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helpucover pet insurance

Pinnacle House
A1 Barnet Way

phone: 0845 2000 738

Offers 3 levels of cover. In addition to insuring dogs and cats, helpucover insures rabbits. helpucover is a trading style of Pinnacle Insurance plc.

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Reviews of helpucover pet insurance

1/5   Another increase....   27 October 2016

Reviewed By: Jean Nesbitt, Recommend:

I took cover for my cat out in 2015 costing 19.66 per month. In 2016 it went to 20.31 I now have a letter today telling me that in December 2016 it will go to 33.06 - I hasten to add that (fortunately) in the time I've been with this company (and the previous one) I have never made a claim, ever.... He has an over grooming habit, he has a skin allergy (both of which are not covered). The message is clear, I'm now going to cancel the insurance with immediate effect. A friend has also had her dog insurance increased to nearly 60 a month for her dog - she too has cancelled.

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2/5   Awful, avoid   4 September 2016

Reviewed By: Simon, Recommend:

Although they did pay out on a treatment for our puppy they went through his vet records and found he'd banged his leg that was nothing more than a bang and had no lasting effect. They then wrote to say they'd exclude all problems that may ever arise with his legs! Our vet wrote to them to contest it and confirm there was no damage to his leg but they refused to change their decision. Will be leaving them for another insurer asap.

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1/5   Never claimed. 100% renewal increase!   26 July 2016

Reviewed By: Louise Winchester, Recommend:

I insured my French Bulldog puppy with Help U Cover for 22.56 per month. He has been fit and well and absolutely no claims to speak of. My renewal quote is 50.68. What will it be in year 3? Year 4?? I asked to get a quote for a lower level of cover and they quoted me 31.90, so almost a third more for a fraction of the cover. They wouldn't budge. I can understand premiums jumping if a large claim has been made and I fully expect premiums to increase a little bit year on year but that is completely unacceptable. I will be going elsewhere.

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 insured my dog at a starting premium of 9.41. within 2 years they have increased the premium by almost 100% to 17.47. inflation apparently, which i think is round about 2%. avoid them like the plague, unless you want to pay ridiculous annual increases

comment by: roy , 8 December 2016
 I have had the exact same problem, my premium has tripled and they know I have to stay with them to as I have claimed before for an ongoing problem so no one else will insure that problem. I'm stuck

comment by: Rebekah, 2 September 2016
5/5   Brilliant company   11 April 2016

Reviewed By: S, Recommend:

Caring and compassionate company. Processed and paid my claim within 3 days. Great communication, very reliable. 10/10 would recommend

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1/5   Total Cowboys.   2 April 2016

Reviewed By: mimi, Recommend:

Took out a pet insurance with these people. They have refused to cover my dog for third party liability as the vet notes said "not keen on men". Somehow these insurers have managed to diagnose my dog- WITHOUT SEEING HIM as a behaviour problem. Then they excluded skin problems due to a problem he had before I had him or before my current practice dealt with the dog. Totally rubbish. PLEASE DONT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY

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3/5   3/5   30 March 2016

Reviewed By: Laura , Recommend:

Did not realise how low cost per condition was - this was an error on my part- - DEF CHEck When we made claim it was handled easy and they put out what we were due (up to limit of condition)

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1/5   Waste of time, Dont bother   21 March 2016

Reviewed By: Tammy, Recommend:

I took out a lifetime policy for my rescue 2 year old St Bernard, Unfortunatly we had to make a claim due to gastro intestinal problems, we recieved a letter informing us that our policy had now been cancelled due to previous conditions. I've only taken him to the vets twice one for a general health check and once for hotspots. This company have put exclusions on our policy for comments made in the vets office and advice the vets have given me regarding my dog. As I had commented that my dog barks and pulls, he has now got behavioural issues and it's been excluded, he broke his leg as a puppy so any condition regarding his hind left leg are now excluded. Being a St. Bernard with droopy eyes the vet advised me on how to stop them drying out, guess what his eyes are now excluded. As he suffers with hot spots any skin condition is now excluded. The list goes on.... They will find any excuse not to pay out and cancel your policy. Now I have to struggle to find a company who will insure him and I have to disclose that I've had insurance cancelled so this will cause me problems in the future. Stay away from Helpucover......

