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Read customer reviews for Sainsbury's Bank Pet Insurance who offer flexible pet insurance and claim to pay 90% of claims within 7 days, often direct to your vet. Sainsbury's Bank Pet Insurance is underwritten by Allianz Insurance plc.


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Single pet and multi Pet Insurance is offered with optional extras to cover the theft or loss of your pet. Many vets can be paid direct. There are 3 levels of cover available: Standard, Premier and Premier Plus cover. Standard Cover is a Time Limited plan where cover is offered for each condition and illness for 12 months from the start of that condition up to £3,000 for vet fees per condition or illness. Once the limit is reached for a condition that condition is no longer covered. Complementary treatments and physiotherapy are covered with specific limits. Premier and Premier Plus dog policies include Third Party Liability cover.

All Premier and Premier Plus plans offer Maximum Benefit cover meaning chronic conditions are covered over an unlimited period of time, up to the policy cover limit chosen. Cover options are £7,500 of cover on the Premier Plan and £13,000 cover on the Premier Plus plan.

Optional extras available on all plans are cover for the death of your pet, loss or theft cover to help with advertising, emergency boarding fees and holiday cover.


A fixed excess per condition is deducted from the first claim for each separate illness, injury or condition. Under certain conditions you also pay a percentage of the remaining claim amount in addition to the excess.

Age Limits

From 8 weeks to 9 years of age. If insurance is purchased before your pet's 9th birthday there is no upper age to renewals if there are no breaks in cover.

Waiting Period

14 days.

Additional Policy Information
Can they pay your vet direct?

Yes, it is possible to arrange this.

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Policies are subject to exclusions and conditions so please always consult the insurer's policy documents before you buy. 

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Company info

Sainsbury's Bank offer flexible pet insurance and claim to pay 90% of claims within 7 days, often direct to your vet. Sainsbury's Bank Pet Insurance is underwritten by Allianz Insurance plc and they offer 3 levels of cover: A time limited Standard Cover policy and 2 levels of Maximum Benefit cover in the Premier and Premier Plus policy options.

Sainsbury's Bank Pet Insurance Reviews

Posted: 05/02/2019

by reviewer


I cancelled the policy before it even started.
One of the questions they asked was "has your pet been to ANY vet appointment that was not a standard scheduled health check" I don't know many people that could answer no to that. I know some places ask...


Mixed Breed

Stephen Rideout
Posted: 03/02/2019

by reviewer


I took out Sainsbury’s pet insurance some 8 years ago for my Cocker Spaniel. Recently she had an operation on her teeth. Normally pet insurance don’t cover problems with teeth but Sainsbury’s paid out fully minus my excess. Thank you, Sainsbury’s.


Cocker Spaniel