put it to the test, as my dog appears to be in good health and I trust that lasts. Louise, who I spoke to, explained anything I asked of her and true to her word, the documents arrived quickly. Thank you. Hard to rate as yet, but trust it would be 5 if put to the test!

Disgusting - Sainsburys
Laura, 20 August 2015

we joined sainsburys pet insurance at the beginning of May this year, mid way through June our golden retriever stopped eating, & was loosing so much weight. After blood tests, medication, numerous vet visits, our vet was given no option but to put her under anaesthetic for an ultrasound (he didn't want to previously cause she was so weak he didn't think she would survive it) he found she had 2 tumours so put her to sleep there and then. Nearly 2 months we have been passed from pillar to post, only to find out out claim has been rejected (over 700) as they claim her bills are to do with arthritis which she had before we went with sainsburys, her death was caused by cancer nothing to do with arthritis! It's hard enough losing your pet, & it's not nice that it comes down to money, we would have paid anything if it could save her, she was just too weak to cope with any treatment or operation that may have helped, and it wouldn't have prolonged her life for much longer. When we rang to complain the woman on the phone had the cheek to ask how my dog was!!! Disgusting company! DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

Excellet - The Kennel Club
Shelley mattocks, 18 August 2015

Been with kc nearly 6 years, our boxer had several accidents Brocken nails mainly, every allergy going, thyroid problems, 2 lumps removed, dental work on a cracked tooth, eppilus removed and died of heart failure age 5 years and 8 months. We have made over 10,000 worth of claims and never been refused any claim, they aren't quick at dealing with the claim and premiums exculated from 35 per month to 120 per month by the time he was 5 but well worth having life time cover

E and L pet insurance - E & L
Helen Dodd, 18 August 2015

Appalled by E and L, I insured both my cats with them. My cat Fox had a facial swelling for which he received treatment. I filled in the claim form and so did the vet. E and L then requested the information an extra two times. The vet finally faxed and emailed them in front of us. I had no response from E and L until I rang them and managed to convince them they had received the information they requested. The same day they refused the claim as the vet couldn't categorically state it wasn't caused by gum disease. He is now dead so can't be re examined, shame they didn't ask for this information when he was alive. Do not insure with them they take your money but won't give any back.

Bunch of con artists....avoid if you love your pet - Paws & Claws
Bess , 18 August 2015

Got a quote for my cat via compare the market,paws and claws came back reasonable not the cheapest, but middle,policy started beginning August I paid 2months upfront,set up dd for rest. 2days after taking out policy,my cat who has never had to go vets for illness shown symptoms of a uti,so I went vets who told me she had an abdominal mass. As this happened within the first 14 days I knew they wouldn't cover so requested to cancel. I heard nothing back ( thought I'd be under the cooling off period) Yesterday get an email saying despite all letters I am refusing to make payment of 10 and they will be referring me to debt collection agency. Confused I call up to have a rant I've paid 2 months and the next wasn't due til Sept. Got a smarmy guy who told me I'm being charged to cancel as im midterm,and it's administration fee,they are keeping my 2 months but there's a shortfall,hence the request for 10, i say it's been 2 days and I should have 14 days to cancel,to which he replies don't matter if you cancel after an hour you still pay 30 fee. Explained my pet was dying and I was looking at paying thousands in tests and he said so you are refusing to pay 10 today then,I will write that in the notes! What a complete and utter jerk,I've never paid anything like this on other pet policies and just checked the other company I used prior,no mention of a fee for cancellation within the 14 days,and I couldn't see it in terms and conditions until he resent it,and then it was that small and appears it's not the actual insurer who takes the fee but them as middleman! They don't care,go to reputable well known company,believe me wish I did

Disappointed andheld to ransom - Tesco
Cooper, 17 August 2015

We have had our Black lab insured with Tesco since birth he is now 8 years old. Several years ago he developed epilepsy and we had no option other than to make a claim on the insurance policy his medication is approx 100 pm and we were initially covered up to 4000 per condition which meant we would be covered for near on 4 years. Last years insurance policy was 41 per month, today the estimate for the comming year was received and we are now expected to pay 77 pm an increase of 36 pm. As cooper has a pre existing condition we are unlikley to find any other insurance company to insure Cooper through. personally i think it's a disgrace that Tesco can dictate such an increase with the knowledge we will have no option other than to pay the premium. Insurance is paid to cover such illnesses and or accidents. Tesco Insurance took 6 years of insurance payments from us with increases in premiums every year without a claim being made. be carefull when taking out insurance through Tesco and ensure you read the small print. I will be contacting Tesco for an explaination as to why there has been such an increase so BUYER BE WARNED!!!


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