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Marks & Spencer pet insurance

Marks and Spencer
Kings Meadow
CH99 9FB

phone: 0800 731 4280

Offering Premier or Standard cover.

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Reviews of Marks & Spencer pet insurance

1/5   French bulldog   4 February 2017

Reviewed By: Aisling Bryan, Recommend:

My query with you has been going on since 11/10/2016, my dog was castrated, the vet did an x Ray of his mouth we didn't know about, when we collected him, the receptionist explained how we could claim on our insurance and their wouldn't be a problem their end at the vets, sent claim in M&S said they didn't receive it back to the vets another claim sent in, letter received today saying he has an oral condition, no he has not and the vet will tell you so, if you bothered to listen To what I am saying which you don't, worse customer service ever will I insure again.... NO chance......don't ever insure with them folks quick to take your money, but absolutely don't listen

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3/5   guarenteed premium increases regardless   1 November 2016

Reviewed By: David, Recommend:

We have two labs on the policy for their 'multidog' discount, one had been on for a year and we had to unfortunately claim for her but the pup was on for just 2 months prior to renewal. For our eldest the premium went up by £105 per annum, presumably because we claimed (relatively painless process but took 4-5 months), but they also put up the pups by £20 per annum (after only two months - mental). As we've got lifetime I won't be moving the eldest as it isn't an ailment that will go away and we're kinda stuck now but we won't be renewing for the pup. I can get it £100 cheaper elsewhere, including M&S who are offering cheaper on their own website.

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1/5   A 170% increase in premium in ONE YEAR!!!   7 September 2016

Reviewed By: W Gowlett, Recommend:

PLEASE steer well clear of M&S Insurance. It's an absolute rip-off. Like others, we chose M&S as considered it to a reputable and well-known company but how very wrong we have been proved. We have just received this year's renewal for our 8 year old cross breed dog. We took out M&S pet insurance in 2008 which cost £183.43. In subsequent years the premiums have risen steadily: £227.88, £275.88, £371.88, £413.76, £614.16, £767.64, £959.64 and NOW a 170% increase to £2,600.47!!! They are out and out crooks and M&S out to be ashamed.

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comment by: SALLY HASTINGS , 25 January 2017
1/5   M&S pet insurance   26 August 2016

Reviewed By: Robert Hockless , Recommend:

Think twice before getting M&S pet insurance, there are far better insurance providers than M&S. I have had M&S pet insurance for 9 years and in the last years of the policy I needed cover as my dog became epileptic. M&S tried every con they could not to pay vet fees and in result I paid 65% of the cost. Sadly my dog passed away and a vet was called out to confirm and take my dog to be cremated, once again M&S stated cremation is a complementary treatment so this is not covered and the cost of the vet is also not covered as they deem this as excessive and I could have waited until the morning, my advice put money in a bank account to cover any pet issues but if you feel you need insurance don't trust M&S. To make things more annoying I was informed a customers service member would call 3 days and counting still no call, well done failed again, I issues with M&S go on and on check your policy's your not covered.

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 I think putting money in the bank is a great suggestion but only if you can afford to put many thousands in the bank/other investments you can ultimately get your hands on in a week or so. If your young dog needs a £6000 operation or emergency care and you have saved a few hundred pounds - this isn't going to help.

comment by: Stan , 17 October 2016
2/5   22% hike in premiums on 3 yr old healthy dog   8 August 2016

Reviewed By: A J Jones, Recommend:

Just received our renewal notice for our PMD. She is three years old with no claims. The premium has gone up 22%, which I struggle to justify. I spoke to M&S who started to explain to me how insurance works, I cut them off mid-sentence and said that no claims means a discount in other areas of insurance and that, like so many companies, M&S spends more on discounting for new clients than on retaining existing!

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2/5   Wrong amount paid out plus a 34% premium hike   28 June 2016

Reviewed By: Clive, Recommend:

Our dog has an ongoing problem which has resulted in 2 small vet claims over about 10 years. This last policy year it was £27.77 after deducting the £70 excess but I had to challenge their initial payment which was paid out in default at £2.76p before being successfully challenged. Then the annual premium was increased by some 34% or so! It seems we have good policy terms generally speaking but these experiences question active working conduct as being neither client friendly nor a credit to the companies (plural) involved under the M & S system. At this age of a pet we are held over a barrel as reinsurance elsewhere seems to be impossible. Hey-ho! Pay or chance it and they know that!

