Cannot fault them in our experience.


by reviewer

We made the decision to switch to Tescos after 20 years with Petplan. Although we had little trouble their premiums were becoming ridiculous. Switching to Tesco for our two Scotties saved over 50% of this. Then….disaster struck when after only 2 moths our previously very healthy older boy developed an aggressive to tumour which took him from us within 2 weeks. We were concerned Tescos would view the £900 plus bill with disdain after such a short time with them, but after checking with his medical history from the vets they paid up without fuss. What I was really impressed about was that Tescos also pay £200 towards painless euthanasia and dignified cremation, which as far as I know Petplan didn’t at least with our old policy. I believe this to be extremely responsible to stop some of the heinous practices employed by unscrupulous people who would rather save a few pounds than give their devoted pet a merciful exit. So, I was surprised to read so many bad reviews? Things may change obviously but so far we are more than happy and most grateful.


Scottish Terrier


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