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Had to make a claim - Healthy Pets Insurance
A Lloyd, 25 March 2015

Had to make a claim after, sadly, my cat was put to sleep. No complaints, no messing I got the cheque in a couple of weeks with no complications which was a bonus at that sad time.

Very Good - bestfriends4life
Ian, 25 March 2015

I have recently claimed on my policy, I have to admit that my Vet and the Animal Hospital have dealt directly with the Insurer. I have spoken to the claims department on a few occasion and they heve been more than helpful and verty polite. From looking at my account I am able to see that all claims received have been paid fairly promptly. I have no cause for complaint and will reccomend this company.

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Claim must be submitted within 90 days? - Animal Friends
Gary Morriss, 24 March 2015

Very off hand patronising woman dealt with my call. Have been with this company for many years for one of my dogs. My other two dogs are insured with another company. I have now cancelled my policy with Animal Friends. Avoid this company at all costs, they will screw you!!!

Excellent - Tesco
H Sihra, 24 March 2015

Paid out promptly, dealt with my vets direct after surgery on my shar pei! Would recommend for sure, great customer service too!!

Dont insure with E & L !! - E & L
Alison Webb, 18 March 2015

I recently claimed for treatment to my elderly (14) cat - the total of the claim was 289.13 - E & L deducted an excess if 155 plus a further 20% of the remaining fees - paying out a paltry sum of 101.54. They had increased my excess by email apparently - if my cat was younger I would transfer him to another company and I shall not use E & L for any future pets.

avoid - Purely Pets
a pollock, 17 March 2015

I took out a lifetime policy and now the dog is over 8 years old they have doubled the policy from 300 to 600 pounds despite me paying 99 pounds ecess plus 15 percent on top of any claim they know if you go elsewhere you will not be covered for pre existing conditions so they can charge any figure whish I had never heard of this company.

You get what you pay for and these guys rob you. - Animal Friends
Geri lee, 17 March 2015

Years after a soft tissue injury on left hind leg of dog ( now 8 ) is suffering from hip displacier in the right side. Refused to pay out as they said the condition is bi lateral so i have wasted Thousands of pounds for nothing. Her treatment is going to cost a fortune so i will now have to put my best friend down as its a choice of that or feed my family.

Disgraceful - Aviva
Nickaberdeen, 16 March 2015

Absolutely shocking customer service. I recently moved from a big city to the quiet countryside. I informed aviva and they said my policy was increasing by 150, which I begrudgingly accepted as it was lifetime cover I had with them. Anyway long story short after five years with them, and with two months passed on the renewal, they decided that my policy was not increasing by 150 and that it was actually increasing by 850, for no reason what's so ever, and all I was told was it was not them that set the amount. I would strongly recommend people avoid them at all costs as I believe it is just a way for them to avoid covering my dog in the years that he is more likely to need cover. So after paying 50 a month for the last five years for lifetime cover I have had to change to a better company.

Very good - John Lewis
Pippa, 16 March 2015

I have my 2 year old cat insured with John Lewis and I can't fault them. My cat was run over last year and a bill of over 1,000 was racked up at the vets- John Lewis paid the vets directly without problems. This month my cat has been diagnosed with a condition which means she needs all her teeth removing (she's not having much luck poor thing!) and after completing a pre-authorisation form they have said they will pay for that too (saving me 425!) despite dental care not usually being covered. I am really pleased with them and find their customer service to be excellent. My insurance did go up when I renewed but only by a couple of quid and I guess that can be expected considering I made such a big claim in the first year. I would definitely recommend them.

Initial poor experience & appealing claim - Animal Friends
Debbie, 15 March 2015

Just moved my 3 pets over to Animal Friends Insurance given all of their industry awards, "Best claims service for the industry" etc. Beginning to wish I had found this website sooner though...never having had to make a claim before for my lovely greyhound she suddenly collapsed the other weekend after playing out in the garden...emergency vet referred her to specialist centre for MRI scans and lumbar puncture..4 day hospital stay..all results came back negative and miraculously she was walking again within 24 hours of the collapse - ultimately vet believes it was a type of dog intoxication, e.g. accident. Bill came to just under 3000 which I had to pay upfront ...put claim in and guess what Animal Friends have refused the claim!! I am appealing as the claims assessor doesn't appear to have read the vet report properly. Fingers crossed for a successful outcome from appeal, I can't really afford not to get the 3000 back! Will update review but would say think carefully before choosing this company.

Pet insurers have us handcuffed to them! - Saga
Mrs Coleman, 14 March 2015

Cover for my 9-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback was 825 I have just received the renewal for this year and it is 1022. In 9 years, we have had one claim and I would have been better off paying for this privately. Saga, your insurance premiums are daylight robbery.

Great Service - Healthy Pets Insurance
sandy s, 11 March 2015

Switched to them after my other insurer raised rates three years in a row! Very happy with this cover and will not be looking back.


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