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1/5   Caught out by small print   21 June 2016

Reviewed By: Jane, Recommend:

Just had an almighty shock and a salutary lesson in reading the small print. VERY expensive M & S insurance for our dog (£403 per year which is more than our house and car insurance together) will only pay out £1000 per illness up to 4 illnesses a year. Now I know I should have seen this but WHAT a poor deal!! Our dog has had a gastric problem for the last 5 weeks which has now been diagnosed as Indolent Lymphoma which has cost several thousand pounds. She won't get any more form the insurance now until septembers renewal date. READ THE SMALL PRINT but its still a VERY POOR DEAL and costs a lot. Sainsburys is so much better and thank heavens the cat is insured with them. LESSON LEARNED AVOID M & S pet insurance.

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1/5   time to settle claims and huge premium increases   20 June 2016

Reviewed By: Fiona, Recommend:

Boxer now 9 years old, initially M & S seemed reputable and providing good cover...however he is now costing nearly £200 a month to insure and we pay 20% of bills in addition to increased excess. Claim submitted by vet in April still not processed. Last claim took 4 months to pay out. Wish I'd never assumed M & S would mean quality product.

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2/5   Take to long to settle claims, Two excesses taken   16 April 2016

Reviewed By: Mr Sainsbury, Recommend:

Not happy here with M&S Dog insurance took over 28 days deducted 2 excesses as the X-Rays were carried out on the renewal date, no treatment required after this date. Poor service did not follow there own letter information.

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3/5   Reliable but gets pricey with age   8 March 2016

Reviewed By: Chris, Recommend: Y

Insurance for cat started out at about £100 per year. I made several claims and they always stumped up. They lose marks for continually ramping up costs, £600 per year now, though I expect most insurance companies would do the same if you have to claim lots!? 3.5/5 for me. Had the price increases been more reasonable would've been a 5/5.

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1/5   Mind boggling extortionate   3 March 2016

Reviewed By: Jackie, Recommend:

Like a lot of people here I insured my dog with M&S 10 years ago believing they were a reputable company. Admittedly I've made some claims as my dog has got older,some of them hefty, but I don't feel this warrants the £140 a month they're now asking for. Friends and fellow dog owners, many with old dogs, are aghast when I tell them. The annual renewal doesn't just go up a few pounds, it leaps up by £40 a time. It's disgraceful. I rang them and they told me it's because I've made claims. Is that legal? I'm going to investigate. Be warned, do NOT get caught up in M&S pet insurance, no matter how much you like their food!

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 I contacted Watchdog about Marks and Spencers pet Insurance last year but heard nothing back. Maybe if more people contact them they would look into this robbery that is going on. Marks and Spencers certainly does not mean qualty.

comment by: Heidi, 24 November 2016
 I've just been on to their Customer Servive team, as I have the same issues. My little dog will be 9 next month and he has had a few health problems over the years, but we haven't put any claim in for about 18 months. We have been to the vet throughout this time but didn't bother going through the insurance as we would of had to pay the first £75 pound and we knew this would reflect on our insurance payments on renewal. However, the renewal has come in and it's jumped up yet again another £30 a… (read more)

comment by: Julie, 22 October 2016
 I too have had this experience with a Pet Insurance from 'Protect Your Bubble' which gave me a discount because I had other policies with them. This year they have ramped my premium to £150 per month. The problem is that Insurance premiums are not actually paying for pet medical expenses. Whilst like any insurance policy, individual risks are evaluated in terms of their risk otential, our premiums are spent on the Stock Market where any profits are used to payout on claims. So, until only very… (read more)

comment by: Andy, 22 July 2016
1/5   Do not insure with Marks and Spencer   7 January 2016

Reviewed By: Chris Leah, Recommend:

As our dog has grown older the cost of insurance has grown ever more prohibitive. They now want us to pay £3771 per annum to insure our 13 year old Labrador. We have never had a significant claim. They exclude claims for treatment such as Hydrotherapy which helps our dog with his Arthritis. We wish we had banked money to pay for treatments required. I would advise owners of young dogs to avoid Marks and Spencer and open an account to save for potential problems.

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1/5   Terrible when your dog ages   27 November 2015

Reviewed By: Kate Wilks, Recommend:

I have had a policy for my dogs(brother and sister) for 10 years and pay £100 a month. I have claimed once before (small amount) in their lives. I claimed for a test and operation on the male dog (for lipomas) when it came to claiming I was charged the excess fee twice as the claims came either side of the policy year. I was not told this when I rang up for a claim form. When I think of how much I spent I wish I had just set up a savings account for the dogs. P.S. They are very charming and helpful on the phone, but it does not make up for the cost.

