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Healthy Pets

No. 6 Ridgeway Office Park
Bedford Road
GU32 3QF

phone: 0870 011 6564

Offering 3 levels of coverage.

Underwritten by Great Lakes Reinusrance (UK) plc

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2/5   Left feeling ignored and unimportant. Stay clear!   19 October 2016

Reviewed By: Martha, Recommend:

Was with company for 3 years. Was fine up until renewal after moving address. Turns out what they have on their "system" about my account seems to be very different to what I see. There were apparently letters sent to me informing me of price changes after moving, which I never received nor did my price change (stayed constant for 2+ years, despite them saying there had been changes in price...) When my renewal came up the price, without explanation, was significantly higher, the letter I received back from my complaint was almost painful. There was no attempt at rapport, no attempt to ease my worries, just simply "yep, that's your point of view, here's ours, cheers, we've cancelled your account". Did nothing to attempt to keep me with their policy, even the CEO's response was lacking any sort of empathy. No compensation offered, bare explanations, left you feeling there's no point even trying to talk to this company. To make matters worse, after them cancelling my service ( I said I would cancel if not resolved, so instead of attempting to help me, they cancelled my account...) they continued charging me for one of my policies. It's taking me along time to get the refund, but during the email conversations, I was emailed ANOTHER CUSTOMERS claim information and email chains - this gave me the other customers Name, email address, policy information - I will never use this company again and will advise others against it. Rubbish customer service, unreliable communication, Data Protection breaches by sending me another customers information. A company with no heart or care for customers is not a company I want to do business with.

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5/5   Friendly, compassionate and efficient. First class   24 March 2016

Reviewed By: Georgina Pearson, Recommend:

We have had to make major claims on our dog’s policy over the last 4 years all of which have been handled in an excellent way. I cannot endorse them highly enough and will continue to use their services for our new puppy Gracie who will hopefully have a healthier and much longer life than poor Sasha.

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1/5   Terrible   17 November 2015

Reviewed By: Alice, Recommend:

The hoops these people expect you to jump through are ridiculous. I had pet posters made up for a missing pet. So nothing relating to a medical condition. They expected a full 12 medical history for the pet and a form stamped and signed by the vets practice. This I did. I then got a letter back saying that an actual Veternary Surgeon needed to sign the form as it had been signed by a royal veternary nurse. Bearing in mind that this was not a medical claim I called Heatlhy Pets to query this. The person I spoke to went to check with his manager and admitted that it was their error, that I did not need to get a surgeon to sign the form and he would see that the claim was processed. A month later I call them back as I still haven't received any funds. I speak to someone different who says that I do need to get the form signed by the vets surgeon after all. It has been two months since I first submitted the claim and I am still no closer to seeing my money. I will now need to go back to the vets to get the form signed for a second time. I am sure that they will go on to find another reason for not approving my claim. All this for some missing pet posters. I am furious and will be switching insurers as soon as possible.

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 Your review doesnt make sense. Why would you contact your insurer just so you can make up some missing pet posters?

comment by: Confused, 10 February 2016
5/5   Haven   16 October 2015

Reviewed By: 2 dogs 2cats, Recommend:

Have made a few small claims and haven't had a problem. Haven't raised my insurance in four years. Very competitive prices. Can't complain. If you don't read the small print don't complain when you get caught out by it.

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1/5   Awful - Dont use them!   7 August 2015

Reviewed By: Becci, Recommend:

I speak from experience that Healthy-Pets insurance is not all what it seems. There are so many hidden clauses in the small print that they have you by the short and curly's at every turn...end result they have every reason under the sun NOT TO PAY YOU A BEAN!I will be cancelling my policy as soon as possible. But what a surprise you cannot cancel in the middle of a year, you must pay the full policy year out ... get this even if your pet DIES. DO NOT touch them with a barge pole. Terrible company.

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1/5   Rip Off   27 March 2015

Reviewed By: Chris, Recommend:

Four months after making a claim the company has agreed to pay around 60% - they have deducted excess, 20% contribution and another 25.00 for premium changes. At the same time they made this payment they increased the annual premium by just over the amount they have paid our vet. I will be cancelling this policy as soon as the vet confirms they have received cleared payment and will never use this company again. I would strongly advise you keep an eye on your premiums (ours was 60.00 for the first year; this year will be just over 500.00 if I were to keep paying it).

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4/5   Had to make a claim   25 March 2015

Reviewed By: A Lloyd, Recommend:

Had to make a claim after, sadly, my cat was put to sleep. No complaints, no messing I got the cheque in a couple of weeks with no complications which was a bonus at that sad time.

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5/5   Great Service   11 March 2015

Reviewed By: sandy s, Recommend:

Switched to them after my other insurer raised rates three years in a row! Very happy with this cover and will not be looking back.

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4/5   Speedy Service   20 October 2014

Reviewed By: CJ, Recommend: Y

We have used Healthy Pets for almost five years. Vet gets paid directly, so less fuss for us. Customer service is very helpful. We have lifetime, so not the cheapest policy, but well worth it.

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1/5   they changed underwiters   5 July 2014

Reviewed By: mrs street, Recommend: N

this company changed underwriters after 3 of my pets had been with them for several years without claims. they changed the rules of the policy in their favor to make claiming difficult my policy is nothing like the one i took out originally. we needed to claim they would not cover my cats problem because his treatment is intermittent and not constant but the condition needs treating every couple of months. so they do not count the condition as ongoing therefore i have to pay the 1st £100 and 20% of bill and unfortunately his treatment does not exceed the access

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5/5   Good Coverage for the Price   7 May 2014

Reviewed By: Lynn S, Recommend: Y

My previous company raised annual premium by £120 so I researched online for a new company and found Healthy Pets. Very happy so far. Friendly staff and the cost is much lower than the other company.

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1/5   RUBBISH   5 June 2011

Reviewed By: C Q, Recommend: N


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 Honestly, the best thing you can do for them is to get a credit card just for pet emieegncres, start a savings account for pet emieegncres or get care credit. Pet Insurance unfortunately usually costs people more than it saves. The problem with most pet insurance companies is that they are not going to cover anything they consider a pre-existing condition' or anything they consider hereditary'. While your dog maybe healthy now, the things they consider pre-existing conditions are any… (read more)

comment by: Davi, 9 September 2012
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