Fantastic customer service, great coverage & theysettle claims quickly.


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I’ve been with Vetsure for 10yrs now. If I need to call, they’ve always been a pleasure to talk to, extremely kind & knowledgable.

Claiming is easy. The form is partially filled in with your pets name & details. You just have to fill in about their illness/condition & when it started. They offer to pay your vet directly, you just pay the excess. Or, if you pay the vets, they’ll send it to your bank account.
Waiting for settlement of the claim has never been very long. The money is usually back in my account within 3-5 working days.

I lost my boy Monty nearly a year ago. The empathy, patience & kindness they showed were much needed. I was so surprised when I received a card which said, “Sorry for the loss of your precious friend.” It was handwritten & signed by the staff in that department. So thoughtful!

This year, Monty’s brother & litter mate, Milo, has had a tough year! Losing his brother was hard for him as they were always stuck together like glue. He’s had various health issues crop up with different levels of severity. From £1450 approximately, £440, £70, £790 & £560, they’ve always settled in full, no matter how much.

I’d thoroughly recommend Vetsure to anyone. I’d have been lost without them.

PS. My excess is £60


Domestic Shorthair


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