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we took out pet insurance for max in october 2018 - in february 2019 he became very ill so quickly, (vomiting etc). Despite two operations in as many days and much care and love from the vets we were forced to put him to sleep 5 days later. he had developed peritonitis. the vets bill was £4000+, just above the insurance limit of £4000. We were required to provide medical history from vets dealing with max since his birth, to prove 'no pre-existing condition' - entirely fair. Having cleared this hurdle the the sum of £4200 was paid by the insurance. We must have paid £150 in instalments by this time! Cannot express how grateful we were that this tragedy (to us) was not made infinitely worse by fighting the claim/fighting the vets over the money. Personally i would rather be paying the instalments forever if max could be still here, but my experience means that i cannot recommend this pet insurance too highly.


Labrador Retriever


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