AVOID.. scammers


Your pet WILL be left suffering even with a genuine claim and you will be majorly out of pocket. Animal friends.... disgusting company!! Cheap and employ the best people to wriggle out of genuine claims ... need shutting down, if you love your pet avoid these first class scammers at all costs as you will be paying for nothing and you will be left out of pocket and your pet won’t have the medical care they need. This company is a joke!! Avoid at all costs ... they will not pay out and do anything to avoid it... joke of an insurance company ... with a valid claim ... basically ... yes we won’t pay out for his left eye troubles because we have seen that you got drops for his right eye years ago from the vets history (but no claim was made... just eye drops purchased that is all) all from the vets records ... so they wriggle out of a claim by doing that ... total insurance scam artists .. they are cheap for a reason, avoid them ... they won’t pay out... pay for a real insurance company not scammers like these ... will be posting this on all insurance and google reviews!! They need to be exposed for the con artists they are!. Yes they are cheap ... and for a reason.., they NEVER pay out ... just look at all the google reviews!!.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


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