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5/5   Excellent policy   3 November 2015

Reviewed By: Milne , Recommend:

We had our dog insured with the premium level insurance through M&S from 8 weeks old. She was diagnosed with cancer at 6 years old and had to board at a vet school for 4 weeks for radiotherapy. This cost nearly £6500 and M&S insurance paid out without any questions. She beat the odds and survived another 4 years and all we had to pay was the excess of £75 once a year. We had a lot of claims for further tests and chemotherapy as well as Claims for fuel to drive the 150 miles to the vet school for follow up appointments. Some pet insurances have limits per condition so it's well worth reading the small print. The premium policy covers your for £7,000 per year. Although our insurance premium did go up over the last few years we were happy to pay this as if it wasn't for having such a good policy our dog wouldn't have been able to get the best treatment available to her..

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1/5   Do not insure with M&S   9 October 2015

Reviewed By: Jacqueline Roberts, Recommend:

I had my two dogs insured with M&S until their premium practically doubled.The eldest dog had a dental procedure in June costing over £400 and after numerous excuses from them and phone calls from me they have finally this week informed me my policy does not cover dental work.I can accept we cannot claim but what I don't understand is why it's taken 4 months to tell me.I have decided not to renew with M&S and have gone to Petplan on friend's recommendation, they can't be any worse.

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3/5   Price just keeps on increasing   15 July 2015

Reviewed By: Jane L, Recommend:

Have had Charlie insured since a puppy with M&S (2008) - yes the price keeps going up but felt ok with it until the renewal following a cruciate ligament op in 2013 - went up by £13 per month to just under £30. Fair enough they paid up quickly but the condition was limited to £1k (basically we had to pay the other £1K). The other cruciate ligament went in March this year at another £2k - again paid up the £1k max per condition without any problem. Renewal - well, has just gone to £44 per month! Am needing to get my other dog insured - just searching web and can get them both insured for less. I know where I am now heading! £1k does not cover much at all in the vet world!! I think the vets have a lot to answer for too with increasing costs??

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1/5   Premium doubled on 1st renewal   2 July 2015

Reviewed By: L A, Recommend:

No claims so how can the justify doubling the premium ?? Cancelled Policy immediately.

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1/5   Price hike at renewal   11 June 2015

Reviewed By: Sue, Recommend:

My dog is only 4 and fit and renewal has just gone through the roof from £28 per month to £43! I have not renewed and got an equivalent quote from sainsburies for £24 per month.I went with m and s as I thought they had a good reputation however the lady on the phone that I spoke to could not understand the price hike either but said it could not be reduced. Its a shame but they just lost my custom.

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 We use Sainsburys, and I have been pleased with the service, but it appears like everyone our policy has rocketed at renewal from £28 to £37!! £112 per year more, phoned them and they can't or will not budge,poor dog is only 2.5yrs old, heaven knows what it will be when he is 6!! ( 1st yr£25 2nd yr£28 3rd yr£37... but they blame ins tax ????? but looks like everyone is in the same boat, so sad, its cheaper to ins my home and contents...

comment by: KATHRYN, 12 November 2015
2/5   Very expensive and not great claims service   26 May 2015

Reviewed By: Fiona Boyle, Recommend:

We opted for M&S based on their reputation and initially very reasonable rates. However my pet insurance costs 4 times as much as my car! £125 a month for a 6 year old boxer. He does have a few health problems but we often don't claim for everything anyway. We are almost at point of not insuring. I have been told that a company is not allowed to increase premiums due to claims? They do with claims but take a long time - last time it took over 10 weeks to receive cheque.

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 They do counter in claims as i have two dogs who are 14 and a half and brothers, the one has had a lot of claims, costing £306 per month last year and the other has had 3 or 4 claims in his lifetime and the premium was £96 per month last year. I still think the premiums are totally unacceptable but they take advantage of the fact with an ageing dog you have no option but to stay or forfeit cover.

comment by: heidi, 24 November 2016
2/5   Daylight Robbery- do not choose M & S   15 May 2015

Reviewed By: Debbie Viney, Recommend:

My dog has an on-going problem (but we haven't claimed for much this year) I'm not paying these prices. M & S want £121.43 a month for my dog and £30:00 for my domestic short haired cat. No thanks, I love my animals but I'm not being robbed

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1/5   Very expensive, very disappointed!   23 April 2015

Reviewed By: S Parker, Recommend:

Licence to steal. Am absolutely disgusted with Marks and Spencers.I have just been informed that they are now charging me £163 a month for my 10 year old West Highland Terrier. She is on tablets which cost £76 every 3 months. They have you over a barrel. They get you in with a good deal and then the price goes up and up. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE PET INSURANCE OUT WITH THIS COMPANY!

