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Worth it - Petplan
Ian, 26 January 2015

I did a lot or research on pet insurance and went with Petplan. This company provides the best coverage and pays the most in claims. No complaints so far and I recommend them to everyone.

Feline urinary tract infection claim - Sainsburys
Dr David C Bernard, 26 January 2015

One of my cats had a urinary tract infection at the end of October 2014. There were 4 vets bills, which were sent to Sainsbury's Pet insurance on 17 November 2014. Since then my vet has sent 2 sets of medical history's (they lost the first one)! I have made 7 telephone calls to be fobbed off with "we are waiting for the underwriters to review this claim". It is now 10 weeks since the claim (for 364) was submitted to Sainsbury's and I am no further forward. This policy expires in March and I will not be renewing. Neither will I recommend this insurance to anyone. I am paying 27 monthly for cover for 2 cats. DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE!!!

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Very Unsure - Animal Friends
A Fleur, 24 January 2015

I have a 7yr mini poodle and have been with Animal Friends all his life. He has a skin problem and has to see the vet every 3mths and has Apoquel daily. My normal monthly DD is 23.19, it has now doubled to 45.92 and basically I'm screwed because no-one else will insure him with existing and so I have no choice but to stay but I think they are terrible to just double your policy. Although they have always been good and paid up when I've claimed I'm not amused by them.

Never again. - LV
Josh, 23 January 2015

Had my small dog insured with lv. Tried to make a claim and they made it as difficult as possible to do so. I cancelled the policy after having a conversation with a really horrible customer service rep. Had to wait 26 days for my refund it took a day for them to take it. Do not use LV they are parasites!

Vetsure cat insurance - Vet Sure
Mozzy, 23 January 2015

Very happy with vetsure cat insurance. My veterinary surgery submitted a claim on my behalf for my cat Mozzie who has been poorly for several weeks., the claim so far has been settled quickly & directly to my vets I really appreciate that I didn't have to go through lots of paperwork & endless phone calls. I would certainly recommend them.

Existing condition get out clause scam - John Lewis
F.Wadeson, 23 January 2015

11 months ago insured Westie with John Lewis because of internet good reviews. 2 years ago had some treatment for an infected sore on skin diagnosed dermatitis otherwise no problems with the usual skin condition that Westie's have. Had a sore paw causing non weight bearing on it diagnosed with pyoderma treated etc., refused payout because supposedly had showed changes in his health 2 years previous. The question they ask when taking out insurance is he in good health and not showing signs of injury illness or other medical conditions which means in reality not his present health but since a puppy has he ever been ill in which case he has a change in his condition and we won't pay out. John Lewis should be ashamed to have their name on this insurance.

Good Value: Good Customer service - Vets Medi Cover
Molly McDonald, 23 January 2015

Would highly recommend. After shopping around and reading small print, these policies outstrip others on market. Haven't had to maka a claim yet but the service I have received so far has been very positive.

peace of mind - Pets at Home
francis, 22 January 2015

We have had our cats insured with them for years. Friendly customer service and no problem handling claims. The vet bills came to over 1200 last year and it would have been unable to pay without this cover.

Renewal rip-off - E & L
Chas M, 22 January 2015

After six years with no claims, our E & L renewal for our dog arrived recently, quoting 257 (as she is now eight, we expected an increase, but this was up around 140 on the previous year) I checked online and could buy the same cover there for 159.12. I rang the company and was immediately offered a decrease from 257 to 192, but they could not match the online figure over the phone. We have advised them we are not renewing and have bought cover elsewhere for 123.

Terrible please avoid - Sainsburys
Linda, 22 January 2015

I have never claimed for my dog in 9years with sainsburys , after my needed a back operation I submitted my forms promptly and was personally there when information was faxed and emailed to sainsburys . They claim repeatedly that information is missing . 3 times I have had the information re sent by all parties concerned , going there and asking for it to be done in front of me . I was then told all was complete and received and would be up to 10 days to complete the claim . Well over 2 weeks later I heard nothing so called again only to be told that part information was missing from the history and that it had only been received 2 days ago . Please if you are considering sainsburys for pet insurance DO NOT PLEASE AVOID

Words fail me. Almost. - Sainsburys
Vexed dog owner, 20 January 2015

This is the worst customer service that I have ever encountered. I have spoken to a number of their representatives who are happier to open a complaint than they are to actually resolve a problem. It seems that the address in the claim form (which as I checked today, 20/1/15) is incorrect and so my forms have been posted to the wrong place. A very convenient smokescreen to delay payment, and although the "colleague" that I spoke to - at length - today sounded shocked to hear about that error, he did, in the next breath, assure me that they are doing everything that they can to resolve that issue. Hmm... All of them give a different story, none are prepared to do anything even close to what I would describe "customer service". Hopeless. Ombudsman it is, and maybe Watchdog? These folk don't deserve anyone's business.

Great Company, they pay out fast - MORE TH>N
Angela, 19 January 2015

More than are a great dog insurance company, they do pay out and respond quickly. When our German Shepherd required treatment, more than took care of the claim with the vets and paid the bill directly. We had an excess to pay, standard fee. The vet bills came to near enough 2000 and without more than we would have been unable to pay. They offer a good service, yes the cost does go up, due to age related conditions a pet can get. But they are reliable and don't drag their heels in.


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