we took our cat for his six monthly checkup and the vet recommended an operation on his teeth, all done paid the vet no problems, put a claim in for the bill minus excess, it has been nothing but an absolute farce, we asked for a claim form to be sent to us, three months later we brought a new printer as they have all been lost in the post, anyway, filled out the claim form surprise ,rejected, apparently back in 2017 , the vet put in his notes that mogs had some plaque on his teeth, this was enough for them to say its a previous condition....upshot the vets are behind us and we are appealing to the ombudsman. This will continue unless everyone appeals and they either sort out their act or lose their have three years people...appeal


Domestic Shorthair


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Posted: 02/06/2019
By: mr clarke

what a nightmare to try and ins my dog with these i would not bother if i was you ,,have a dog 1 year old they asked for dogs history no problem my vets e mailed to them i rang them following day and they told me my dog was coverd ,. 2 weeks later i get a letter telling me it had been cancelled and on it went now gone elsewere mr clarke

Posted: 17/08/2019
By: Mrs r davidson

I agree
We put in a claim to have tests and investigations
On our cat for a cough
It was rejected because we had previously seen the vet about the cough before
But the cough was not diagnosed previously
We were told it could be hair ball or an infection
Later when the cough started again we put the claim in to find out the cause
Sainsbury's insurance will do everything possible to avoid paying out
Avoid like the plague
We waited 6 weeks for them to make a decision