Waste of money


I bought my puppy in January but was having problems with him within weeks of bringing him home. He eventually needed an operation after lots of tests to work out what was wrong with him. Have a bill for roughly £1300 and the kennel club, even after appeal, are not going to pay as they are linking it back to a urine infection which he had while still with the breeder which I knew about, and they say he has a pre existing medical condition so they aren’t going to pay. Absolute cop out, completely worthless policy. And it took them an initial 4 weeks to tell me they wouldn’t pay, then a further 4 weeks on appeal to still tell me they won’t pay it. You are as well not bothering having pet insurance. The sole aim of the Kennel Club Pet Insurance in my opinion is to do anything possible to not have to pay. They aren’t even any cheaper than lots of other insurers!


Cocker Spaniel


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