Absolutely revolting customer service.


Absolutely revolting customer service. My mother's cat had a health issue over several months with the vet trying out various treatments. When it came to the claim the vet was slow to respond and even failed to send information they promised they would. In response, the completely unhelpful PetPlan said the case had gone on too long and just closed it. Of course, the ultimate twist of the knife was an email to say the claim wasn't refused, it just took too long but they hope this hasn't spoilt my mother's view of PetPlan. These people are bonkers. Some companies exist to deliver a service and work to make money. Others exist purely to make money and do the least they can for the customer. This company is clearly the latter. Despite appeals from my mother they gave her the finger. Mistakes can be fogiven. Repeatly refusing to correct mistakes is unforgivable. But they don't care because they know my mother will struggle to move her ageing cats elsewhere.


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