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1/5   SHODDY   19 March 2016

Reviewed By: Lady Bracknell, Recommend:

I took out a lifetime policy for my Cavalier KC Spaniel last year and the renewal has come through (after a mid-year price hike) with a further whopping increase of 35% on the premium after no claims. The UK customer service makes David Brent and the Office look professional. They have more exclusions than a school in a multi-deprived area. And I have utterly lost confidence in them. Look elsewhere

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1/5   Cowboys looking for any excuse to decline claims   14 March 2016

Reviewed By: M beany, Recommend:

Took out a policy in October 2015. Declined a claim for an infection developed in December 2015 on the basis of examination carried out in the September, for which the vet determined there was no medical condition, and therefore not something that needs adding to a policy, and despite writing numerous supporting letters to insurers to explain the 2 dates were completely unrelated, still refused claim and added numerous exclusions to policy. Insurers expect you to have expert knowledge to determine what is or isn't a condition when taking out a policy, however, as someone who is not veterinary trained and had been told by a vet there was no problem, I had no way of knowing that a routine visit to the vet would mean that needed to be declared for the policy. They simply do not want to pay out despite there being a genuine claim, and instead leave ordinary people massively out of pocket, typical insurers. Now appealing to the financial services ombudsman to see if the decision can be overturned. Go to someone reputable such as pet plan, underwritten by Allianz, where you are less likely to be put through undue stress during an already stressful time with a sick family pet.

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5/5   Fantastic   12 March 2016

Reviewed By: Dave Rawlings, Recommend:

My dog recently had to be put down after an incredible 13 years with us. Much of this would have been impossible without the insurance cover provided by Helpucover which saw him through a cruciate ligament operation, back leg problems requiring extended hydrotherapy and other problems/operations along the way. Payment was always very quick, cover was for life so renewal of the policy did not have any exclusions for existing ailments and when talking with them the staff were always friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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1/5   rip off merchants   14 January 2016

Reviewed By: Kerchinga, Recommend:

took out a lifetime policy and unfortunately my cat became ill with cancer and following treatment had to be euthanised just before Christmas. My vet submitted the claim for me, I then received a letter from Helpucover asking for all kinds of information about my cats history. I explained to them that it was an ex partners cat that I took on when he left the area and didnt have all the details they have asked for and couldnt provide them as I am no longer in contact with this ex. Why dont they tell you that this info is needed when taking out the policy? Only too happy to take my premiums but not so willing to pay out. I consider this money down the drain and would never recommend this bunch of cowboy rip off artists.

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5/5   Very helpful and efficient   8 January 2016

Reviewed By: Ian Lyle, Recommend:

Our Dog was run over and we claimed against accidental death. Throughout the process they were sympathetic and efficient.

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5/5   Very efficient and compassionate   20 September 2015

Reviewed By: Michelle, Recommend:

My cat sadly died of cancer aged 5. They paid out within a few weeks and sent a separate letter with condolences which I found a nice touch and the experience of claiming the insurance stress-free which I needed after a very stressful and sad time.

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1/5   Rubbish Dont use unless yoiu want to waste money   27 August 2015

Reviewed By: Jill Holland, Recommend:

I insured one of our miniature schnauzers with this company but did forget about 18 months previous he went to the vets with a gastric bug. I put in a claim in May 2015 as he was so poorly and pooing pure blood I had no choice but to take him to the vets. It turned out he had a tummy infection and it cost nearly 250 to put tight. I submitted the claim which was refused in full as I had not declared his previous tummy bug (Infection is something completely different) but they would not pay a penny and have now put clause on his policy no tummy related issues will be covered. Well lets face it most things with daogs are in there tummy so there is no point in being insured with them. RUBBISH and a complete waste of money

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5/5   Excellent Service   14 August 2015

Reviewed By: Max, Recommend:

I have always had excellence service, my claim was dealt with promptly and the staff have always been very nice to deal with. Would highly recommend

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1/5   Misleading   25 June 2015

Reviewed By: Clare, Recommend:

I bought the policy for my one year old shih tzu in January via comparethemarket website. On this site it clearly states for lifetime cover it costs 9 monthly and was the cheapest. I took this cover and in April my vets requested I check level of cover as there was a number of people getting what they thought were lifetime cover when infact they were getting basic. Checked our cover and found it was per condition and was put over to sales to change to lifetime as I had first requested. This new policy started April and our dog had developed some scabing on his head under the first policy. As the proper and 15 month more expensive cover was taken April this made his condition now pre-existing and the insurers refused to help. They accused me of increasing the level of cover in April just because I knew I wanted to claim when in fact it was due to the misleading prices on compare website. Having done the comapre check today it still shows lifetime cover for 9 monthly when in fact lifetime cover is 21 a month!!. Please check you have lifetime cover if you consider this company as what you buy isn't what you get then when you ring to rectify it you get a more expensive policy which now makes any conditions pre-existing which you can't claim for. I'm currently going through ombudsmen with these. If I could give them 0 rating I would.

