Avoid like the plague


Avoid like the plague
I have had my 2 cats insured for a number of years with More Than. Suddenly last year, the insurance went to £1500 for the 2 because of their age. Plus I had to pay £200 excess each year for each pet making it £1900 PLUS another 20% of any claim. My vet told me I had around £600 vet bills over the year. I am better off paying myself and get rid of the insurance. The final stab in the back? More Than said the insurance will double in price every year. What a rip off! They lure you in to a sense of trust then when they know they have you, the prices rocket. They Bought by Many or Animal Friends but ask questions and check for hidden costs. AND ask what rate of increase in cost of coverage as the pet gets older. Dont get caught like I did !!!!


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