Do not use Direct Line pet insurance without fully understanding their policy


I too am shocked about Direct Line pet insurance policy.
My beautiful wheaten terrier sadly died yesterday and she was 14 years 7 months old. I have always paid direct line pet insurance all her life , despite the extortionate costs which went up after every claim. My poor dog did have a lot of operations regarding lumps and cancer scares. It has felt like a battle making claims, which to tell the truth is the last thing you need when you are upset about your pet.
I have just been told that although the euthanasia cost £347, direct line will only pay £100 towards it, as in their policy.
My monthly payments were £174.09 and I was told I had £8k of insurance for my dog.
However in order for me to claim £100 from Direct line, I would need to a further monthly payment of £174.09.
Needless to say I am already grieving about the loss of my beautiful dog and do not want the hassle, so I have cancelled my policy.
I stress that you really look at their policies regarding pet insurance and would recommend going elsewhere.


Wheaten Terrier


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