Poor Service and any excuse not to pay a claim


We went to feed our horse as normal on a Sunday night and noticed immediately hes was in pain with Colic. Emergency Vet called out and treated him. Several hours later called the vet again as he was prone on the ground and suffering from excruciating pain. It took 3 people to force him to stand, Internal inspection and symptoms gave the diagnosis of twisted gut.

After discussion with vet circa 11pm Sunday night the hard decision was taken to put him to sleep. Taking into account that the horses well being is the most important.

Pet plan refuse to pay out on death as they say we should have kept him alive for 10 hours, dragged him into a horse box, forced him to stand for approx 90 mins while travelling. Put him through an operation he would probs not survive and if he did box rest for circa 6 months. He suffered from Arthritis. The vets told Petplan he was not suitable for an operation.

They have also stated we should have carried out a postmortem at our expense. The poor thing had suffered enough. Also this is not mentioned in the main terms and conditions.

To top all this we put in a complaint 7 days ago and received no response. There website says 5 days.....


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