Animal Friends? What a joke!


This company is disgusting and I would strongly advise anyone to avoid them. My Cocker spaniel has had x3 operations in 6 months. The 1st was teeth cleaning and removal. Fair enough it's in the policy, they won't pay. The 2nd, was a tumour to his rectum which was caused by being uncastrated. From this bill of almost £500 they actually paid £200. They broke the bill down completely as to what they would cover, then took off the excess, and 35% as our dog is over 8.
Then 2 weeks ago our dog stopped eating and was in alot of pain in his mouth. His gums on examination were in a terrible state and we were told it was highly likely to be an aggressive mouth cancer and he needed an urgent biopsy. This was performed the next day. The biopsy was luckily clear, but unfortunately as the end diagnosis was ? An infection "Animal Friends" won't pay a penny. So please beware, that when you think diagnostic investigations are covered, if the end diagnosis isn't covered in their policy they won't pay any of your bill. The customer service department could not care less. I will never use this company again, I would rather save the money in a bank account. No claims for 10 and a half years, and when you need them they have paid £200 out of £1600 worth of bills!


Cocker Spaniel


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