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shit - Churchill
lee, 19 August 2016

Ive been with churchills with both and pets,home and car insurance for around 15 years, giving them around £1800 ish per year!!! ive had a claim on one dog when he was 3year old which they was very good with, ive not claimed for years and any vets bills come up just paid out my own pocket. I had my dog into the the vets a few months ago with problem with his back leg!! the vet couldn't see what the matter was as he stopped breathing, so he just had laser treatment on one of his legs to see if it would help, the bill itself come to about £500-£600 ish which I paid for!!!!!! ive tried to claim some back off insurance and they have messed my about coming up with all kinds of crap!! ive cancelled all my policys with churchills now and would never ever use the company again, please watch what you are doing with this company! Also insurance is insurance if we pay for it we all should be covered, Insurance companies stop taking the piss out of genuine people,,,

gone down hill - Direct Line
Nina, 17 August 2016

I have 3 dogs all insured with Direct Line, in the past they were great paying out really quickly however they started to go down hill and have gradually got worse, my dog had a 3k operation and it took nearly 3 months to pay out, paid in full but was sat on my credit card that long which is bad, I asked for a break down on the separate payments for each dog and found out our older dog was 42 a month which is more than our 6 year old who had addisons disease, i've cancelled that policy as it's a rip off and would never put the old girl through that amount of treatment. Never had an issue with them paying out to be fair just takes forever!

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Just dont - The Kennel Club
Scott, 17 August 2016

Joined Kennel Club insurance as I had a free trial when I bought my puppy and, stupidly, thought the Kennel Club name would guarantee some standard of service. The price doubled within a year. I was told as I'd made a claim I was tied into another year at the inflated price. The customer service was shocking. Just don't think the name stands for anything. I felt this company would steal my teeth and come back for the gums. Consider yourself warned!

Cant complain - E & L
Mj, 16 August 2016

Our dog, German Shepard, got maningitis and after difficult and very expensive treatment died, e&l covered most of the expenses which was over 5000£, it took about 6 weeks to do so but they were polite and understanding. Just read your policy carefully before you pay.

Do not buy direct line pet insurance. - Direct Line
Dan smyth , 15 August 2016

After being a dog owner for 12 years direct line is the worst insurance company I have been with. My one year old dog needed treatment which he got at the vet and I paid for on my card. When I sent the forms off they have told me it will take 8-10 weeks to review the claim. This is really useful if you can afford to be out of pocket for that long. They seem happy enough to take my money but not so happy to pay out. I've never seen a claim take this long before and this is the first time I have ever claimed with this pet.

Excellent Customer Service - Vets Medi Cover
Lola, 15 August 2016

Just wanted to say that I notice from my bank statements that the claims for Lola have now been paid. Also, I wanted to thank you for the way you dealt with the slight hiccup with the claims which spanned the change of your underwriters, the way you dealt with it was friendly and really excellent customer service. Thank you

Rip off - Argos
Suze, 14 August 2016

I have had dog insurance for 5years My dog had a problem withher ears in march 2013 and then again in September 2015 ,in June. 2016 she had more ear problems resulting in a perforated ear drum ,she was sedated so her ear could be cleaned and the bill was £317,I didn't claim on the first 2 occasions as it was just medication costing £70 .Argos are refusing to pay as they are saying my insurance is paid yearly and there is longer than 12 months between vet visits .My policy starts in August so as far as I am concerned the year is August to August .customer service is terrible and on top of all that my monthly bill has gone up by a third .Goodbye and good riddance

I would highly recommend this company to all pet owners - Vetsure
Slinky, 12 August 2016

This insurance company were friendly and very helpful. Their website was easily accessible and each step was explained thoroughly. It gave you confidence that you was choosing the perfect insurance for your pet. Their prices are affordable and you get so much for your money. They are also linked in with Slinky’s Vets so it makes it easier to conduct any form of communication between the insurance company and the vet. All documents were emailed over within minutes. The process of completing a form for the insurance was not complicated. It allowed me to review what I was paying for and reassured I was getting the best for my pet. I must say, I would highly recommend this company to all pet owners. Thank you, from Slinky Ray the dachshund.

Great service so far..... - Lifetime Pet Cover
Karen , 11 August 2016

Not had to make a claim yet even so the service has been friendly and efficient. I have two dogs insured Jeffery and Stanley with very competitive rates, left my last insurance providers after very disappointing service.

Annual premium renewal problems -
Alfie, 10 August 2016

I would certainly not recommend this insurance company. Their renewal policy is very dubious. After my first year the premium increased from £14.43 to £17.89. However, the direct debit claimed from my account was £22.77. After a phone call to them I was told it was the 'optional extras' I had been charged for! No request from me was needed to include these. The very helpful lady then told me that she could offer me a special discount and reduce my premium to £14.67 per month for the same cover. Really? So one phone call reduces my direct debit from £22.77 to £14.67 for exactly the same insurance cover. Not sure I trust this company. Surely, they should be offering the very best policy, at the best price, without me having to complain first.

Long long wait - Tesco
Miss Exasperated, 8 August 2016

Having a claim submitted by my Vets and received by Tesco Insurance during the first few days of July, I chased this up with Tesco over two weeks ago to be told a cheque would be with me the following week. Here I am, seventeen days later still waiting for my claim to be settled - perhaps they will be just as slow when they take my premium next month!!

Price Increase of £60 in 2nd year + with no claims - MORE TH>N
Exacerbated with Pet Insurance, 8 August 2016

I took out a policy for my year old Chihuahua and, despite not having make a claim the next annual premium went up by nearly £60. I was told it was because they have to increase the amount as an animal ages (my dog went from being one to Two years old!), so what will it be like when she is five, or seven or ten? I'm going to see if I can swap over to another company such as Pet Plan as my cats premiums actually reduced in the second year, despite a large claim.


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