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1/5   M & S Terrible   2 March 2015

Reviewed By: pet Owner, Recommend:

I was so cross that I feel I should let everyone know what poor service and cover you get. I changed to M&S insurance as good name and thought I was getting a quality cover. On having to make a claim for my pet they only paid one per cent of the original claim. When I rang and quiried it they said I should have read the small print, they are charging me a double excess! The customer service advisor was abrupt to the point of rudeness and I had to keep ringing them for any information about my claim. Will not be renewing with them and if you have a policy with them, check the small print!

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4/5   Inflated 2nd Year renewal premium   10 January 2015

Reviewed By: Ian, Recommend: Y

We have been with M&S Pet Insurance for our 2yrs old dog for the past year paying £172.08. With no claims the renewal premium just received is £223.80 - a whopping 30% increase. I rang thinking there was a mistake. Apparently not but the quote was immediately reduced to £201.48! Still a 17% increase. I don't doubt this is a good policy and trust there would be no issues should there be a claim but it does seem, like others, they take advantage once sucked in.

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1/5   Very good when had to claim but very expensive   28 December 2014

Reviewed By: C mcneill, Recommend: N

Very very expensive over £78 per month have just taken out similar cover for £34 I am cross with myself for not doing this earlier! Extortionate!

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2/5   excessive price increases   23 July 2014

Reviewed By: oopy noop, Recommend: N

I have my pet insured with Marks & Spencers, we have made a claim for an ongoing illness, which they have paid up for with no quibble, but because of this the insurance goes up a full 50% each year, it is currently just under £400.00, next year it will be £600.00 + £90.00 excess for each illness, it only covers up to £1000.00 each illness. I cannot take my dog elsewhere as he has an existing condition, they have me over a barrel and they know it, they are a disgrace, keep clear

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1/5   Prices hikes that mean you cant afford to stay!   16 July 2014

Reviewed By: Nina, Recommend: N

By 6yrs old my healthy dogs premiums hit over £100 per month. I moved insurers after that but most wouldnt be so lucky due to existing conditions etc. Steer clear because once they have you the price hikes are just crazy! If I could give them 0 I would!

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1/5   300% increase in premiums in just 6 years   1 October 2012

Reviewed By: sarah bartlett, Recommend: N

My dog has an on-going illness which he was diagnosed with from a young age well after the policy was taken out. I have claimed and Marks & Spencer have always paid up no problem BUT I have been punished by the EXTORTIONATE inscreases in the premiums each year. I took the policy out in good faith and am now stuggling with the whopping £106 monthly repayments. When I took the policy out just 6 years ago it was around £30. My dog is just 6 years old and only half way though his life. If they continue to raise the prices in the same manner I will be paying £200 a month in another couple of years. Please please please steer clear of Marks & Spencer. If you are unlucky enough to have a pet with an on-going illness you will priced out of being able to pay for the insurance. Either your pets health will suffer or you will become bankrupt.

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 Sadly it doesnt really matter if your dogs been ill or not. Mine had no ongoing condition and at 6yrs old was costing that much. Steer clear indeed!

comment by: Nina, 16 July 2014
1/5   Prices shoot up over the years   18 June 2012

Reviewed By: J Brady, Recommend: N

I've been with M&S for 7 years and each year the policy prices have shot up so now I'm paying approx £1,500 for 2 dogs .... I feel they know they have you because you can't move anywhere else because previous or current conditions won't be covered. There payments have always been very timely I must say but I feel the cost is excessive for the conditions I've claimed for.

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 I am afraid all of the above comments come as no surprise do they? Insurers do not like older dogs and will increase premiums to reflect that the sad fact is they are all singing of the same hymn sheet.

comment by: Alan , 21 June 2016
 After reading these reviews I am not so sure. I thought M and S would provide a good pet ins service but these people don t seem happy.

comment by: Lydia Nicoll, 16 October 2014
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