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Very Good highly recommend - Churchill
ANNETTE JONES, 27 November 2014

I had 4 dogs insured with Churchill 3,000 vet fees per dog and the price was very reasonable, I never thought I would have to claim it was more piece of mind but my lovely boy Joey became ill a few months ago and having spent over 1000 at my vets with him still ill we were refered to a specialist centre, where he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at just 4 years old,and sadly we had to have him put to sleep, Churchill was fantastic they paid both vets out with no problems and even rang offering condolences for our said loss I cannot recommend dog insurance enough as for not much more that the cost of a takeaway you can have piece of mind that there is money there to help your pet.

Glad to have - The Kennel Club
Nina, 26 November 2014

Had another pet insurance company, but that company kept raising rates every year. Changed to KC and have been very happy. Three claims have been made by vets for our dogs and all have been paid with no quibble.

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Poor - Sainsburys
J Walters, 26 November 2014

I have used Sainsburys Pet Insurance for eight years. They used to pay out on claims quickly no problem. Now sainsburys have changed the company that provides the insurance the service is terrible I have been waiting for a cheque since september

Made up Premiums - E & L
Cass, 26 November 2014

I have a lifetime policy which renews monthly. Out of the blue I received an email saying they were amending my policy to Policy+ and increasing my premiums. I had to contact them if I did not want these changes! I have repeatedly asked them for a premium calculation for the new premium, but they are unable to do this is my policy 'is not up for review' yet. Therefore I can only assume that they have plucked up a figure out of thin air. The above breaches FCA regulations,although they say they have acted 'fairly' so a referral to FCA & ombudsman is in the offing.

worst insurance ever - Animal Friends
Terry butler, 24 November 2014

Payed for the highest insurance they offer for my pug. We took him to the vets 2012 breathing problems. We took him home the same day and did not claim against the insurance. He started to have fits and we took him back to the vets in 2014. The vets said he needs an op because the breathing has got really bad and may be causing the fits. The insurance would not pay out as he had a breathing problem in 2012 and it had been 360days after. The vets the wanted to do a MRI scan as he may have a problem with his brain and yet again the they would not pay out as the said it the same as the breathing problem even tho the vet has written to the twice stating this is a complete different problem.

EXTORTIONIST 3.5 grand a year for a tiny bishon... - AXA
day light robbery, 24 November 2014

AXA you have dropped me right in it!!! I asked NCI for a quote given my insurance needs renewing this month....................... I was paying 80 per month with AXA GUESS HOW MUCH NCI are asking for now!???! Dog is very small bishon, age 12 skin complaint, paid insurance for years in the hope that my dog will be looked after in his last few years........................... 284.17 per month!!!! OUTRAGEOUS

Huge Comfort - Vets Medi Cover
Billys Dad, 24 November 2014

I have been blown away by the service that VetsMediCover and both underwriters have provided me, during my pets life and so pleased I took my first policy out with you guys. You are doing a great job and I would and have recommended you. The relief in knowing that all claims were taken care of during one of the most difficult times in my life has been a huge comfort!

Brilliant - Petplan
DSR, 21 November 2014

A friend told us to get Petplan cover and we have not been disappointed. We have two rescue labs and the vet bills can be very expensive. Our older dog even needed to have a procedure for her hip. Petplan saved us during a very stressful time with wonderful support and helpful customer service. Highly recommended.

Genuinely Great Service - Vets Medi Cover
Dee Reboe, 21 November 2014

I want to reiterate my confidence in Vetsmedicover, the company and the administrations team who through the years we have had your valuable services have always been courteous , helpful, kind and supportive when Tyson's been poorly, not something that is trained but a natural attribute I've found your staff to have , it is with pleasure I renew Tysons Pet Cover with you again. I am and will continue to advise other pet owners of Vetsmedicover being one to definitely join, I know of two owners who signed up following my advice, and I hope many more will also.

Would not recommend - Direct Line
Dan Jamessom, 21 November 2014

They try EVERYTHING not to pay out. Been with them for over seven years...have three dogs insured with them. Our oldest dog has suffered with ear infections throughout his life and now everytime he gets ANY kind of infection they always try to say it is related to his ears-no matter where the infection is!! They are just out to make money. I intend to fight them for my latest claim then I will stop my insurance, better off to just put my 30 a month it costs me to insure my older dog in a savings account and then use it to pay for him when he get ill.

Absolutely Appalling! - Animal Friends
Samantha Warry, 20 November 2014

Bought a pug puppy, with sticky facial folds, called vet immediately, advised to wash daily... the next day I called Aminal Friends to insure him, 2 months later he started losing his hair on feet and body and itching badly, several trips to the vet followed and vet recommended Skin Scrape Tests etc, called Animal Friends to see if they would cover it and they said yes. Pug Diagnosed with Demodex mange. Put claim in for all vet visits and tests 300 REFUSED!! as they say the issue with his facial folds when i first got him is related to the Demodex that developed 2 months later! Vet assure me it isnt and have sent 4 emails and one letter to Aminal Friends on my behalf asking for a reassessment, each time I have called they have denied receiving anything from the vet! Registered letter sent next! Them email received saying they will not uphold the complaint and will not reassess. The vet support us completely and will put in writing the fact that his facial fold issue has absolutely nothing to do with the Demodex, so now complaining to the Financial Ombudsman. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SHAM COMPANY!! If you already have.... send everything recorded and dont expect to be paid out should the worst happen.... EVER!

Amazing - Sainsburys
Max, 20 November 2014

Amazing, Noproblems with them, been insuring my dog for over 5 years now


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