Buyer beware


Buyer beware. This Pet insurance is not what it seems. It seems like they offer a lot in cover, access to a online vet and rewards. But as soon as your a customer this is not the case.

Once you make a first real claim this is when you realise that the big things the company will wiggle themselves out of. Look at the Feefo reviews for 1 star. Many heart breaking stories where owners had to put down their pets, just shameful.

Very improtant to note as a distiction is that they do not offer 'pre-autherisation' like reputable pet insurance companies. This is when your pet needs expensive treatment other insurers will review and tell you they will cover to give you piece of mind.

ManyPets do not do this. You will be encouraged just to submit the claim, and after taking 3 months to process to tell you they will not cover.

Also on the added benefits - accessing vets free on FirstVet. Good luck trying to access. ManyPets blame FirstVet when the links do not work. And there is no way to resolve this between the two companies. The rest of the rewards is basicly ManyPets offering a marketing channels to external companies to their cusomers.

My experience with my kittens I had a sudden excess added without prior notice changing my contract. I suddenly was told I needed to pay higher premiums when I moved areas.

So in summary, this is pointless. I'm apting to save my premiums of my kittens when they are older. Which PS the insureres do not pay fully




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