I took out animal insurance with this company 8 years ago because they advertised "we are a non profit making company and ALL of our profits go to animal charities" About 4 years ago, I noticed that they had changed their policies to "SOME of our profits go to animal charities" When I contacted them to ask exactly how much profits go to charites, they would not answer me. This was an absolute scam just to get people to sign up because they thought they were supporting charities. My policy (no claims) has now gone up from £32 to £63 in December 2016, now one month later it has gone up again to £69. I have now read all of my policy documents (I encourage anybody else to also do this!)and realised how many exclsions they put in place. Absolute cowboys - avoid. If I could give this review a minus number,I would. Cancelling as quick as I can!


German Shepherd


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Posted: 02/02/2017

Everything you said is correct

Posted: 27/02/2017

Mr Brown

Please visit our charities page of our website where you will find details of just some of the charities we have donated to To date we have donated over £3 million to animal charities worldwide and we will continue doing so. We have never stated that we are a 'non-profit' organisation and as over £3m suggests, a considerable amount of our profits has been donated since you have been with us. We are happy to provide you with more detail should you wish.

Posted: 02/04/2017

How strange AFI are quick to defend itself on the issue of its contributions to charities but not on any other derogatory comment about them. I have two cats insured with Pet Plan and have taken on another two so was looking to insure with AFI. Whilst PP is more expensive, they have never failed to pay out and one of my cats has had treatment totalling £3000. I have a friend who has insured all 8 of her cats with AFI, I have text her this morning to read the issue of co-payment. Thanks everyone for your reviews, I could have quite easily been taken in by the cheaper rate had I not read your helpful reviews first.