After seeing watchdog on Thursday 15th October I'm am extremely anxious about my policy for my 9 year old labrador. Though she has recently had a small growth removed from her upper eye lid and they did pay up very quickly (minus £99 excess minusand 35% for her age) I'm concerned now of the consequences of this claim. I have already received an email saying the premiums have increased. Very worried with what the future brings now. Have looked at other insurers and because of my dogs age either won't insure or premiums are sky high. My dog is like a family member and she means the world to us all. Why bother insuring your pets for peace of mind when the reality is. Money is taken from you but there always seems to be a good reason as why NOT to pay out which is supported by some small print. I must admit I'm one very very worried scared anxious customer of Animal Friends Insurers after seeing last night's watchdog!!!!


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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