Disbelief - Be warned


I write this in Disbelief that after 10 Years of paying in and never making a claim, My very 1st Claim has been declined. We took our Irish setter to the Vets to have a look at his Eye and give him a check over, They gave us some drops for his eye, and also after checking him over found a small lump. They removed a bit of liquid from the lump to send off to test for anything sinister this came back clear. The Bill was for £165.59.
as we are responsible for the first £125.00 I sent in a claim for the £39.59 the money over the £125.00. The Claim came back declined - the reason they say is we have to pay the first £125.00 for both. £125 for the Eye & £125.00 for the Lump. You could not make it up, I must have paid them at least £10,000 over the 10 years I have been with them and never made a claim
I will never use them again.
Very disappointed with PetPlan


Irish Setter


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