Don’t be fooled by the reviews


So we took our dog to the vet with a swollen mouth and it turned out he needed some dental work which we claimed on the pet insurance via the vet. We have been with Tesco since our dog was 1 now he’s 8. First claim ever has been rejected because we took him 18 months earlier with a sore mouth. Vet gave us metacalm xcouple of days dog was fine after this no mention of dental work or rotten teeth at this time. Turns out that the info requested from the vet mentioned the sore mouth and therefore because it was noted 18 months previously we had been apparently the recent dental work is exempt from the policy because it was over 12 months since it was identified x so if you’ve ever taken your dog to the vet even if not claimed on policy before for anything your then if more than 12 months since you need to claim for something similar on insurance you won’t get it x don’t fall for the positive reviews. Shocking way to treat customers we now have to find 662.00 to pay vet despite never having claimed on the policy and paying 30 per month for the last 8 years apparently Tesco cannot pay out for the dental condition we pay extra for on our insurance!! DO NOT USE TESCO!!!


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