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1/5   Wont use them again   5 May 2015

Reviewed By: Doug Gordon, Recommend:

I took out a lifetime cover for both our dogs. They weren't the cheapest, but their list of items covered seemed extensive, so decided to go with them. We were asked to give permission for them to contact our vets to view the dogs medical history. We did this and soon after we received our cover note for the dogs. I became annoyed when I noticed all the exclusions listed at the bottom of the page. Including, fore leg conditions, which I found out is because I had mentioned to the vet on a visit, that I thought our 6 month old puppy had clicky joins and was sensitive around the leg area when sometimes playing. I called the insurance company and said that the vet had looked over our pup and nothing was wrong. They asked for the vet to contact them and talk to them regards this. Our vet kindly wrote a letter, stating that he had examined the pup and found all was fine. They came back to me saying they wouldn't take his word for this!!! They then wanted proof that no treatment had been given, so again our vet send in up to date med records. Their excuse this time was that they were no different to the ones received a few weeks earlier so again the foreleg conditions exclusion would remain. The other exclusion was because of tests that were carried out on the same puppy after it was thought she was drinking far to much water and as a result peeing a lot. After several tests, there was nothing found. But again Help You Cover refused to remove the exclusions, after this was pointed out to them.... It just seems to me that they will use any comment made or examination done, regardless of the fact nothing was found wrong after examination, to exclude huge parts of your cover ( and I might add, they don't reduce the premium because of it...) I certainly wouldn't recommend them to any one and we certainly won't ever use them again

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 Agree with you 100%

comment by: Christine, 5 July 2015
1/5   They just want your money   17 February 2015

Reviewed By: simon, Recommend:

I'm disgusted with the way these cowboys do buissness. They will not offer you cover for pre existing conditions even if your willing to pay a higher premium. So if my cats are attacked by harvest mites again I'm not covered. They are shoddy and slow during the claim process and use miss information to cover the slack processes they follow. Stay away from these idiots.

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1/5   I jus covered my pet   11 January 2015

Reviewed By: a very disgruntled costumer, Recommend: N

On first reflection seemed a good deal but i soon realise it wasnt wat it was agreed basically I wanted a good cover wat I got was well rubbish.covered for life I took out wat they sent me was a standard one so if I carried on and my pet got ill once she hit there limit than I be incured for the rest dont bother with this company first thing in morning it will b cancelled

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2/5   Cover for Life negated by premium increases   5 September 2014

Reviewed By: Roger Devlin, Recommend: N

I took this policy out when my dog was a puppy as it was a reasonable price and gave cover for life which was important. However in the last two years the premiums have shot up and are now 103.76 a month for this year. My dog has just turned 9 so they also want me to pay the first 25% of the claim which means that they are only covering the equivalent of vets bills greater than 1500 in a year. Obviously they don't want to cover older animals so make the policy too expensive to be practical. So much for "Cover for Life". I would suggest you don't use this company.

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1/5   Misleading Policies   21 July 2014

Reviewed By: Debbie Rowe, Recommend: N

I took out a policy with helpucover in 2009. Although it was more expensive than other insurance companies, I wanted an insurance company that gave me long term security and they advertise that 'If your pet develops a long term chronic illness such as diabetes or an ongoing skin condition, provided it didn't pre-date the policy, this will be covered for the rest of your pet's life.' In 2011 my dog developed a long term illness and since then the premiums have gone up tremendously. Last year it was 84. and this year 141. and I already now have to pay 25% of the costs. It works out that I am paying the monthly costs of the treatment to them in policy payments, so actually I am the one covering the cost of the lifetime treatment, not them!

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 Very helpful - confirms what I am experiencing - my premiums now 120 a month and I've made no claims

comment by: Christine , 11 August 2015
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