Don't Touch Them With A Barge Poll


I have used Sainsbury's pet insurance for 12 years. It used to be good, albeit expensive. In the past couple of years they have changed underwriters and the service is now absolutely appalling, especially when making a claim. They only accept claims via their online portal. They give the claim a number. Then they apparently email the vet for information which is where it all goes to pot and traceability is lost. They allocate a different claim number to the claim and do not show it on the online documentation, or link it back to the original claim number that the owner receives. They won't accept written claims through the post. They won't talk to the vet if the vet rings them to query what information is needed. It's impossible to tell whether you have received the correct payment to match your claim after they have messed around with excesses per condition. They are absolutely terrible. Try Petplan. We use them for our horses and they are fantastic and easy to deal with.


Welsh Springer Spaniel


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