Absolutel rip offfor existing customers


I am appalled with Tesco and their lack of customer service for existing customers I have 2 dogs and 2 cats all insured with them I have enquired regarding multi pet discount which they don't do and have seen increases each year which are now beyond ridiculous My latest this week is an almost double increase on my 6 year old Yorkie poo We have made one claim for an x ray as she was limping All fine and she is recovered and in good health I have rung them twice this week and queried this increase to £55 a month to which I have been met with ' beyond our control ' etc and the ludicrous advice that I can cancel have the 14 days uninsured ' cooling off ' period and take a new policy exactly the same but coming in at £29 !!!
This is beyond ridiculous and I will now be looking elsewhere and would warn others to be very wary of these annual increases and lack of care for customer loyalty etc.


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