Typical Insurance Company


Took out insurance with them last August costing me £60 per month as my dog is over 10. Made my first claim on the 1st April and they are refusing to pay as they say its an existing condition...its not. She had an ear infection in May '17 and this new claim was for scabies that she caught of a fox in the back garden in January '19. Absolutely disgusting...typical insurance company getting out of paying for a claim.


Labrador Retriever


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Posted: 17/04/2019

Dear Customer, sorry to hear of your disappointment with your claims decision. We understand the claims team have already advised you via email that if the vets are able to provide further information to confirm the condition is not linked to the one that pre-dates the policy, we would be able to re-assess the claim. All claims decisions are based on the veterinary notes provided to us and based on the current information provided, the decision is upheld. If you would like to get further clarification on what exactly is required, please call our claims team on 01285 626020 and they will be happy to help. Best Wishes, Customer Service Team