Should Be Ashamed


My dog was insured with Tesco for nine years without a claim being made. He became ill and needed various tests including CT and ultrasound scans and a referral to a specialist vet. What i did not realise is that Tesco have only a limited preferred list of referral vets you can use. They therefore did not pay for large sums of my dog's treatment. I lost my dog & still had to spend weeks wrangling with them to try to recover part of my claim. They did not return phone calls as promised and I was asked each time i spoke to them if I had used the Vetphone service before contacting me own vet for treatment. I feel so strongly about Tesco's poor service now that i no longer shop in their food store (they have lost £100 per week) and no longer have a Tesco credit card & have cashed in my TescoBank Isa.




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