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I am sitting here reading these reviews and am shocked by the ratings. I can only speak from my experience but I have been DELIGHTED with the policy. We have both our dogs covered with them and get money off our premiums for this. We have the superior lifetime cover of £7500. Our dog became ill last year with vomiting. Appointment at vet which quickly led to an emergency operation as they thought he had a blockage. 24 hours after op he was transferred to specialist vet hospital as there was concern he had a neurological issue. Thankfully not but because he had abdominal surgery he ended up with ileus. He stopped eating all together and had to have a feeding tube fitted. Thankfully he fully recovered but it was the worst couple of weeks of our lives! Total bill between vets and specialist hospital was nearly £5000. I rang the insurance, they sent me a claim form, I put minimal info on, took one to vet and one to hospital and only got notified by specialist hospital of outstanding amoun following the settlement they had received from the insurance. All I had to pay was £75 excess and £30ish for specialist food. Simple as that! I worried that my premium would go through the roof on renewal but was happy to find the annual premium had gone up by £48 for the year but our other dogs premium went down by £20 for the year. Even if I had paid this premium for the whole of our dogs life, it wouldn’t have cost me as much as this 1 claim. I think a couple of these reviews could be down to people not knowing exactly what level of cover they have and knowing what is included/excluded in policy.


Border Terrier


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Posted: 16/04/2018

You are obviously the exception to the rule as I think 95% of people on this site are VERY unhappy with this Insurance!
Common theme's here are RIP OFF and Extremely LONG delays in settling claims and YES i do check my policy.

Posted: 29/04/2018

What I have found Mark is that after reading a lot of the reviews of pet insurance companies on this site (not just Asda) the majority of ratings are poor. People tend to be more open to rate companies if they have had a bad experience rather than receiving a good service/experience. I felt I wanted to share my experience which I am well within my rights to do. Just because your experience was bad does not make it the “law” that everyone’s is...I am sure there are many people out there who have received the same service as me that have not felt the need to share their story because the company has provided exactly what they have expected. Insurance policies can be a mindfield and it’s a difficult process to pick the right policy to meet our individual needs. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we all got excellent service 100% of the time but unfortunately that’s never gonna happen. I found your comment of my review quite venomous and feel that I have the right to share my opinion. There is really no need for your post!!