Shocking profiteering: premium up by almost 4x


Our renewal for accident only cover is nearly 4x what it was last year. When I phoned MoreThan to ask why, I was put on hold because the representative could not understand it either. When she came back to me, I was glibly told me it was £96 because this is the price for next year (!). When I pointed out for a second time that the premium is nearly 4x last year's and we have made no claim, I was told that the prices are 'system driven'. I presume that is MoreThan-speak for 'computer says no'.

MoreThan could also not match the £ 58 which I was quoted on comparethemarket this morning for the same policy with them. Worse still, the small print of the renewal says that cruciate ligament damage is no longer included. My labrador has just turned 7 and has no history of any medical problems, bar a cut paw pad sustained due to a broken bottle in the woods (three years ago). I stopped taking full insurance last year because the premiums had gone up to £800-1,000 despite no medical problems with the dog.

I think this is a repulsive example of profiteering by an insurance company.


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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